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  1- :: ABORTION
9- :: EGOISM
13- :: I, YOU, HE
14 :: I, I, I, PART 1
15- :: I, I, I, PART 2
16- :: I, I, I, PART 3

100 :: SECTS NEW!
111 PERSON Stubborn. NEW!


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22.- ::The Unique Characteristics of Buddhism
23.- ::The Fundamental Concepts of Humanistic Buddhism
24.- :: The Essence of Buddhism
:: The Great Buddha
26.- :: The Buddhist Perspective on Life and Destiny
:: The Wheel of Rebirth
:: When We Die
29.- :: Conditionality: The Law of Cause and Effect





17- :: FAMILY
18- :: KILL
22- :: POOR & RICH
30- :: SMOKE

33- :: WAR



30.- :: Food for T
hought: Ten of Life's Common Concerns

31.- :: The Buddhist Perspective on Cause and Condition
32.- :: A Glimpse of Chan through the Sixth Patriarch's Platform Sutra
33.- :: The Essence of Chan
34.- :: Teaching, Learning, and Upholding the Way in Chan Buddhism
35.- :: Buddhism and Psychology
36.- :: A Buddhist Approach to Management
37.- :: Sounds of the Dharma: Buddhism and Music
38.- Looking Ahead: A Guide for Young Buddhists
39.- :: The Amitabha Sutra and the Pure Land School
40.- :: Building Connections: Buddhism and Architecture
41.- :: The Diamond Sutra and the Study of Wisdom and Emptiness
42: Protecting Our Environment
43: On Becoming a Bodhisattva
44: Speaking of Love and Affection
45: Buddhism, Medicine, and Health
46: Nirvana
47: Seeing the Buddha
48: A Discussion on Buddhis Perception and Understanding
49: Buddhism and Volunteerism
50: Buddhism and the Tea Ceremony
51: Buddhism and Sculpture
52: Buddhist Perspectives on Spiritual Practice
53: The Buddhist Perspective on Time and Space
54: Worldly Practice, Transcendental Wisdom
55: The Buddhist Perspective on Women's Rights
The Dharani Sutra of the Buddha on Longevity
57: The Maha-Cundi Dharani Sutra Provided

58: Mahaparinirvana Sutra
59: The Mahayana Sublime Treasure King Sutra (Chapter 1)

  35 :: MANTRA . If you recite You Will Be FUTURE BUDDHA MANTRA 1
  62 The Mahayana Sublime
Treasure King Sutra (Chapter 4)
36 :: MANTRA . If you recite You Will Be FUTURE BUDDHA MANTRA 2 63 The Sutra On The Merit
Of Bathing The Buddha
37 :: CONFLICT Provided by Silfong Tsun
64 Sanghata Sutra
39 :: BE A GOOD SON 2 65 The Srimala Devi Sutra
40 :: POSITIVE THINKING 66 Tathagata-garbha Sutra
41 :: PART 1 DIABETES 67 Tathagata's Unimaginable State Sutra
42 :: PART 2 DIABETES 68 The Vajra Prajna Paramita Sutra
43 :: LONG LIFE WITH HEALTH 69 Diamond-Cutter
44 :: SUICIDE 70 The Diamond Perfection of Wisdom Såtra
45 :: PORN ACTORS 71 Avatamsaka Sutra
46 :: CELL PART 1 72 Avatamsaka Sutra chapter 40
47 :: CELL PART 2 73 Universal Door
48 :: ENVIRONMENT 74 Phenomena and Noumena
75 The Dharani Sutra on Longevity, The Extinction of O…
76 The Maha-Cundi Dharani Sutra Provided by Silfong Tsun…
77 Mahaparinirvana Sutra
78 Buddha speaks The Mahayana Sublime Treasure King Sutra (Chapter 1)
79 Buddha speaks The Mahayana Sublime Treasure King Sutra (Chapter 2)
80 Buddha speaks The Mahayana Sublime Treasure King Sutra (Chapter 3)
81 Buddha speaks The Mahayana Sublime Treasure King Sutra (Chapter 4)
82 Sanghata Sutra
83 The Sutra On The Merit Of Bathing The Buddha Provided by Silfong Tsun
84 The Srimala Devi Sutra
85 Tathagata-garbha Sutra
86 Tathagatas Unimaginable State Sutra
87 Vajra Sutra translated by the Buddhist Text Translation Society
88 Diamond-Cutter
89 The Diamond Perfection of Wisdom Sutra
91 Universal Door Chapter-Lotus Sutra
92 The Sutra on the Buddha of Eternal Life
93 The Sutra of Contemplation on Buddha Amitayus
94 The Sutra of Visualization of the Buddha of Infinite Life
95 The Sutra on the Buddha Amitayus translated by Nishu Utsuki
96 The Sutra On Praise Of The Pure Land And Protection By Shakyamuni
Sutra on the Buddhas Bequeathed Teaching
99 Sutra of the Merit and Virtue of the Past Vows of Medicine Master Vaidurya Light Tathagata
100 The Sutra of the Master of Healing
51 :: THE "I" . PART 1
52 :: THE "I" . PART 2
53 :: LOVE. PART 1.
54 :: LOVE. PART 2.
55 :: LOVE. PART 3.
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65 :: MAN
68 :: Self Cure . PART 1
69 :: Self Cure . PART 2
70 :: Self Cure . PART 3
74 :: MANTRA
95.- :: LIVE 1

96.- :: LIVE 2
98.- :: PARADISE. PART 2


104.- :: Part One 1. King Suddhodana And Queen Maya NEW!

105.- :: Part Two 1. Trapusha and Bhallika NEW!

106.- :: Part Three 1. Mahaprajapati is Admitted to the Community NEW!

107.- :: Ten Great Disciples of the Buddha NEW!

108.- :: The Buddha's Ancient Path NEW!

109.- :: Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda NEW!


A very long time ago, Avalokitesvara, Guanyin in Chinese, vowed that if she ever became disheartened in saving sentient beings, may her body shatter into a thousand pieces. Once, after liberating countless beings from the hell realms by teaching them the Dharma, she looked back down into the hell realms. To her horror, she saw that the hell realms were quickly filling up again!

In a fleeting moment of despair, she felt profound grief. And in that moment, in accordance with her vow, her body shattered into a thousand pieces. She beseeched the Buddhas to help and many did. Like a fall of snowflakes they came. One of those Buddhas was Amitabha. He and the other Buddhas helped to re-form her body into one that had a thousand arms and hands, with an eye of wisdom in each hand. In this way, she could better help all sentient beings.

Guanyin Bodhisattva is also known as "She Who Hears the Cries of the World."

Right now, our world is crying for help. She is listening.

The forty-eight Vows made by Buddha Amitabha
So powerful, so compassionate
When I recite them
Reduce me to tears

How can I compare
The ultimate wisdom
The ultimate compassion
Cultivated over eons of time

Buddha Amitabha
How can I transform my mind to be like yours?
How can my buddha nature reach its full potential?
How can I recapture my true nature?
Show me the way!
Show me the way!

My child
Recite my name in your heart every single moment
When you are sad, recite my name
When you are happy, recite my name
When you are lonely, recite my name
When you are helpless, recite my name

Amitabha, I have tried
I have been calling your name
I have attempted to reach your world
I have attempted to reach your mind
It hasn't been easy as
My mind habitually wanders off

My child
You have done well
You need to be patient
You need to believe in your strength
One day, you'll know
The name you've called is actually yourself

My heart is full of gratitude
I've found my true guide
I've discovered the road HOME

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You represent
Happiness and longevity in life
Abundance of wisdom
Serenity of mind

You spoke of the 48 vows
Made at the time of your formation

You have achieved your goals
You have created the Land of Peace
You welcome beings from all universes

Buddha Shakyamuni spoke in Amitabha Sutra
By practising Mindfulness of the name Amitabha
One will achieve happiness and longevity in life
One will awaken your innate wisdom
One will have serenity of mind


taught to benefit all beings
in the universe. Buddhism's virtuous teachings,
therefore, extend to all cultures or people:
It is multicultural.
explains the reality of life and the universe:
that all beings are equal by nature and that all teachings are
equal. The Buddha said many times that the wisdom to understand
the true reality of life and the universe, and the virtuous abilities
to cultivate are all already within our true nature. Buddhism
teaches us to have a broad mind, one that overflows with
sincerity, purity, equality, proper understanding, and
compassion. Everyday, we must strive to awaken to
this reality. Being contented with all conditions
and settings is a good example for all, and
striving for attainment of freedom of mind
and spirit will help to awaken. From this,
we can see that the Buddha is a
compassionate multicultural
educator who is worthy of

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Buddhism is the most profound and wholesome education directed by the Buddha towards all people.

The content in Shakyamuni Buddha's forty-nine years of teaching describes the true face of life and the universe. Life refers to oneself, the universe refers to our living environment. The teachings directly relate to our own lives and surroundings.

Those who possess a complete and proper understanding of life and the universe are called Buddhas or Bodhisattvas. Those who lack the understanding are called worldly people.

Cultivation is changing the way we think, speak, and act towards people and matters from an erroneous way to a proper way.

The guideline for Cultivation is understanding, proper views, and purity. Understanding is without deviation, and purity is without pollution. This can be achieved by practicing the Three Learnings of self-discipline, concentration, and wisdom.

The Three Basic Conditions are the foundation of cultivation and study. When interacting with people, accord with the Six Harmonies, and when dealing with society, practice the Six Principles. Follow the lessons taught by Universal Worthy Bodhisattva and dedicate one's mind to everlasting purity and brightness

Taking Refuge In The Triple Jewels
To the Buddha I return and rely, returning from delusions and relying upon Awareness and Understanding.
To the Dharma I return and rely, returning from erroneous views and relying upon Proper Views and Understanding.
To the Sangha I return and rely, returning from pollutions and disharmony and relying upon Purity of Mind and the Six Principles of Living in Harmony.

What Is Taking Refuge ?
Taking Refuge means to return and rely. From where do we return from and to what do we rely upon ? When we take refuge in the Buddha, we are returning from our deluded state of mind and relying upon an Awakened, Understanding mind.
When we take refuge in the Dharma, we are returning from deviant views and relying upon proper views and under-standing.
When we take refuge in the Sangha, we are returning from pollution and disharmony and relying upon Purity of Mind and the Six Principles of Living in Harmony.
Taking refuge in the Triple Jewels restores the complete wisdom and abilities of our Self-Nature. We will attain Purity, Equality, Honesty, Contentment, Compassion, and overall, True Happiness.

The Buddha Jewel
"Buddha" is a Sanskrit word which means 'Awareness and Understanding'. When we take refuge in the Buddha, we vow to return from blind faith and delusion and rely upon Un-derstanding and Aware-ness as a way of life. We are not relying upon the statues or Buddha-images, but rather the spirit of Understanding and Awareness they represent.
As students of the Pure Land Teach-ings, we learn to rely upon Amitabha Buddha's lessons on wisdom and com-passion. 'Amitabha' stands for Infinite Light and Infinite Life. When we follow his teachings, we will attain wisdom, happiness, and lon-gevity.
This is taking refuge in the Buddha.
The Dharma Jewel
"Dharma" means 'Right Under-standing and Views.' Delusion has obstructed us from seeing the true face of people and the reality behind matters and objects. This has caused us to look at life and the universe in a distorted and deviant way. When delusion is cleared and our minds are pure to an extent, we give rise to wisdom. With wisdom, we are able to see all people and matters completely and clearly. When our hearts are pure, we can see the past, present, and future. Only when we have clearly seen the Whole can our viewpoint and Understanding be con-sidered 'Right'.
The Buddha's mind is pure without the slightest pollution and therefore sees everything clearly and entirely. We can rely upon the Sutras (recorded teachings of the Buddha) because they speak entirely of the truths the Buddha has seen. They teach and show us the way to attain Purity of Mind, to see life and the universe most clearly, and become just like the Buddhas.

As students of the Pure Land Teachings, we should rely upon the Six Sutras of Pure Land as guidelines of practice:

1. The Sutra of Amitabha's Purity, Equality, and Understanding.
2. The Amitabha Sutra.
3. The Sutra on Observing Amitabha Buddha and His Pure Land.
4. The Chapter of Universal Worthy Bodhisattva's Conduct and Vows.
5. The Chapter on the Foremost Attainment of Great Strength Bodhisattva Through Buddha Recitation.
6. Vasubandhu Bodhisattva's Report on the Way to Reaching Pure Land.
This is taking refuge in the Dharma.

The Sangha Jewel
"Sangha" means 'purity and harmony'. Today's world is full of pollution. Pollution of mind, spirit, views, and body. Even the earth and atmosphere are hazardly polluted. The Buddha taught, "The environment changes according to our state of mind." We should return from all these pollutions and rely upon purity of mind. Purity of Mind is the key to saving our Earth.
There is also great disharmony in our world today, among spouses, families, friends, societies, and countries which has brought us much suffering and disasters. The Buddha taught us to rely upon the Six Principles of Living in Harmony to establish harmonious relationships between ourselves and others.
As students of the Pure Land Teachings, we should rely upon the choice of wisdom and compassion as our way of treating others and dealing with affairs. Great Strength Bodhisattva represents wisdom. His choice of the Buddha Recitation method of practice is wisdom in its highest form. Guanyin Bodhisattva represents compassion; when we help introduce the Pure Land Teachings to others, we are practicing the complete compassion of Guanyin Bodhisattva.






According to the Webster's Dictionary, the definition of religion is as follows, "An organized system of beliefs, rites, and celebrations centered on a supernatural being power; belief pursued with devotion."

Buddhism is not a religion because: First, the Buddha is not a 'supernatural being power'. The Buddha is simply a person who has reached Complete Understanding of the reality of life and the universe. Life refers to ourselves, and universe refers to our living environment. The Buddha taught that all beings possess the same ability to reach Complete Understanding of themselves and their environment, and relieve themselves from all sufferings to attain utmost happiness. All beings can become Buddhas, and all beings and the Buddha are equal by nature. The Buddha is not a God, but a teacher, who teach us the way to restore Wisdom and Understanding by conquering the greed, hatred, and ignorance which blind us at the present moment. The word 'Buddha' is a Sanskrit word, when translated it means, "Wisdom, Awareness/Understanding". We call the founder of Buddhism Shakyamuni Buddha because He has attained Complete Understanding and Wisdom of life and the universe. Buddhism is His education to us, it is His teaching which shine the way to Buddhahood.

Buddhism is not a religion because: Second, the 'belief' in the Buddha's teachings is not blind belief, or blind faith. Shakyamuni Buddha taught us not to blindly believe what he tells us, he wants us to try the teachings and prove them for ourselves. The Buddha wants us to know, not merely believe. The Buddha's teachings flow from his own experience and understanding of the truth, and shows us a path of our own to taste the truth for ourselves. The Buddha uses a perfectly scientific way of showing us reality in its true form.

Third, Buddhism is not a religion because all the 'rites and celebrations' are not centered on a supernatural being, but rather the people attending the assemblies. The ceremonies and celebrations in Buddhism all serve an educational purpose, a reminder of the Buddha's teachings and encouragement to all students who practice it. The point of the ceremonies is to help others awaken from delusion and return to Wisdom and Understanding.

Finally, Buddhism is not a religion because the 'devotion' used in Buddhism is not one based on emotion, but one based on reason. Students of the Buddha are devoted to their practice of maintaining Purity of Mind because this practice brings true happiness. We are devoted to helping both ourselves and others attain Complete Understanding and Wisdom. Our devotion is to become Buddha.

In the sacred Buddhist texts of China, the Sutra of Buddha of Infinite Life relates Amitabha Buddha.

On a certain occasion, Sakyamuni Buddha (the Buddha of our present age) was on Vulture Peak, surrounded by his disciples. Ananda, the Buddha's personal attendant, noticed the radiant beauty of the Buddha and inquired what was the Buddha's joy.

Sakyamuni relates the following story: In an infinite time in the past, Bhiksu Dharmakara observed the misery of all sentient beings, and moved by compassion, he vowed to establish a pure and perfect land where all could be liberated from their suffering. He then made forty-eight Vows in which he promised to establish this land or else he would not attain enlightenment.

The Sutra declares the Bhiksu Dharmakara practiced for many eons until he accomplished all his vows. Since he has achieved his aims, he is considered to be the Buddha of that land- The Buddha Of Infinite Light and Life .

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What is the purpose of being born ?
We are born to repay or collect a debit, repay or collect kindness.

Can we take on the suffering of others ?

No, karmic effects can only be endured or enjoyed by the individual who created them. No one can take on another's karma.

Why does it take so long to attain achievement ?
Attainment takes numerous eons because when we are not practicing we are regressing. As the opening verse to the sutras says, it takes infinite eons to encounter Buddhism. Then we have to first make up lost ground.

How do I know how much merit I have ?
To know how much we can just think of when we last became angry or even just irritated. Feeling either of these will destroy all that we have accumulated. Feeling arrogance will likewise destroy our merits. However, good fortune cannot be destroyed by these feelings.

How do I know if the method I have chosen is right for me ?
Those who have the strength from cultivation are perfectly filled with dharma joy. If we feel miserable instead of joyful then the method we have chosen may not be suitable for us.

I have heard that we can stay in one realm due to attachment. Is this true ?
One day Buddha Shakyamuni smiled, shook his head, pointed to a trail of ants on the ground and told his followers, "These ants have been reincarnated as ants for as long a time as seven Buddhas have appeared to teach. Why are they unable to change their form to be born into another realm? They are attached to their present forms."

What is a good student-teacher relationship ?
A good teacher respects the Teacher. A good teacher cares for the student as a child.

What is the self-nature ?
The self-nature is our original, true self that we still have, but that is currently covered by deluded thoughts.

Why do you say feeling ashamed is helpful ?
When we feel ashamed we will become more diligent.

Why is filial piety so important ?
The practice of Filial Piety is showing respect and caring for one's parents. The Chinese character "Shiao" means filial piety. The top part means old age while the bottom part means son. When the two are put together, it gives us the meaning of one entity. It is vastly expansive and never-ending. It speaks of the generations before ours and of those to follows.

I have made so many mistakes in my life, how can I hope to achieve ?
We have all made mistakes. We all have faults. Even equal enlightenment Bodhisattvas who are only one degree away from Buddhahood have made mistakes and have faults. What matters is to know and correct them until we have no more. Then we will reach Buddhahood. Only Buddhas have no mistakes.

How do we achieve ? Where do we begin ?
Becoming Buddhas and Budhisattvas are simply returning to our already perfect self-nature. First, we start by expanding our mind. A sign of delusion is being narrow-minded. When we expand our mind to care for all beings we are on the path to Buddhahood. If not, then we are still mired in the path of reincarnation.

Are the Mind-only Pure Land and the Self-nature Amitabha the same as or different from the Western Pure Land and Amitabha in the Pure Land ?
It is because the Mind-only Pure Land exists that we are reborn in the Pure Land of the West. If the mind is not pure, it is impossible to achieve rebirth in the Pure Land. Even when those who have committed cardinal transgressions achieve rebirth through ten recitations, such rebirth is due to their reciting the Buddha's name with a pure mind, thus eliciting a response from Amitabha Buddha. Ordinary people generally think that if the Pure Land is Mind-Only, then it does not exist. This is the understanding of demons and externalists. Such a deluded view, which appears correct but is in reality wrong, affects more than half of all people and causes practitioners to forfeit true benefits.
It is precisely because of the Self-Nature Amitabha that the practitioner must recite the name of
Buddha Amitabha of the West seeking rebirth in the Pure Land - so as to achieve the Self-Nature Amitabha through gradual cultivation. If he merely grasps at the Self-Nature Amitabha but does not recite the name of Buddha Amitabha of the West, he cannot achieve immediate escape from Birth and death - not even if he is truly awakened, much less if (like most people who ask this question) he is pretentious and just indulges in empty talk without engaging in practice.
Thus the answer to your question
[are the mind-Only Pure Land and the Self-Nature Amitabha the same as or different from the Western Pure Land and Amitabha in the Pure Land?] is that they are one yet two before Buddhahood is attained, two yet one after Buddhahood is attained.                 

What is the meaning of the statement : ' Birth ( in the Pure Land ) is certainly birth, but returning ( to the Pure land ) is, in fact, not returning ? '
"Birth is certainly birth" is from the viewpoint of phenomena: "Returning is, in fact, not returning" is from the viewpoint of principle or noumenon. However, those who have not yet penetrated the subtle difference between noumenon and phenomena should just follow phenomena and marks, and recite the Buddha's name in an accomplished manner. In this way, they will achieve results. Otherwise, they will make the mistake, common to externalists (Followers of external paths) and demons, of grasping at noumenon and abondoning phenomena.

Note: "Phenomena" Used in plural to contrast with "noumenon", which is always one and indivislble. The noumenon is the doctrine underlying any phenomenal event. For example, in principle a tree has the potential to become a house. Before the house is built, it has the noumenal aspect. Once built, the house itself is the phenomenon, which appears because of the noumenon. In principal, we can all realized Buddhahood, but we have not phenomenally done so. If we have faith, vows and Hold the Name, we will arrive at the phenomenon of Buddhahood, just as the tree can be made into a house. (Master Hsuan Hua, A general Explanation of the Buddha . Some people say : " To see the Buddha is to see the Buddha of the Self-Mind, not the Buddha of the Western Pure Land. "

This being the case, at the time of death, is it the Buddha of the Self-Mind who appears, or is it Buddha Amitabha who comes to receive and guide us ?
Seeing the Buddha at the time of death is due to our own Self-Mind, which has elicited a response from Amitabha Buddha. You should not revert everything to the Self-Mind and think that there is no Buddha Amitabha arriving to receive and guide you .          
Can we also clear away bad karma if we invoke the great name of Amitabha with a scattered mind ?
The merit and virtue of the Buddha-name are inconceivable, so how could they not clear away bad karma? But reciting the Buddha-name with a scattered mind does not guarantee being born in the Pure Land, since the good roots created by a diffuse, scattered recitation are no match for the evils that have accumulated from time without beginning.

We must understand all the space could not contain our accumulate evils, if they took on physical form. Every repetition of the Buddha-name might wipe away the bad karma of eight millions eons of birth and death, but even if we recite the Buddha-name day and night for a hundred years, the amount of bad karma which would be wiped out is like the amount of dirt under a finger nail, while the amount of bad karma remaining is like all the dirt on the earth.
The only way to eliminate all bad karma is to recite the Buddha-name to the point of single-minded concentration. This is like a powerful warrior breaking out of encirclement, so even three armies cannot hem him in any more. In all instances however, invoking the Buddha-name is a seed for becoming enlightenment. It is like an indestructible diamond.                    
If we make vows now, it is not correct that all we can talk about is the life to come, not this present life ?
There are two senses here. One concerns a lifetime called the present one. If we vow in the present life to recite the Buddha-name, when we die we are sure to be born in the Pure-Land.
The other is about an instant called the present. If our mind accords with the Mind of Buddha for one moment, we are born in the Pure Land for one moment. If we reach accord moment after moment, we are born in the Pure Land moment after moment. Wondrous cause and wondrous effect are not apart from the One Mind. They are like two ends of a balance, going down and up and sometimes being level.
Why do we have to wait until our life in the mundane world is over before we can be born in the Pure Land's jewel pond? All we have to do is develop faiths and vows and recite the Buddha-name right now, and our lotus bud is already in bloom, and the image of the Pure Land's golden thrones before use - at the moment we are no longer inhabitants of this Saha world.  If Amitabha's Pure land is a hundred billions worlds away from here, how can we reborn there instantly ?

A hundred billion worlds are not beyond one moment of thought, since fundamentally there is nothing outside the True Mind. When we rely on the power of Buddha that is inherent in our own mind, what is so hard about being born in the Pure Land instantly?
It is like a many-layered scene of mountains and rivers and towers reflected in the mirror: all the layers appear there in the mirror, and in reality there is no near and far. All are reflected at once, appearing without before or after. When the Sutra says "West of here, past a hundred billion buddha-lands, there exist a world called 'Ultimate Bliss' ", it is also like this. When ths Sutra says "In this land there exists a Buddha called Amitabha, who is expounding the Dharma right now", it is also like this.
It is also like this when a person who has developed faith and vows and recited Buddha-name is about to die, and Amitabha and all his assembly of saints appear before that person. It is also like this when the person dies without his or her mind falling into delusion, and the person is immediately born in Amitabha's Land of Ultimate Bliss.
We must recognize that every word in the Sutra is reflected in the Great-Perfect-Wisdom-Mirror of the Ocean-Seal Samadhi.                    
When Amitabha Buddha appears to Pure Land practitioners who are on the brink of death, how can they be sure it is not a demon ?
If a Zen follower is not meditating on the Buddha, and yet the Buddha suddenly appears unexpectedly, this is called a demon (delusion). A Pure Land practitioner sees the Buddha while focussing on the Buddha. Thus in this case, cause and effect coincide and his mind is in unison with that of the Buddhas. The appearance of the Buddha is therefore not a demon. There is no need to worry about this.

When the Amitabha Sutra speaks of reciting the Buddha-name single-mindedly for seven days, does this refer to ordinary times, or to the time when we are about to die ?
This refers to ordinary times.

If w e recite the Buddha-name for seven days, single-mindedly and without confusion, but later we again become confused and create bad karma, will we still achieve birth in the Pure Land ?
A person who has actually managed to recite the Buddha-name single-mindedness will not become confused or create bad karma later.

The Longer Amitabha Sutra speaks of attaining birth in the Pure Land through ten repetitions of the Buddha-name. The Treatise of the Precious King of Samadhi speaks of attaining birth in the Pure Land through a single repetition of the Buddha-name. Are they referring to ordinary times, or to the time when we are about to die ?
Attaining birth in the Pure Land through ten repetitions of the Buddha-name applies to both times. If we recite the Buddha-name ten times each morning, this is an ordinary occasion. On the other hand, the Longer Amitabha Sutra speaks of attaining birth in the Pure Land through ten repetitions (and this is the same as what the Meditation Sutra says) - this refers to when we are on the brink of death . As to passage in the Treatise of the Precious King of Samadhi about attaining birth in the Pure Land through a single repetition of the Buddha-name, this refers to the time when we are facing death .

If we can attain rebirth in the Pure Land through ten repetitions of the Buddha name, or even a single repetition, why do we need seven days of reciting the Buddha-name, as the Amitabha Sutra says ?

If we have not done the work of reciting the Buddha-name single-mindedness for seven days during ordinary times, how can we manage to recite ten times or even once when we are on the brink of death? It would be one chance in a million if someone who had committed many evils were to have a causal basis from past lives ripen as he was on the brink of death, enabling him to meet a spiritual friend, hear his teaching, and develop faith and vows. How could he be so lucky? Master T'ien Ju's book Doubts and Questions about the Pure Land has refuted this idea of waiting till death to practice Buddha recitation in great detail.

With the intensity that comes from reciting the Buddha-name on the brink of death, we can clear away a lot of bad karma. Can we achieve the same result in ordinary times if we invoke the Buddha-name single-mindedly ?
When the sun comes out, all darkness disappears. When we invoke the great name of Amitabha, myriad evil deeds are wiped away.

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The Bodhisattva in Theravada Buddhism

In Buddhism primal, is used to refer to someone in the path of Buddhahood. In this way was used extensively to refer to the time of the Buddha before his enlightenment. Thus, prior life or lives are personified as an existential test series whose decision it will perform closer to full enlightenment. This view is still found in Theravada Buddhism, where it retains the primal ideal of the arhat and the bodhisattva term used to refer to the historical evolution of the Buddha.

The bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism

While Theravada Buddhism meaning that importance is limited to biographical, some 400 years later with the rise of Mahayana Buddhist movement, appears much more radical interpretation of the term. The Mahayana give him a heroic character who is leading a movement to differentiate. In Mahayana, the bodhisattva will become an ideal of life to which all aspire Buddhist follower. Also acquire a universal meaning to that which shall be the goal of a universal release that includes all living things. This idea of the universal fundamental in this type of Buddhism throughout its history.
Throughout the history of Mahayana bodhisattvas many celebrities, both mythical and real, filled his sacred tomb. Around the path of the bodhisattva ideal of sacred writings emerge, special commitments or vows and ratings and rankings in what is known as the bodhisattva path. Iconography, the most represented are those appearing around the life of the Buddha himself. Always illustrate important features for the Buddhist follower. The bodhisattvas often votes have made a personal commitment to exceptional and exemplary. The most important are Avalokitesvara, Manjusri, and Samantabhadra Mahasthamaprapta.
The most popular is undoubtedly Avalokitesvara, the bodhisattva of compassion. Historically it was a disciple of Buddha. With the passing of the centuries came to be represented in different ways in different countries and genders. In China, Guanyin is known as in Japan as Kanon and Buddhism in the Himalayas as Chenrezig

Bodhisattva is a specific term of Buddhism, this term refers to someone embarking on the path of Buddha significantly. It is a compound of bodhi (supreme knowledge, enlightenment) and sattva (being). Therefore be referred to a board in search of supreme enlightenment.


Bodhi is a term in Pali and Sanskrit, which traditionally is translated as 'enlightenment'.
The dharma wheel Buddhahood The word refers to one who has achieved bodhi. Bodhi translates more literally as awakening.
Although the most common use is in the context of Buddhism, bodhi is also a technical term with various uses in other Indian religions.
Bodhi is an abstract noun that comes from the verbal root Budh (arousal, alertness, knowledge, learn, understand) for bujjhati verbs (in Pali) and bodhati or budhiate (Sanskrit).
In Buddhism primal, bodhi was synonymous with the concept of nirvana, using only some different metaphors to describe the experience involving the extinction of raga (greed), dosa (hatred) and moha (delusion). In the Mahayana school, however, the status of nirvana is devalued in some scriptures, coming to refer only to the extinction of greed and hatred, implying that the deception is present in one who reaches nirvana and is necessary to obtain boddhi to eradicate it.
Therefore, according to Mahayana Buddhism, the only nirvana arahant obtained, although still subject to deception, while the bodhisattva not only achieves nirvana but full liberation from delusion, and attains enlightenment and becomes a Buddha. In Theravada Buddhism, bodhi and nirvana have the same meaning, to be free of greed, hatred and delusion. This can be corroborated in parinirvana Maha sutra

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Bodhicitta is the wish to attain enlightenment (Buddhahood) to be of benefit to all sentient beings who are trapped in cyclic existence of samsara and have not attained Buddhahood. Whoever gets the Bodhicitta main motivation in all activities and events is called Bodhisattva.


The word is the combination of the Sanskrit bodhi and citta. Bodhi means awakening or enlightenment. Citta can be translated as mind or spirit. Bodhicitta can then be translated as Mind of Enlightenment or Awakening Spirit


The Bodhicitta can be defined as the Union of Compassion and Wisdom. While aspects of compassion and wisdom are highly dependent on each other, the Mahayana tradition distinguishes two types of bodhicitta:
The relative Bodhicitta, in which the practitioner works for the good of all things as his own.

Some authors divide lies in two aspects, the suction and bodhicita application, the latter corresponds to 6 transcendental perfections.
The absolute or ultimate Bodhicitta, which refers to the wisdom of Shunyata (emptiness)

Thus, the term bodhicita in its fullest sense would entail:
A spontaneous and boundless compassion for all sentient beings.

The disappearance of the illusion of a self-existent, self or ego.



The Ten Recitation method is a simple, convenient, and effective way of practicing Buddha name Recitation. It is especially suitable for those who find little time in the day for cultivation. Practicing the Ten Recitation method helps us to regain mindfulness of Amitabha Buddha and brings us peace and clarity to the present moment.

The practice begins first thing in the morning when we wake up. We should sit up straight and clearly recite Amitabha's name ten times with an undisturbed mind, whether out loud or silently to ourselves. We repeat the process eight more times for the rest of the day
Altogether, the method is practiced nine times a day, everyday. The key point in this cultivation is regularity; we must not practice one day and not the other. If this practice can be maintained undisturbed, the cultivator would soon feel his purity of mind increase, and wisdom grows.

Diligent practice of the Ten Recitation method together with deep faith and determined vows can ensure fulfillment of our wish to reach the Western Pure Land of Infinite Life and Infinite Light. We hope everyone will practice accordingly.

The goal of all Buddhist practice is to achieve Enlightenment and transcend the cycle of Birth and Death - that is, to attain Buddhahood .

In the Mahayana tradition, the precondition for Buddhahood is the Bodhi Mind , the aspiration to achieve Enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings, oneself included.

Since sentient beings are of different spiritual capacities and inclinations, many levels of teaching and numerous methods were devised in order to reach everyone.

Traditionally, the sutras speak of 84,000. I.e., an infinite number, depending on the circumstances, the times and target audience.

All these methods are expedients - different medicines for different individuals with different illnesses at different times - but all are intrinsically perfect and complete. Within each method, the success or failure of an individual's cultivation depends on his depth of practice and understanding, that is, on his mind.

Throughout history, the Patriarchs have elaborated various systems to categorize Dharma methods and the sutras in which they are expounded. One convenient division is into methods based on self-effort (self-power) and those rely on the assistance of the Buddhas and Budhisattvas (other-power).

Traditionally, most Buddhist schools and methods take the self-power approach: progress along the path of Enlightenment is achieved only through intense and sustained personal effort. Because of the dedication and effort involved schools of this self-power, self-effort tradition all have a distinct monastic bias.

The laity has generally played only a supportive role, which the most spiritually advanced ideally joining the Order of monks and nuns. Best knowns of these traditions are Theravada and Zen.

Parallel to this, particularly following the development of Mahayana thought and the rise of any Buddhism, a more flexible tradition eventually came into being, combine self-power with other-power - the assistance and support provided by the Buddhas and Budhisattvas to sincere seekers of the way.

Most representative of this tradition are the Esoteric and Pure Land schools. However unlike the former (or Zen), Pure Land does not stress the master-disciple relationship and de-emphasizes the role of sub-schools, gurus/roshia and rituals. Moreover, the main aim of Pure Land - rebirth in Buddha land through self effort and the power of Amitabha Buddha's Vows (rather than attainment of Enlightenment or Buddhahood in the current lifetime) - is a realistic goal, though to be understood at several levels. Therein lies the appeal and strength of Pure Land

Pure Land, like all Mahayana schools, requires first and foremost the development of the Bodhi Mind, the aspiration to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings.

From this starting point, the main tenets of the school can be understood at the main levels, the transcendental and the popular - depending on the background and capacities of the cultivator.

1. In its popular form, i.e. for ordinary practitioners in this spiritually degenerate age, some twenty-six centuries after the demise of the historical Buddha, Pure Land involves seeking rebirth in the Land of Amitabha Buddha . This is achieving within one lifetime through the practice of Amitabha recitation with sincere faith and vows , leading to one-pointedness of mind or samadhi .

Thus at the popular level, the Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha is an ideal training ground, an ideal environment where the practitioner is reborn thanks both to his own efforts and the power of Amitabha Buddha's vows. No longer subject to retrogression, having left Birth and Death behind forever, the cultivator can now focus all his efforts towards the ultimate aim of Buddhahood. This aspect of Pure Land is the form under which the school is popularly known.

2. At the advanced level, i.e. for cultivators of high spiritual capacity, the Pure Land method, like other methods, reverts the ordinary, deluded mind to the Self-nature True Mind. In the process wisdom and buddhahood are eventually attained.

These three factors are the cornerstones of Pure Land Buddhism. If they are present, rebirth in the Pure Land is achieved.

Faith means faith in Amitabha Buddha's Vows to rescue all who recite His name, as well as faith in one's own Self-Nature, which is intrinsically the same as His (to recite the Buddha's name is to recite the Mind).

Vows are the determination to be reborn in the Pure Land - in one's pure mind - so as to be in the position to save oneself and others.

Practice generally means reciting the Buddha's name to the point where one's Mind and that of Amitabha Buddha are in unison - i.e. to the point of singlemindness. Samadhi and wisdom are then achieved.

Please note that all buddhist teachings are expedients, dividing the one and indivisible Truth into many parts.

Faith, Vows and Practice, although three are really one.

Thus it can be said that rebirth in the Pure Land depends on three conditions, two conditions (Faith or Vows) or even one condition (Faith), as the one contains all and all is contained in the one.

The formula to be used depends on the audience and the times. The aim is to enable sentient beings to achieve rebirth in the Pure Land as a steppingstone towards buddhahood

The high-level form of Pure Land is practiced by those of deep spiritual capacities:
"When the mind is pure, the Buddha land is pure recite the Buddha's name is to recite the Buddha of the self-mind."

In its totality, Pure Land reflects the highest teaching of Buddhism as expressed in the Avatamsaka Sutra: mutual identity and interpenetrating, the simplest method contains the ultimate and the ultimate is found in the simplest.

Central to the Pure Land tradition is the figure of the Bodhisattva Dharmakara, the future Amitabha Buddha, who came to exemplify the Bodhisattva ideal and the doctrine of dedication of merit. This merit transference is the source of the vow-power, or other-power in Pure Land Buddhism.

The Mahayana idea of the Buddha being able to impart his power to others marks one of those epoch-making deviations which set off the Mahayana from so-called .....original Buddhism.....The Mahayanist accumulates stocks of merit not only for the material of their own enlightenment but for the general cultivation of merit which can be shared equally by their fellow-beings, animate or inanimate. This is the true meaning of Parinamara that is turning one's merit over to others for their spiritual interest.

The rationale for such conduct, which on the surface appears to run counter to the laws of Cause and Effect, may be explained in the following passage concerning one of the three Pure Land sages, the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara (Guanyin):

Some of us may ask whether the effect of karma may be reverted by repeating the name of Guanyin. This question is tie up with that rebirth in [the Pure Land] and it may be answered by saying that invocation of Guanyin's name forms another cause which will right away offset the previous karma. We know for example that if there is a dark, heavy cloud above, the chances are that it will rain. But we also know that if a strong wind should blow, the cloud will be carried away somewhere else and will not feel the rain. Similarly, the addition of one big factor can alter the whole cause of karma.

It is only be accepting the idea of life as one whole that both Theravadins and Mahayanists can advocate the practice of transference of merit to others. With the case of Guanyin then, by reciting Her name we identify ourselves with Her and as a result of this identification Her merit flow over to us. These merits which are now ours then counterbalance our bad karma and save us from calamity. This law of Cause and Effect still stands good. All karma has overshadowed the weaker one...

This concept of transference of merit, which presupposes a receptive mind on the part of the cultivator, is emphasized in Pure Land.

Faith is an important component of Pure Land Buddhism. However Wisdom or Mind also plays a crucial, if less visible role. This interrelationship is clearly illustrated in the Meditation Sutra:

The worst sinner, guilty of matricide and parricide, etc. may still achieve rebirth in the Pure Land if, on the verge of death, he recites the Buddha's name one to ten times with utmost faith and sincerity.

This passage can be understood at two levels. At the level of everyday life, just as the worst criminal once genuinely reformed is no longer a threat to society and may be pardoned, the sinner once truly repent may, through the Vow-power of Amitabha Buddha, achieve rebirth in the Pure Land - albeit at the lowest grade.

Thus Pure Land offers hope to everyone; yet at the same time, the law of Cause and effect remains valid.

Therefore, once the sinner repents and recites the Buddha's name with utmost sincerity and one pointedness of mind, for that moment he becomes an awakened person silently merging into the stream of the Sages - Can Enlightenment and Buddhahood then be that far away? As the Meditation Sutra states: "the Land of Amitabha Buddha is not far from here!"



The Bhikkhu Dharmakara devoted his thoughts to the teachings of the then Buddha, (Buddha Lokesvararadjna) for a period of five Kalpas, again he went to pay homage to the Buddha Lokesvararadjna and made forty-eight vows for the realization of his prospective country and said:
May the World Honored One thus listen to me as to what my vows are, in regard to how, after I shall have attained the Buddha-hood, my own Buddha-country shall thus be realized, as follows:

Vow 1 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if in that Buddha-country of mine there should be either hell, or the animal state of existence, or the realm of hungry ghost, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 2 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if in that country of mine the beings who are born there should fall away (die) into the three evil realms, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 3 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if in that country of mine the beings who are born there should not all be of the colour of genuine gold, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 4 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if in that Buddha-country of mine the beings who are born there should not all be of one appearance without the difference of noble looking or ugly lineaments, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 5 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if in that Buddha-country of mine the beings who are born there should no
t be possessed of the supernormal knowledge of recollecting the previous lives of themselves (Purvanivasana i.e. knowledge of all reincarnations), and knowing the events of evolution of hundred thousand nayuta years of kalpas, then may I not attain the enlightenment.
Vow 6 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if in that country of mine the beings who are born there should not be possessed of the Divine-eye (Divyatchakchus) which can see a hundred thousand nayuta of Buddha-countries, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 7 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if the beings of that country of mine should not be possessed of the Divine-ear (Divyassrotra) which to be able to hear the preachings of a hundred thousand kotis of nayuta of Buddhas, and to a faithful observance, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 8 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if the beings of that country of mine should not all possessed the Intuitive-mind (Paratchittadjna) knowing the thoughts of all beings of a hundred thousand kotis of nayuta of Buddha-countries, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 9 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if the beings of that country of mine should not all possessed of the Heavenly-step (Riddisakchatkriya) which can in the shortest moment of one thought travelling over a hundred thousand kotis of nayuta of Buddha-countries, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 10 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if the beings of that country of mine should have arise in their minds the idea of selfishness and covetous thoughts, even with regard to their own bodies, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 11 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if the beings of that country of mine should not all be firmly abiding in a concentrated state of meditation and equanimity (Samadhi) till they have reached Nirvana, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 12 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if my light should be limited in measurement so that it could not illuminate a hundred thousand nayuta of kotis of Buddha-countries, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 13 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if the measure of my life should be limited, even by counting a hundred thousand nayuta of kotis of Kalpas, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 14 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if any being should be able to count innumerable pupils belonging to me in that country of mine, even if all the beings of those three million worlds and the whole triple chiliocosm, who after having become Pratyeka-Buddhas, count and continue to do so for a period of a hundred thousand nayuta of kotis of Kalpas, could know the balance, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 15 :
Provided I become a Buddha, the life of the beings in that country of mine should be eternal, excepting by their own free will whenever they choose to pass away from life, otherwise may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 16 :
Provided I become a Buddha, there should be no evil or sinful existence in that country of mine, even its very name is unknown. Otherwise may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 17 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if the innumerable Buddhas of the worlds of ten quarters do not glorify my name, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 18 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if the beings of the ten quarters who after having heard my name, and thus awakened their highest faith and aspiration of re-birth in that country of mine, even they have recollected such a thought for ten times only, they are destinated to be born there, with the exception of those who have committed the five deadly sins (Anantarya), and who have blasphemed the orthodox Law (Dharma), otherwise may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 19 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if the beings of ten quarters who have directed their thoughts towards the Bodhi and cultivated their stock of various merits with a fervent craving for re-birth in that country of mine, if at the moment of death, should I not appear with an assembly of retinue before them, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 20 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if the beings of ten quarters, after having heard my name always longing for that country of mine and cultivating various essential merits for the purpose of realizing their earnest wish to be born in my country, should their fulfillment be failed, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 21 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if the beings of that country of mine should not all be endowed with the glorious body perfected with the thirty-two attributes (Laksanani) of a great being, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 22 :
Provided I become a Buddha, the Bodhisattvas who come to be born in that country of mine are to be bound to that one birth only, then to become Buddha-elect (Ekajatipratibuddhas), with the exception of those who by their own free will remain in the stage of Bodhisattva-hood for the sake of delivering various beings, wearing the armour of vows to travel to all worlds, performing their Boddhisattva-duties and accumulating their stock of merit, who wish to serve the Buddhas of ten quarters, and convert the various beings in number like grains of sand of the River Ganges to the highest perfect knowledge, whose activities have surpassed the stage of ordinary beings, and who practise the universal virtue of Samantabhadra, otherwise may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 23 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if those Bodhisattvas in that country of mine, through the Grace of the Buddha should not be able to serve all the Buddhas throughout the countless nayuta of Buddha-worlds within a moment as short as a length of time of refreshment, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 24 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if those Bodhisattva in that country of mine who wish their stock of merit to produce any appliance to be used before the Buddhas, should such things not appear for them to their satisfaction, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 25 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if those Bodhisattvas in that country of mine should not be able to preach the law of wisdom in completion, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 26 :
Provided I become a Buddha, those Bodhisattva of that country of mine should not all be in possession of a golden body as strong as the diamond of Narayana, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 27 :
Provided I become a Buddha, the heavenly beings and the various properties produced in that country of mine should all be of supreme beauty and in boundless quantity, and in the infinity of various forms. If any being therein who even possessed the divine-eye is able to perceive the appellations and quantity of such beauties, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 28 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if any Bodhisattva of that country of mine who possesses even the least stock of merit, should not perceive the boundless shining beauty of the Bodhi-trees of my sanctuary, their height being at least four millions of miles, then may I not attain enlightenment.

Vow 29 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if any Bodhisattva of that country of mine should not all possess the wisdom of eloquent oration after having read, recited, and observed the Dharma of the sutras, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 30 :
Provided I become a Buddha, if any Bodhisattvas of that country of mine, have their wisdom of oration limited, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 31 :
When I have obtained the Buddhahood, if that country of mine should not be limpid and brilliant as to reflect the miniatures of the innumerable, inconceivable and boundless Buddha-worlds of ten quarters as one's face is seen in a bright mirror, then may I not attain the enlightenment
Vow 32 :
If after I have obtained the Buddhahood, in that country of mine, there should be magnificent palaces towering up from the ground to the void, also the lakes, winding streams, blossoming trees, and all other properties which are compounded of various jewels and thousands of kinds of perfumes, minutely embellished in the most wondrous state surpassing all heavenly and human worlds. The scent of the perfumes should thoroughly pervade the worlds of ten quarters, whereof the Bodhisattvas, having smelt them thereby directed their minds to Bodhi; otherwise may I not attain the enlightenment
Vow 33 :
When I obtain the Buddhahood, any being of the boundless and inconceivable Buddha-worlds of the ten quarters whose body if be touched by the rays of my splendour should not make his body and mind gentle and peaceful, in such a state that he is far more sublime than the gods and men, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 34 :
When I obtain the Buddhahood, if the beings of boundless and inconceivable Buddha-worlds should not attain the "Endurance of Nirvanic Life" (Ajatah sarvadharmah) of Bodhisattva, and the deep knowledge of "Adharanamudro" (or Dharani?) after having heard my name, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 35 :
When I obtain the Buddhahood, women of boundless and inconceivable Buddha-worlds of the ten quarters after having heard my name thereby awakened in faith and joyful aspiration, and turning their minds towards Bodhi, therefore dislike their own female lives, when they be born again, in their next life should not be incarnated into a masculine body, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 36 :
When I obtain the Buddhahood, the Bodhisattvas of boundless and inconceivable Buddha-worlds of the ten quarters after having heard my name, after their death (in their next life) will still continue their Bodhisattva-duty till they have obtained the Buddhahood, otherwise may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 37 :
When I obtain the Buddhahood, the heavenly beings of boundless and inconceivable Buddha-worlds of the ten quarters, having heard my name, should not worship me with prostrate reverence, and joyfully and faithfully perform their Bodhisattva-duty, and be honoured by gods and men, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 38 :
When I obtain the Buddhahood, the heavenly beings of that country of mine, should they desire a garment will be able to perceive themselves, as quick as thought, covered by apparitionally produced costumes, excellent to their satisfaction, worthy to be praised by the Buddha, without the work of sewing, washing, dying, etc. Otherwise may I not attain enlightenment.

Vow 39 :
When I attain the Buddhahood, if the heavenly beings of that country of mine should not be enjoying happiness as great as that that of the holy bhikkhus,(Asravakchava the finality of the stream of passions) then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 40 :
When I attain the Buddhahood, if the Bodhisattvas of that country of mine wish to see the boundless, holy, pure Buddha-worlds of the ten quarters, they will at once behold them from the jewel-trees as though one's face were being reflected in a highly burnished, brilliant mirror, otherwise may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 41 :
When I attain the Buddhahood, if the Bodhisattvas of other worlds after having heard my name, should suffer from any diminution in the functional powers and not be endowed with all sense-organs in completion before reaching the Buddhahood, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

Vow 42 :
When I obtain the Buddhahood, if the Bodhisattvas hearing my name from other Buddha-countries, should not all attain the pure Samadhi of emancipation (Suvibhaktavati) from which they could serve innumerable and inconceivable number of Buddhas, Tathagatas, by a moment of thought; and if that Samadhi of theirs should come to an end meanwhile, then may I not attain enlightenment.

Vow 43 :
If after I have obtained the Buddhahood, that any Bodhisattva of other countries having heard my name, will be incarnated as a member of a noble family (if he so desires) when he dies, otherwise may I not attain enlightenment.

Vow 44 :
When I obtain the Buddhahood, the Bodhisattvas of other countries having heard my name will all obtain a combination of full virtues and joyfully perform their Bodhisattva-duty, otherwise may I not attain enlightenment.

Vow 45 :
When I have obtain the Buddhahood, the Bodhisattvas of other countries having heard my name, all will attain the "Samantanugata"(the thoroughly and equal Samadhi in a fixed state of meditation) through that Samadhi they will see innumerable and inconceivable Buddhas constantly till they have obtained the Buddhahood, otherwise may I for-bear from obtaining enlightenment.

Vow 46 :
When I obtain the Buddhahood, the Bodhisattvas of that country of mine should be able to hear the preachings of the Dharma whenever they desire (the voices of teaching will present themselves naturally to their ears), otherwise may I refrain from attaining enlightenment.

Vow 47 :
When I have obtain the Buddhahood, if the Bodhisattvas of other countries after having heard my name should not immediately reach the state of Avaivartika (i.e. not turning back from Bodhi), then I would refrain from attaining enlightenment.

Vow 48 :When I have obtained the Buddhahood, if the Bodhisattvas of other countries having heard my name should not reach the first, second and third degrees of Dharma-endurance immediately or should turn back from the Law of Buddhas, then I would refrain from attaining enlightenment.
And again, O Ananda (This was addressed to him by Buddha Sakayumuni) when that Bhikkhu Dharmakara had spoken such prayers, he also apoke the following verses (from the first to the eleventh verses are here omitted) "12th, O Bhagavat, (this was addressed to the Tathagata Lokesvararadja) if these vows of mine can be realized in the future, may this great chiliocosm of thousands of worlds tremble, and may a shower of wondrous jewel-flowers descend from the gods in the cosmic void".

Then again, O Ananda, when that Bhikku Dharmakara had concluded his reciting of such exalted prayers, at once the sphere wholly trembled in six manners, and wondrous flowers gracefully rained down from the sky, also there was a heavenly music sounding with praise: "Thou art sure to obtain the unsurpassed, highest, and perfect knowledge of Thy fulfilment."
Then, the blessed Ananda asked the Buddha: Has that Bhikkhu Dharmakara now become a Buddha or not yet? The Buddha (Sakyamuni) replied to Ananda: The Bodhisattva Dharmakara has now already become a Buddha; and in the western part from here over a hundred thousand kotis of Buddha-worlds, there his Buddha-country is situated, and it is named "The World of Peace and Happiness."
(This translation is adopted from Miss P. C. Lee. The Two Buddhist Books in Mahayana).

The Pure Land school of Mahayana Buddhism is widely practiced in Asia. Though still in its formative years in the West, its roots extend all the way to ancient India.

We generally think in terms of only one Buddha: Sakyamuni, who lived over 2500 years ago. But, since any sentient being can awaken and innumerable numbers have, there are innumerable Buddhas. Sakyamuni Buddha, after henlightenment, explained that he sawnot only his past lifetimes but also how the future would unfold. is

Sakyamuni saw people in our time having more afflictions, worries, and wandering thoughts. Our deep-seated bad habits having become even more entrenched over thousands of lifetimes would make liberating ourselves solely by our own efforts almost impossible. He knew that to end one's problems and attain lasting happiness many people would need the help of another Buddha: Amitabha, the Buddha of Infinite Light and Infinite Life.

Almost all of the teachings by Sakyamuni were the result of his being asked a question. In a departure from the norm, and when the time was right, Sakyamuni initiated the teaching that introduced Amitabha and his pure land. This spontaneous teaching by Sakyamuni is what makes this teaching so special.


In this teaching, Sakyamuni recounted how the bodhisattva Dharmakara, after witnessing the suffering of sentient beings, spent five eons studying all the Buddha lands. Dharmakara then made forty-eight vows, the fulfillment of which would create the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. He declared that he would not attain Buddhahood unless his vows for a perfect pure land, where all beings would advance along the Buddhist path and never again fall back into suffering, were accomplished. Once these vows were accomplished, Dharmakara Bodhisattva became Amitabha Buddha . He is now speaking the Dharma in his pure land and helping all who are truly sincere in their vows to be reborn there.

With help from Amitabha, we do not have to rely solely on ourselves to attain enlightenment as we would with other methods. In Pure Land Buddhism, we rely on the compassionate Buddhas and bodhisattvas to help us. Thus, reliance on self and on another are combined as we request by way of our mindful chanting that Amitabha Buddha, through the strength of his vows, help us to be reborn in the Pure Land as we breathe our last breath in our present body.

Amitabha also vowed that once we attain this rebirth, we will always progress in our practice and learning. We will be able to continue our practice in the Pure Land, or, when we choose, return to this and other worlds to help others, without being affected by unfavorable environments or our former bad habits. If we wish, we will be able to do this even before we attain supreme enlightenment.

Due to Amitabha Buddha's merits and virtues, and the goodness of all the beings there, the Pure Land has innumerable wonders and advantages, all of which arise from the great vows, deeds, and purity.


of all the beings there. Through his vows, Amitabha helps all beings create the causes to plant the roots of goodness. With his deeds, he creates the conditions for beings to accumulate merits. With his purity, he has created a perfect land—one that is free from pollution, anger, and intolerance. It is a land of peace and serenity. It is a world of equality, joy, and beauty. In comparison, our world is one of delusion and suffering, filled with worry and anxiety.

For countless people, Pure Land practice is the most suitable for several reasons. First, it is relatively easy to practice in almost any environment: alone, with other practitioners, or even amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Second, there are no difficult entry-level criteria. Even if one's abilities and knowledge are modest, with belief, vows, and practice, we will be reborn in the Pure Land.

Belief means that we need to believe in the Buddhas and their teachings, and in causality. We need to believe in ourselves and that we have the same true nature as a Buddha. We need to believe that by living a moral life and being mindful of Amitabha Buddha we will be born into the Western Pure Land and become a Buddha in one lifetime.

And third, due to the vows of Amitabha, achievement through this method can be attained more quickly and more easily than with other practices. We can understand this better through an analogy. We come to a river that we wish to cross. We can swim across but our baggage is very heavy and the water is treacherously deep.

Alternatively, we can get on a boat that will quickly and safely take us and our baggage to the other shore. Symbolically, the "other shore" is the achievement of enlightenment.


is our deep-seated bad habits and negative karmas accumulated over uncountable lifetimes, and the boat is Amitabha Buddha's compassionate will. The ticket to board the boat is belief, the sincere vow to be reborn in the Pure Land, and practice, which includes leading a moral life and mindfully chanting "Amituofo."

G UIDELINES FOR S PIRITUAL A DVISORS 1. Remind the patient of the suffering of this world and the joys of the Pure Land to help strengthen his or her vow to be reborn into there. The spiritual advisor should also enumerate and praise the patient's good deeds, merits, and virtues. This will help the patient to be happy and free of doubts, certain that when the time comes to die, he or she will, thanks to his or her good deeds, vows, and practice, be reborn into the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. 2. It is important to remind the dying person to cease thinking of wealth and property, as well as attachments to family and friends. 3. If the patient has written a will so much the better, but if not, it is best to counsel against writing one at this time. The advisor can also advise everyone to refrain from gossip and distracting conversations


As they could rekindle the patient's attachment to this world, which is detrimental to the patient's desired rebirth. 4. When relatives and friends come to visit, they should be discouraged from becoming emotional in the patient's presence. If they wish to help, they can stand to the side and chant "Amituofo" aloud. Explain to the visitors that crying at this time could distract the patient from the desired rebirth in the Pure Land, and result in the patient being subjected to much suffering. 5. The patient should be counseled to practice generosity and give away personal effects to those who need them. Also, the patient can purchase Buddha images, sutras, and other Buddhist materials, and request that they also be given away. This will help the patient to increase his or her merits and reduce bad karmas, and thus help to facilitate a good rebirth. The good advisor should keep these general guidelines in mind, but be ready to improvise according to the situation.


BUDDHA NAME CHANTING Supportive chanting by family members and Dharma friends is crucial when a patient is on the verge of death because, at that time, he or she is weak both mentally and physically. In such trying circumstances, it becomes increasingly difficult to focus on chanting "Amituofo." This is why Supportive Buddha


Name Chanting is so important.


S UPPORTIVE B UDDHA N AME C HANTING 1. To help focus the patient's thoughts, respectfully place a statue or picture of the standing Amitabha Buddha in front of the patient where it can be easily seen. Place a container of clean water in front of this image and some fresh flowers in a vase near it. Lightly scented incense, or even a smokeless variety, may be burned. (A strong fragrance or excessive smoke might cause the patient to have difficulty in breathing.) 2. Those who come to practice supportive chanting should remember that the patient, who is in a weakened state, requires adequate fresh air. If too many people are in the room at one time, the patient may have difficulty breathing and become agitated, resulting in more harm than good. Also, people should pre-arrange their chanting time and silently take turns, so that the chanting can continue uninterrupted. Each session can last about an hour. 3. According to Master Yin Guang, the thirteenth patriarch of the Pure Land school, the short chanting form of "Amituofo" should be used, so that the patient can easily register this name in the most subtle consciousness, at a time when both mind and body are very weak.

It would be wise to ask the patient which is preferred—"Amituofo" or "Namo Amituofo." In this way, the patient can comfortably and silently chant along with the group. To go counter to the patient's likes and habits may destroy his or her concentration. People should


not chant too loudly so as not to expend too much energy and shorten the time they can chant. On the other hand, they should not chant in too low a voice or the sound might not register in the patient's mind. Also, they should not speak to one another while in the room. Chanting should neither be overly loud or soft, slow or fast. Each utterance should be clear and distinct, so that it can be heard clearly and penetrate deep into the patient's consciousness. One caveat: if the patient is too weak or is in coma, he may have difficulty hearing the chanting. In such a case, someone should chant close to the patient's ear to help the patient to maintain a clear, steady mind.

4. With regard to instruments, it is generally better to use the small hand bell with its clear, limpid sound, as it can help the patient develop a pure and calm mind. However, this may not apply in all cases. If possible, it is best to ask the patient in advance what is preferred. If some details do not suit the patient, we should adapt to the circumstances and be flexible.


1. Relatives should not cry in the presence of the patient, especially immediately before and after the death. Doing so can cause the dying patient to develop thoughts of attachment which can prevent the much sought rebirth and resultant liberation.

2. It is vitally important not to touch or move the body of the deceased person. Thus, people should wait at least twelve hours, and preferably twenty-four, before washing and dressing the body.

3. Family and friends should concentrate on chanting in all earnestness and without crying for at least twelve hours. This is to allow the patient's most subtle consciousness adequate time to leave the body. If, during this period, anyone touches the body or cries, the deceased may still experience feelings of pain, sadness, anger, or self-pity, and sink again into the realms of suffering.

4. During the minimum twelve-hour period (twenty-four hours is preferable), if people can remain chanting near the deceased, so much the better. Except for chanting, nothing should be done. 5. Funeral arrangements should be simple and modest, without unnecessary expenses. Only vegetarian food should be provided for serving meat or fish will burden the departed with more karmic obstacles, making liberation that much more difficult. It is important to remember that even those who have been already been reborn into the Pure Land may still be affected by the behavior of family and friends acting on behalf of the deceased.

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According to Buddhist theory, every woman who has an abortion, who kills her own child before being born, the Afterlife, after her death, will sentence her to stay in a swimming pool full of blood for one thousand years, for killing her own baby.
In society, abortion is permitted by law but in the Afterlife, muder en masse is not permitted.
The woman who has an abortion will have the same sentence. She won't be able to reincarnate as a human being for one million years.
If you don't believe it, one day you'll see if it's true or not.
Don't have an abortion under no circumstances. If you don't want to have the baby, after giving birth, you can give the baby for adoption, but don't kill her/him. Live and let live.
Don't murder under no circumstances.
If a woman has had an abortion and is now regretful, the only thing she can do is help other people. This good acts should be given in the name of the murdered baby, this is what Buddhist theory says.
Believe it or not, the sentence would be served in full, there won't be any amnisty. In the Afterlife, there's no amnesty of any type.
After having an abortion, that person may have physical and psychic consequences and the most important, your conscience won't forgive you.
Many women, after an abortion, have a crisis, they become insane, they can't sleep, they feel bad or they feel like a murderer.
For that reason, all women, before having an abortion, should think of that.
If they don't want to have the baby for any reason, let the baby to be born, let other families to adopt the baby and they can live happily.
There is no reason to murder.
Human laws can forgive this murder but not the Afterlife, the law of God won't forgive.
Be aware that God laws are over Human laws and the punishment of the Afterlife is harsher and severe than Human laws.
Please think about it before having an abortion. Thanks.

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According to Buddha, babies are being born and come to this world for four reasons, it is not a coincidence.
First, the baby may come to do good to the family because he/she owes you a favour, he/she comes to return the favour.
Second, the woman owes a favour to the baby.
Third, the baby comes to give wealth to the family and give them a good life.
Fourth, the woman or the woman's relatives owe money to the baby from their past lives.

Imagine, if a baby comes in order to return the favour to the mother and the family and you kill him/her, the baby who owes you a favour will become your enemy. During all your life, the baby will be like your shadow, like a demon that will beside you and will make your life miserable, bringing you back luck and bad health in your future as a revenge. Instead of paying you the favour, since you have killed him/her, he/she will become your enemy and will never let you go in peace because everybody has their revenge.

Secondly, if you were the one who owed a favour from your past life and you kill him/her, hate will lead to more hate and revenge will lead to more revenge. You can imagine that this demon will make your life horrible with diseases like cancer and all the bad luck in your life will wait for you.

If the baby comes to give wealth to the mother and take care of her and you kill the baby, instead of bringing you luck in your future, you'll have another demon after you to make your life miserable, poor and unfortunate.

In the fourth case, if you owe him/her money and you kill him/her, your debt will increase.

Imagine your life full of enemies bringing you bad luck while you're alive.
Once you die, a swimming pool full of blood is waiting for you and you'll have to stay there for a thousand years and your body will rot and when you die, you'll get back to life and your body will rot again. Afterwards, you'll be born as an animal and once you serve as an animal for a million years, you'll be born as a human, poor and sick for many years.
Believe it or not, nobody can escape from the laws of God because God is in you, it is your conscience. We punish ourselves, nobody can escape, we have a record and nobody can escape from his own conscience.

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First video you've seen is a doctor without conscience and a woman without conscience that goes to have an abortion in oder to kill her own child.
How do they take it out? How do they kill the poor baby? They cut it into pieces and then, they remove it from the uterus. Truly, do you like to be killed?
All people who are in favour of abortion: if your father and mother would have decided to abort, you would not be here today talking about abortion in front of everyone because before being born, your mother would have killled you and you wouldn't exist today and you wouldn't be able to talk about abortion in front of people, TV, encouraging others to kill their babies, be in favour of killing and kill.
Think about it, if you're in favour of killing your own baby and your mother would have been also in favour of this murder, you would not exist today, you would not be here, you should be grateful to the fact that your mother was against abortion. If your mother were in favour of abortion, all those men and women wouldn't exist, they would be dead before being born.
Human laws permit this murder, it's a sin but laws of God don't allow this so be ready to receive your punishment when you die. You'll have to remain a thousand million years in a swimming pool full of blood, your body will decompose till death, you'll reborn and die again and again. They will introduce a burning metallic tube into the swimming pool in order to burn your body, this is what lay ahead of you.
Once you die human laws won't protect you, maybe it will protect you when you're alive but not when you die, human laws won't protect you. It will start your million years punishment, your body will be chopped into pieces as you have done to your baby, the pain would be unbearable. Just try it, cut your finger, your head, your toe and you'll feel the pain that you'll suffer after your death.
I'm warning you, don't kill, kill always has to be paid with your life. When you finish someone's life, you'll have to die a million times for ending a life and suffer a million times the pain of being chopped into pieces. Listen to me, I beg you, don't kill.
If a young woman has an unwanted pregnancy, you must help her, giving her finantial support, food or any help in order to keep the baby and once is born, many families will be waiting, good families who can't have babies can adopt him/her.
People and government must help young woman with unwanted pregnancy so she won't abort.
For your own's sake, your future and your family's sake, killing has a divine punishment, like it or not. Don't think that if you don't believe in God, nothing will happen to you. Believe it or not, you'll be punished by divine laws, believe or not.
The second image you can see is a woman screaming, is the sound of hell. A Russian scientist discovered this in Siberia after drilling 14,5 km under the ground. He was looking for something but after drilling 14,5 km, they heard these voices that you've heard before.
Anyone in favour of abortion, anyone who says kill, kill kill, that hell is awaiting for you.


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Drinking alcohol it's forbidden. That means, don't drink alcohol. If you do, just drink a little.
Alcohol has destroyed many families.
When someone is drunk, how many crimes can he commit?
For drinking alcohol, how many people has died in car accidents? As a result, many families have lost their father, mother or their children, due to alcohol.
Buddha tells not to drink alcohol.
Remember that alcohol only causes mifortunes, it doesn't bring good things, only misfortunes to your family, to you, to society and to many others.
That's why you shouldn't drink alcohol.
If you start drinking and you become an alcoholic, how will you get over your addiction to alcohol?
You'll destroy your life, your future will be dark, there will be nothing, no one will be by the side of a drunkard.
Don't drink alcohol, if you want, you can drink just a little bit.
Alcoholism is bad for you, for your family, for society, for the State , for everyone.
When you're drunk you may kill another person.
Remember that you shouldn't drink alcohol, is forbidden by Buddhists laws, don't drink.
If you want to live happily with your family, don't drink alcohol so it won't affect others. Don't drink. Thanks.

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The way we think can change our appearance. If we think negatively, it will affect our appearance and it will be changed into negative.
When we are angry, we have the look of being angry, we can see it and when we are sad, we have a sad look.
If you want to have a good appearance, you must think always positively.
If everything is positive:
your appearance will be positive
your life will be positive
your health will be positive
your future will be positive
your family will be positive
Everything depends on your energy and your way of thinking.
If a woman wants to look beautiful, in order to be beautiful, be kind and nice and have success in her life, first of all, she must have a positive thinking.
Having a positive thinking will make your life and everything around you positive.
If you think negatively, all your life, everything around you, your future and your wishes will be negative.
Now you know, if you want to be happy and make your wishes come true, you just have to think positively. Everyone who does or speaks evil of you, don't let it affect you because it will make you think negatively and that would be bad for ourselves.
For our own's sake, we must not care about which situation or environment, don't let it affect us, our mood or our thinking.
Always be positive for our own's sake.
I wish everyone happiness. If you want to be happy, please listen to me, try with your acts and thoughts to be positive, this is the only thing that would be good for you.
Every negative act as murder, harming other people, taking revenge with or without reason, mistreating people or harming family, friends, society or the State are negative acts.

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How to have a good future and how to become a millionaire.
Everybody wants to become a millionaire.
According to Buddha, every person who wants to become a millionaire, the first thing you have to do is giving money to poor people, help the needy.
When you help other people, you'll be very happy and you'll have a sensation of happiness.
This will improve your health, your fortune and will help you to take the right decisions. This is one thing.
The second thing, I'll explain you a story of Buddha:
Once a beggar offered to Buddha a bowl of rice, all that he had was this bowl of rice.
The beggar said to Buddha: "Buddha, this is all I have, I would like to give it to you even if I don't eat today, it's not a problem for me. I like offering to Buddha all I that I have".
Buddha said to him: "Come with me, I have something to show you"
They went together to a well and Buddha told him: "look into the well".
The beggar could see in the well the image of a millionaire living in a huge house full of servants, living very comfortable.
The beggar asked Buddha: "Who is this?"
And Buddha answered: "It's you" "Me?" "Yes, in your next life you'll be this millionaire because today you offered me a bowl of rice, all that you had, and that's the reward for your kindness".
A millionaire who was listening the conversation asked Buddha to wait and said: "I'll bring you a car full of rice for you".
Buddha said: "Fine".
Soon, he came with a car full of rice and he said to Buddha: "That beggar gave you a bowl of rice and in his next life, he'll be a millionaire, I'll be a king then".
Buddha told him: "Come with me, I'll show you, look into the well"
The millionaire saw an ox that was working the land and was keeping away the flies with its tail.
The millionaire asked Buddha: "What's this?"
And Buddha answered: "you", "Me?", "Yes, all the money you have is at poor's people expense to get you rich. This will be your punishment. You'll have to work millions of years and be born as an ox in order to return all that you took from poor people and because today you've given me a car full of rice, this ox has a tail. It doens't depend on the quantity, it depends on your heart".
One euro from a beggar is the same as one million from a millionaire.
If you want to become a millionaire, offer all that you can to the needy, the ones who are poorer than you, and you'l receive the reward of becoming a millionaire.
If you want to be a millionaire the only way is helping people who needs more than you.
All your donations to the needy will be multiplied by a hundred or a million times as a reward.
The only way to escape from poverty is helping other people who are poorer than you, help them as much as you can.
Buddha says that then you'll have your reward and Buddha never lies, Buddha always keeps his promises. Three thousand years have passed since Buddha's death and all that he said has been kept until today.

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You'll never have friends if you don't give first and be good with them.
Your father and mother give a lot of love to their son and if he doesn't love them, what kind of person is he?
You know, first of all, you must be a good son.
When you're going out, you must dress properly, you must greet, ask for permission.
Always, when your parents are talking to you, you must move over and listen to them.
When they call you, you shouldn't answer "me", you must say your name and be respectful to them, very respectful.
When you talk to them must be in a soft tone of voice, smile and bow to them.
We must defend our parents because we owe them a lot and we must return these favours to them. If you do so, you'll be a good person and your children will be good with you.
If you're not good to your parents your future children won't be good to you because all is learnt.
If you're a good son you can be a good friend, a good father, a good citizen for society, for the State, for the entire world but before you should be good to your parents.
Never raise your voice to your father and mother under no circumstances, never protest or complain, you should do everything modestly, ask for permission to your parents for everything.
This is the beginning of the good, any act of good, first of all is be good to your parents.
Remember, when your parents die one day, according to Buddhists, you can't party for 3 years. You'll always have to think of them. Don't do as many people who after the funeral, they go to party a few days later and forget everything with no feelings.
You'll be a good son if you have to fulfill all these conditions.
When your parents need something, they shouldn't have to ask you, you have to know what are their needs. You must offer all you can with all your heart to your parents.

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Life depends on blood circulation.
If the blood doesn't circulate well, we die.
If it doesn't circulate through the heart, we can have a heart attack and die.
If it doesn't circulate through the brain, we can have a stroke and die.
Health depends on blood circulation.
In order to have a good blood circulation you must practice yoga.
Thanks to yoga and with your mind, you can make your blood circulate and therefore, you won't have any cyst or cancer.
I've been practicing yoga for more than forty years and in forty years I've never had to go to hospital or have had any surgery of any type.
I've never been ill and I've never felt pain.
That's why if you want to have a good health, you must do something for yourself.
It doesn't matter if you're rich, powerful or happy, if you want to live well and have a longer life, you must practice yoga, there's no other way.
Taking pills, which are chemical, is not good, the more you take, the more will damage your health.

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The origin of evil. Every person who commits any crime, has an origin of evil. What is the origin of evil?
According to Buddhism, we have three sins we must get over. First is "I", I want this, I want that.
Every thought is just trying to benefit oneself. Due to this "I", people can commit any crime or harm other people for his own benefit.
This is the first. You should understand that this "I" is a fantasy, that is just a moment of "I", while we are alive we have this so called "I" but once we die, this "I" doesn't exist anymore.
That's why this "I" is unreal, it's just a simple fantasy.
Obtaining anything, anyhow, try to get all that we desire in this world despite harming other people and fighting merciless and think that "everything is allowed", in the end, what you got? As everyone, you'll die and as everyone, what will you take? What will you take with you? Same as when you were born, you don't bring anything and you won't take anything. Nothing, absolutely nothing.
This must be understood. For your own benefit, fighting with other people, harming others for this "I" unreal, that's why you must understand this.
Do the opposite, instead of benefiting oneself and harming others, you should take the right side of the coin. Instead of being selfish, help other people.
The first thought should be helping others, same as Jesus Chist, help others and sacrify for others, that is what leaves a good memory to humanity.
Buddha also taught for free everyday during 49 years without taking any rest, for 49 years, all to help others.

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The second problem we have before being free.
Before we have talked about the first problem and now we will talk about the second one.
There are three problems.
The second problem is differentiate. What does differentiate mean? "I, you, he", we start differentiating but we are wrong because "I, you and any other" don't exist because we are all one. "I, you, he" don't exist.
We are like a drop. When a wave comes, a drop can jump from the water  but it will return to the sea. When this drop jumps from the water, we think in "I" but it's not real because once it returns to the water, we are all one.
We are all one. We and the others are one, we and the universe are one.
If you harm other people you're harming yourself.

I, I, I, PART 1

The people who always think I, was wrong. This I we made bad life. And Everything begins with I, goes wrong: the world, personal relationships. Everything begins with I, is wrong. That I, is not the true Self. That I, is the product of the union of a sperm and an ovum, is a self of flesh and bone. This I was born and dies. When we are born we do not bring anything, nor wealth, nor anything we see or touch. When we die, we do not get anything. The people who think and fight only for this I, don't know, that when it comes to the end of life, everything becomes nothing, and nothing is 0. If 0, What we are doing to fight for this I fancy? by this I wrong. How many years do we live? do not know. Every night when we go to sleep, disconnect the world, that is called little death. When you sleep, it's like you're dead. We don't know if we're going to lift the next day.

What will be our last night? do not know. If you want to have a good live, it's necessary to reduce this I, because when you have a big I, more problems we have. If this self is small, we will have fewer problems. The bigger this I mean we're more selfish. More selfish, more difficult coexistence with the world. Who wants a friend or family selfish? You will not fit in with anybody, not with your family or with friends, or with society or the state. Selfishness has lead us astray, leads to a bad life. If this is little I always think of others. Then you love all, living things to your family, friends and the whole society. If you love others as you love yourself, everyone will want to be with you and help you. If you treat a person as if you yourself, if you love to love others, of course others will love you.

It's like you're in front of a mirror. If you look lovingly into the mirror, the image reflected in the mirror love you back. If you look selfishly toward the mirror, the mirror will also reflect selfishness. Love returns love. Selfishness returns Selfishness and things will never be okay. If you want things to go well, be happy, have a good future and a life full of positive things, all you have to do is think of others. When you think about yourself, you have more difficult it will be your life, if you are selfish, everyone will hate you, and you will not have friends. Nobody will want a person who only thinks of his self. So always think first of others, and everyone will want to be with you and help you. Sure.

If you don't stop teasing others, who will want to approach you? If you shake hands with others, you are positive, give joy, smile with a heart full of love, I guarantee that everybody is going to return to same coin. If you give love, everyone love you back. If you want to give meaning to your life, having wealth,and a wonderful life, you know, it all depends on you. If you want the environment is positive around you, you first have to be positive with others.

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I, I, I, PART 2


If you want a paradise here, you must first have a heart full of love. Then around you, your people, your environment, you all will be holy angels with you. First you have to be an angel, a saint and all your some will become an angel for you. So you can live a perfectly happy and you can fulfill all your desires. Most people do not care about others. Pass over any person for their own benefit. Spend over the other once, as people do not know, you will tread. But if you try a second time, no one will let you return to take advantage of them and nobody will want his side .. Your life will become hell, everyone will hate you, want to nag and take their revenge, because you've taken advantage of them. Then your future will be a hell.

So if you want to live well, first you have to have a heart full of love Love all living things. Because if you give love, everyone you love and return your life will be a fantastic paradise: if you want money, you can have money because everyone will help and will give everyone a chance. Anything good, first you offer it to you because you are kinder than others. On the contrary, if you always think of you and do not mind the others, nobody will love you and all you're going to annoy. In that case you will not get anywhere, will not get far.

So when we say:

I see: when you see one thing, your going to tell whether you like or dislike.

 I love, when you say I love, differences between me I love you and love you.

I think: I think good or bad.

Whenever I think and speak in first and you're making a big mistake, because to say I think I see, I want, I desire you to be a big selfish. If you think you first, the others are in second place for you. But you are wrong, first the others are. We can live well, depends on the atmosphere and people. If the environment is positive, people you live positively and full of happiness, love and your life is a paradise. So never blame others. The only guilty of our stuff ourselves. If we take advantage of others for our own benefit in the end we will pay dearly. If you let someone else take advantage of a little bit about yourself, that person will always be a favor and be good to you. If you take advantage of someone you even just a little, the other will think badly of you and not want anything with you.

So what I say and people do not understand, I have the great, is a great misfortune for your life, your health. The bigger the ego, you have more misfortune. If you have that I smaller, will be happier and you fulfill all your desires. Would you be happy? Do you want to fulfill all your desires? Do you want to have a happy family, friends, partner, work, wealth, beauty ....? Everything depends on your thinking. What you want to change, changes according to your thinking. If you want your environment is like hell, change as hell.That's right.

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I, I, I, PART 3

People said that this body is mine. You're wrong, this body is not ours. We use this body. The body is a gift from our parents, not yours. Use only. The body is like a car, the car is yours but not you. No need to do evil deeds to get benefits to the false body. In the end, when we die, we do not get anything, then why are we fighting? Why? no use, the properties, the money, the family. When we die it is all over: when you die you can not take your children or your wife, or your property, or wealth of any kind. No one can die for you. No one can enjoy for yourself. So it all depends on you. - If you live in an atmosphere of happiness and all suer have it right, all you have to do is to love all living things and not see any defect to the other, because nobody is perfect. If we are not perfect, we can not point the finger at anyone because we all have our faults as the others. If you are good person, try not to see the flaws of others. It's like if someone says, "You have a black spot on the face and the other responds:"

And you do, you have all black, covered with dirt. "We always see the mistakes of others, we never see our own mistakes. So before pointing the finger at another, first señálate yourself. If you have errors, you can not not have the right to point the finger at anyone. Everyone makes mistakes, you have to forgive. If you are not able to forgive anyone, others are not going to forgive. We always make mistakes, so try not to be so stubborn and saying I want it well and it is. Why? How many years will you live? Try to live well, quietly, without harming anyone. You can not live well above the pain of others. So you cannot live well, sooner or later they will pay dearly. If you throw a ball hard against the wall, the ball makes you stronger. And the harder you throw makes you stronger. You always returns with the same force: good or bad. If you want to be healthy, you can have it thanks to the thought. Because from the head, send signals throughout the body via the spine and each vertebra has a transmitting nerves throughout the body that thought. If your thoughts

If your thinking is negative, it affects your body, your health negatively. Neither the doctor can cure you. If you only have negative thinking, this happens the body is blocked and you always have health problems. For your body to function well, the brain has to send positive messages, positive thinking. So, if you have positive thoughts your health and your life will be good too. If you're positive with your family, your family will be good to you. Everything will be positive. If you're negative, everything will be negative, because your thinking is negative. There is no other fault than yourself. The fault is ours. You're provoke everything, good or bad,. Do not try to point the finger at anybody because there is no blame but yourself. If you want to live well, you must forget the I, And Spreading love to everyone. Then when you die, you will be a angel, because The angels have a big heart full of love. Thanks.

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Hello. Thanks for listening, thanks.
How to become immortal. It is most important.
God says there are over 84,000 ways or different ways to become immortal.
The first and easiest is through the recitation of a mantra: that is, to repeat the name of God.
For Catholics, repeat the name of Jesus Christ, Paternoster or Mary concentrated 24-hour.

Just think about the name of God that we like, and when the time of your death, God will come looking for you.

This is the easiest way, especially for older people who are in a residence or home and do nothing.

It is the most straightforward and easy for become immortal.
If you want to become immortal, just think of the name of God and not think about anything else.
In Buddhism, reciting "Namo Amituofo" This mantra is recited the name of Buddha.
In the Muslim religion, reciting Allah In this case when you die Allah will come to look.
Everything is within the 84,000 ways to become immortal.
But is not just repeating the name of God. This is not enough. The most important thing is to think and feel with your heart as you recite.

Reciting the name of God and think of other things, is no good. You have to recite from the heart.

Shout the name of God to be hoarse, Shouting the name of God until you voice to be hoarse, if you don't with the heart, no good either.
All that serves is recite and think the name of any God, that you really like, with all your heart and mind, out of every human desire.

That is, stop wishing and loving  things of this world, to God, to people, everything you see, what is not see, what he feels.

All you have to stop with all your heart, but not force you to quit. If you force not going anywhere.   

 All you must leave with the heart, but not forcing. If you forcing, you not going anywhere.
Like us, when we move from one place to another, we have to leave everything to go.

 We can not let a piece of body in one place and another piece of body elsewhere.

If you go from one place to another, you gotta get your whole body.

It means that when you wish to be immortal and go to another territory, you must leave the love for this land, just like when we travel.

When we travel we leave all our family and we go to another place.
So in order to become immortal, it is important to stop wanting the things of this world, what we see, touch, what we feel and all you see and not see.

All you have to leave to go elsewhere.


When one day you become immortal, you will be born in any solar system, and you return to your home.

Not like now, we're stuck here in this world. Again and again, a million, 2 million, 100 million years and continue stuck here and we are not able to get out.
The universe is infinite. This land is in a solar system millions of solar systems.
According to Buddha, the universe has an infinite number of solar systems. We, if we want to be free, immortal, just have to stop wishing.
First of all, you have to leave this I of this body, which we identify with a name. This is for me a few years. Some are born and die within days. Some die young, others old .... at any moment we die. Nobody let us know of our death, no notice. It's always a surprise.
Therefore, we do not know when we will die. Do not think that being young can not die and you have many years to be old. Nobody knows. In the cemetery are many young people, not all old. Think again. Take these few years we lived here, to learn to be free, to be immortal.
As God, Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Allah ... We must all learn from them to become immortal.
It is easier to become immortal. In 1 second you can be if you stop wanting the things of this world, so you can be immortal.
If a person thinks and recites a mantra for 3 years or even a single second can be free, a god, immortal. It is a fantasy.
In our background, we are all gods. We are here because we are confused, we are very confused. I think this is immortal, and indeed that body at a time, it dies, it rots and it was all over. No matter what we have achieved in this life, the wealth, power, love, in 1 second you run out of nothing, is = 0. So this is not the real me.
I tell you now: take advantage of this body. The soul is in this body while alive. Further, in the spiritual world, everything is much more complicated and more terrible than on land. Try not to get into the spirit world negative. The Devils are not like here. You can spend 1 day as if it were a million years suffering! Is so painful!
My advice, to let the desire and taste for this I of course, not forcing yourself. You naturally want to stop, from the heart. Think what is best for you.


Once you free, you can travel to all solar systems. You can be born in any solar system. Once you free, you can travel to all solar systems.
Our solar system is the worst system of all solar systems. He who has the lowest level. In our solar system, we can live more than 100 years (some a little more). In the solar system closest to our life is extended at least 1,000 years. There are systems of 1 million years or 5 million years. Life in these solar systems is the same, when one day you die, all over.

Only thing you can do is help wishing the I, the self of the body. This self, not me, as I have said many times. This self is what we have now, what we use. The body moves, speaks, breathes because it has a soul inside. It's like a lamp. If the lamp has no power, no lights. It's a dead lamp. This body is like the lamp, and soul as the electrical current. You must understand this. You can not disappoint you with the things of this life we live a few years. In this life, spend more bad things than good. We know that this is not a paradise. We are like a frog at the bottom of a well. We only see the sky that shows us the well, we can not see beyond, or to travel between universes. We have to try out the well. We are going to be free as the gods. There are many gods in the universe free and we are not free because we have not understood. Remember this. There are many more free gods that gods are not free, like us. In this universe, infinite territory where the gods free, wish we all understand, the subject that I speak to you now, want us to become aware free. My friend, there are few people who can advise you as I am doing now. Any person that advises you to take any road, if you can not become free, is not valid. There are many people who speak of many things, but not lead anywhere. To get out of here, you should stop the self. I does not exist. The one speaking here today, in a few years will die, and you too will die and we all die and again people will be reborn again. The self is born, not the real me. You can not have or think that I, nor see the self from others. Because if I have this “I”, and you is another person, you're differentiating between you and the other.

To become immortal, you must first leave the "I" negative. The "I" selfish to become the "I" that serves everyone and no difference to the people. Because we are all one, including animals and all living things. If you can understand this, what I'm saying, you can be free, you can leave the self. This "I" is a fantasy. In a few years dies. So takes the "I" of the body to become immortal forever. The soul never dies. Believe it or not believe in the soul. The soul is in the body and our body moves because it has a soul inside. I want to hear me, please. Get out of here just up to you. Do not depend on any teacher, or anyone else. No need to go crazy for a teacher. You can only save yourself. You're the only one who can. No one but you. Nobody can help you become immortal; no one can put in your place, all up to you. You're the one who can do for you, nobody can help.
Remember this.

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If a family is not happy, it can affect a society, a government or anything.
If a son is not brought up properly and his father and mother don't give him a good education, one day he can harm his family, harm the society, harm a country or even the world.
Like terrorists who can make explode an airplane and kill a lot of people or suicide bombing or massive killing with guns.
This is the result of a bad education. If parents don't give a good education, that can affect the society, the government and the world.
The most important thing is the family.
Husband and wife must be happy and they can't get divorced, when they do, the ones who suffer the most are their children and when they are raised in an incomplete family, they can have more psychic problems.
Try to be happy, don't get divorced, because for Society's sake, the first thing is  have a good relationship between parents and their children.
If a family has problems, society will not be fine and government either.
That's why all is one: family, society, government and the world, we are all one.
If you don't give them a good education and your children kill others, it doesn't matter the reason but it is failure for the parents because they didn't give a good education.
We are fathers and mothers and we must educate well our children in order to be good citizens, to help society, to help the family, the State and other people.
Our mission is not only have children and raise them. The most important thing is giving them a good education so our son will be a good person and will help others, this is the most important thing.
I advise you, for your son's sake, to be less demanding with each other and don't try to look for another partner, your actual partner is fine.
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush and better the devil you know than the devil you don't.
Try to be happy and don't be too demanding so your relationship can last forever and for everybody's sake, this is very important.
Don't think always in yourself and try to look for another partner, your actual partner is fine, don't look for another one and you can be happy.
Please listen to me, we are responsible for the actions of our children, directly or indirectly. All the children who haven't been well educated, if the human laws don't punish their parents, the laws of God will do it, for not giving a good education and for letting him attempt on society, the State or the world.
You have to know that for the State and Society's sake, the first thing is that the family should be fine, that's why we are all one.

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Kill and kill.
We are all sons of God.
Under no circumstances we can kill each other, humans, animals or any living being.
The one who kills must pay back a million times with his life to the one who has been murdered, according to laws of God.
Under no circumstances, or reason, or under the name of God or any name, you must not kill, you can't kill.
This is unforgivable in human laws and laws of God.
Animals and human beings can't be killed. We eat animals who are weaker than us. Because we eat meat, people are killing animals for us. If we don't eat meat, nobody will kill animals. Live and let live.
Remember that kill any living being directly or indirectly will pay for their sins, all of them, including the fetus, who's heart is beating.
Every living being has the right to live, same as you or me, as everyone. That's why we can't kill, doesn't matter the reason, the name, under any name of any God, we can't kill.
Remember that everyone who kills directly or indirectly they will go to hell when they die and they'll pass through a mountain of blades.
The soul doesn't die but it can suffer the pain of passing through  a mountain of blades and it will die slowly. Once dead, it will raise and die time and time again for one thousand years for every life that he has taken.
There's no forgiveness, the laws of God are worse than human laws.
Beieve me, the afterlife is more complicated and harsh than this life, with demons, a lot more complicated.
Don't think that it has to be seen to be believed.


Life is a dream, life is a dream.
According to Buddha texts, he used to say that all images were mirages, were false and instant mirages.
All images of your life are like a bolt of lightning in a storm, it will appear and disappear in a moment. Buddha said as well that it was the same as early-morning dew, when the sun rises, dew disappears.
Life is like a bolt of lightning, it happens in a moment, it's like dew.
All you see, touch and live, you're living it with your eyes open but as Buddha said, you're in a dream, it's not real.
Buddha and Jesus Christ were people that woke up in their dreams. They realized that life was just a dream, that nothing was real, just a dream, nothing but a dream.
Everything we see or touch, it borns, dies and disappears: things, people, power, money, properties, everything you want. It was from someone else before but now it's yours. In the future it can be your son's or someone else's. Everything comes in and out, there's nothing permanent. That is to say, if you want your life, your future and your next future after death to be positive, you should do positive things, so you'll end up positively: you'll enjoy the rest of your life positively and after death you'll enjoy a positive life.
Positive things consist in helping others. Buddha and Jesus Christ devoted their lives to others. They suffered and died for others, never for their own interest, because they realized that life was like a movie. Movies we see are unreal, there's a script, a director and actors, we know that what we see is a fantasy, that nothing is real. It only reflects and image on the screen, nothing is real, it's only a turning movement of 24 fixed negatives per second; while is turning, it seems it's in movement but in reality it's only a 24-negative turning in a second. Life is the same, you think it's turning but it's not. It's like when we are dreaming. Sometimes we have nightmares and while we are dreaming, we feel that is not a dream, we think it's real, that's why we are frightened, tormented, our whole body sweats and we have a panic expression in our face. Suddenly, when we open our eyes, after all the fright, we are relieved when we know that it was only a nightmare, that it wasn't real.
People is wrong, they don't know there are two nightmares, one of them is the nightmare with your eyes closed while you're sleeping and the other is when you open your eyes and you're living a nightmare inside another nightmare, so you didn't get out from the nightmare.
It's the same as hypnosis. A master order you while you're hypnotized "When I say 1, 2 3, you'll wake up and when I say "1", you'll say "Hau, hau", when I say "2", you'll say "miao, miao" and after saying "1,2,3", you'll wake up with your eyes open while you're still hypnotized. When the master says "1" you say "hau, hau", he says "2" and you say "miao, miao" with your eyes open, that means we think we are not dreaming but we are wrong, we're still dreaming.
Life, since we are born till now, is full of good and bad images with our beloved ones, friends, people who born, die, accidents, diseases and whatever the reason, they die and leave us.
We see friends and our beloved ones die but one day it will be our turn to die, anytime, without prior warning.
Buddha says that anything we see or touch, any type of image is a mirage, nothing is real.
Jesus Christ and Buddha devoted to others in this dream. Since we are in a dream, try to be more positive, this is what you should do, do positive things.

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Most people think that life is not just a dream, they think it's real, that's why they do anything, whatever it takes, like abusing others, taking advantage of others, doing whatever, anything, to make their own profit, for their own whims.
They want to have their every whim with their bad thoughts. They think: If I take advantage of this, how much profit will I get? But they're wrong, all we do is known, it's a matter of time. Thieves do bad things, sooner or later they will be captured, all their things will be taken away and they will go to prison, it's a matter of time. Everybody can see it, it's a matter of time.
When you do negative things, I assure you, you'll end up negatively. Many powerful people and citizens are absolutely wrong when they are in favour of abortion and they support the killing.
Until now, 9.200.000 innocent babies have been killed in the world. People have killed their own children, 9.200.000 babies. Those lost souls are after their killers, they are waiting for the best moment to take their revenge. Remember, everybody is entitled to take their revenge. Imagine, if someone kills your son or kills you, don't you want revenge? I'm sure you do, you'll wait for the best moment to take your revenge. All 9.200.000 souls are after their killers. Everyone who supports or facilitates this killing of innocent babies, all this people who are in favour, doctors, powerful people, it doesn't matter who, will pay for that, for being in favour of killing. All those lost souls will go after their killers. Most of them, once they're old, won't end well, even their sons or grandsons because of what their father or grandfather did. This negative act will be paid dearly in this dream.
In this dream nothing is real, that's why I recommend you to wake up from this dream, try to take advantage of this journey to Earth so this dream will be more pleasant for you, your family and others.
Remember it's just a dream, life is just a dream, nothing else but a dream. What you see is not real, this is what is said in the scriptures of Buddha called "Diamond". Buddha always says the truth.
I wish you can understand it. Try to be in peace with yourself, your family and others. Be always in favour of life, they have the same right to live like you or me. Even animals have this right, plants, trees and nature have the same right to live.
If we pollute water, we pollute ourselves, if we pollute the air, we pollute ourselves because we breathe and drink water. All this have repercussions in ourselves. Try not to harm yourself because we will feel the pain.
What we do in this dream, like a negative act, trying to take advantage of others or taking advantage of a powerful position and encouraging to kill, kill, kill, kill, kill and kill, in the end, you'll be the first one because within us, we have a thing called "conscience".
When our time comes, we are alone and we punish ourselves. We can't escape from punishment of the Gods or our own punishment, we create our own hell, not Gods. We are punishing ourselves and we can't escape from ourselves because we have a clean conscience. Every mistake has been registered in a kind of a plane's black box. When there's a plane crash, the black box remains intact. You can fool others but not yourself. Your conscience registers every word, every second and any negative act you do but it also registers good deeds that will be rewarded by yourself and others.
Please listen to me. Thanks.

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We think that natural disasters have nothing to do with us but in fact, we are the ones who cause these disasters.
It's not nature's fault, the only ones to be blamed for are humans.
First, it's due to our thoughts. People are getting more selfish and more people are having bad thoughts. This negative energy affects nature and the universe.
For this reason, people don't understand that this leads to natural disasters.
Thoughts are the first problem and the second one is what we are doing. Pollution and other things are harming the environment and consequently, we are suffering from floods, typhoons, earthquakes...
We are provoking everything. Why are we provoking this? Because we haven't understood that we are part of the nature, we are a whole and we don't want to accept this fact.
Nature, the universe and we, are one, not two.
If we become aware that everything is part of us, we won't harm anymore nature or the universe.
We must know it to avoid natural disasters.
We are the only ones who can solve it. We have harmed nature and now nature is against us but it's not nature's fault or natural disasters' fault, it's only our fault. We have provoke this with  pollution and industries that only see their own interest. We are not caring about people, the environment or nature, that's why we are suffering these problems that are getting worse day by day.
In order to save our planet, to save nature and save ourselves, we must think that we are part of nature.
For example our body has a liver, kidneys, a heart...these are a part of our body. Our stomach, our heart, kidneys, intestines, a hand or a toe can't be damaged because they're part of us.
We must understand that we are one, we must understand that we're a whole.
We are taking care of our body, our heart, our kidneys, we're always trying to take care of ourselves. If you have any health problem you should go to the doctor to solve the problem. We must do the same with nature and the universe, then we will be paradise. If you do this, in the future there won't have so many natural disasters. Everything depends on ourselves. Thanks.

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Why poor? According to Buddhist theory, all poors were in their past lives stingy and selfish, everything was for them and they never helped others, that's why in this life they are poor.
Rich people, in their past lives were generous with poor and helped the needy, so in this life they are rich, they are millionaires.
If you are poor now, how can you improve your finance? A poor doesn't have a lot of money but at least has cents. A cent of a poor has the same value as a million from a millionaire.
When a poor gives a cent has the same value as a million given from a millionaire. In the eyes of Buddha, 1 cent and 1 million are the same, it just depends if you help others from your heart.
If you want to be rich, you should help people that are poorer than you, as much as you can.
So little by little, when you're old, you'll be rich because you'll have helped people and those people will help you, your positive energy will grow stronger and all positive energy from the people you have helped, will help you because you're a good person and good people will help you.
Nobody helps a bad person, nobody helps a selfish person, nobody; because if you're egotistic, you are never grateful to anyone and therefore nobody will help you.
If you want to be helped, you have an opportunity being a good person and then everybody will help you.
Before, I had a friend who was very poor. He used to sit in front of his house to sunbathe. A traveler passed in front of his door. It was summer, it was very hot and the traveler was thirsty.
The poor man said to the traveler: "Come in to my house, sit down, refresh yourself and have some tea, you can continue your journey afterwards".
The traveler said: "You're a good person, you don't know me and you've invited me to your house to have some tea, have some rest and you have turned the fan on to refresh me, you're a good person. What are you doing now?"
My friend said: "Nothing"
And he answered: "Why?"
The poor said: "Because I don't have money and I just studied a little and I haven't found anything"
The traveler said then:" I see you're a good person. I'll help you. I'm manufacturing blankets. I'll give blankets and you'll sell them for me and you'll give me the money. I trust you because you're a good person".
The traveler did so and now my friend is a billionaire just for helping a traveler to have some rest.
If you want to have a good future, you should help people without asking anything in return.
If a powerful millionaire is mistreating people, he's selfish, never helps others, only wants to enjoy his life having parties and only spends money on himself and on his family and no one else, this person who is enjoying the luck from his past life, this luck will finish very quickly.
The great majority of millionaires when they're in old age, they end up ill and poor and no one cares for them. So many parties and money wasted for friends that don't care for them when they're poor.
When you have money and you want to have more money, have good health, good luck and have a long life, the only thing you must do is help poor people and then you'll always be rich, always powerful, you'll have a long life and have a good health, because when you do that, you'll create positive energy and God will help you, believe it or not, God will help you.

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To live healthy and long life with good looking, good love, good family and live in a bed of roses, as God intended. Mainly you have to understand three things:
1. The past.
Everyone has spent some time in their sad, unwanted sometime, somewhere has a hard time, that moment when people hurt you, or do harm to society, family or friends.

That, you must forget. If you angry in your mind, is like putting all garbage inside your house. You live inside, and when garbage rots, you, will rot in the trash. This people do not understand. That yes, people hurt you.

When people hurt you, you have the right to revenge, to hate. Sure. But while your resentment and revenge, first you're hurting yourself, not your enemy, no. You're hurting yourself.

Because when you have this kind of negative thinking, the brain, from the neck, Blocks the nerves that connect the spine with the rest of the body. If you always, continuously, 24 hours a day, all year, you have this negative thought and you angry, with every right, of course, this will affect your whole body .. It‘s checked by doctors that it does not suit us. And as it suits us, there's nothing to forgive. We must forgive others, as if we forgive ourselves.

Why we must forgive if we have done so much damage? for our sake. Not for the good that does us harm. I assure you, the law of the universe says, each has his conscience and everyone is punished himself.

God also punished, no need to hold grudges, you need not take the law into your account. His conscience will punish him, no need to bother.
So you must forgive the past to have good present and better future. If you are full of hatred, revenge and negative thinking, you're not going to live well. You'll go crazy. Many people has this happened and is traumatized because he never forgets.

As Buddha said: All things are not by chance.
There are two reasons why people hurt you:
The first is that, if in our past life did harm to that person, obviously that person has the right to retaliate.

If someone hurts us, it's like to pay our debt to that person and you do not owe anything. It is as if one were to ask money from the bank. After obtaining credit, you must pay. What remedy. This is the first possibility



Second. If you do not owe nothing to anyone and someone hurts you, do not worry, capital plus interest charged in this life or the next life. I guarantee that copper and copper with high interest rates. That I guarantee. So do not worry. That person can escape today, but will not escape tomorrow. This is the law of the universe is the law of conscience. Like it or not like it, believe it or not believe, everyone is subject to this law. Like the terrorists who do not believe in law and conduct terrorist acts. Believe it or not believe in the law, it also condemns and goes to jail.Life is the same. Many people say: "I do not believe in God, believe in nothing" But anyone who makes a negative act, the law of the universe, the law of conscience will punish. NO exception. That's right.

So people can never forget their evil past, live in poor health and live a few years.The only thing that can harm us, we ourselves, not somebody else. We hurt ourselves. So if you want to live well forget the past. You must forget the past. If you can understand this, forget the past, you can live this very well and very quiet. In your present you will not have to look back when you walk down the street to see if someone is coming for you.

You can go very quiet, it is very important. People who hurt, he always looks back. Like the mafia. Always have bodyguards protecting front and rear. Why? because they know they are doing wrong and at any time, any day, someone can come get him. This is no life. Always looking everywhere. Their homes are protected with all security, why? because they know they are hurting people. These people can not live well. Consciousness always punished. Therefore, in order to live well, first you have to forget your past.

Another thing: if in a past life we did hurt someone and victims we were victims rather than aggressors and did damage, in that case what we should do is apologize, beg forgiveness, we have to apologize to those we did cause damage..Try again and again ask for forgiveness and demonstrate your repentance anyway. You should beg forgiveness. When once your conscience really feel the shame of what you did, you already can live in peace and live in good health and good future.

People like us, that hurts by selfishness or by any other cause, should beg forgiveness. Do not just go to church and ask God for forgiveness. For if when you leave the church, back to hurt you, you is not truly repented of the evil you have done. Repentance must be inside your heart. Once we recognize our mistakes and beg forgiveness and not  commit more such acts  negative and selfish, then we're really sorry.

If you ask for forgiveness today and tomorrow again to make these evil acts, you're making fun of the law of the gods. If you are truly repentant, you will not commit negative acts.That's true repentance.


To live well in your present and be very relaxed you forget your past. Every second that passes this present becomes the past.
So you can not think of this present, and much less in the past. The future is uncertain.
What will come, whether good or bad, do not know, so no need to worry about the future. If the future must come bad, worry or not worry, come anyway.
If you have to come good, not happy you do not get happy. Waiting, waiting .. do not worry if you have to come will come.
Therefore, as we don’t know what the future holds, do not worry, it will have to come. Any night when we go to sleep, don’t know when we will die.
Each person has his last night. In the cemetery there are not only old, there are also many young people.
Do not think "I will live for many years," nobody knows. I want, you to take every minute of your life to doing good for others.
These events are recorded in your conscience and when you die the only thing we get to the afterlife are the acts are good or bad,
the body breaks down and becomes a corpse.
If a person is full of negative acts logically go to hell.
If a person is full of positive events, this person has another there, another destination beyond this solar system.
Beyond the solar system there are 28 levels.
We can gain more by our actions and thoughts.
Buddha said: "If you want out of this cycle of reincarnation, birth and death, forget the past, present and future."
The body is what we use for learn.Many people are thinking wrong. They think that this body is "me"
The body is not me. If you understand this you can be good with your family, your partner, your friends, society, and the world.
To reach this, you must forget all thoughts of Past, Present and Future. The past only remember the positive moments for have a positive present.
In the present have always thought positive and affirmative action and then you have a positive future.
There are many people on the Internet that says, to have good future, just think positive. That's not right. Positive thinking is just a project.
The important thing is to do this project.
When you do a project then you have to carry it out. If you only think and do nothing, you get nowhere. So you have to know is:
1 Think positive acts.
2 Carry out the project with positive acts to help people.
Only think, is only part of a project, a dream and does not benefit anyone.
On the Internet I've seen pages with many visitors who speak only about positive thinking but only thought is not enough, not going anywhere.
It's like being inside a dream.
Remember, what counts are the positive acts, which took place. If not done, then good is equal to 0.
So I wish all my friends in the world, the Internet, please heed me.


Many people don't believe that after death they can be born again, they don't believe in hell, they don't believe in heaven or God, they believe in nothing.
This kind of people who don't believe in anything are the most dangerous because they're able to do anything.
They don't believe in divine punishment or punishment imposed by human laws, they don't care about anything, they can do bad things, this is the most dangerous.
Reincarnation has been proved with hypnosis technique.
Once, I hypnotized one of my students and he could get back to the Roman's period.
My hypnosis teacher hypnotized once an illiterate woman who didn't receive any education, when she was under the hypnosis effects, she was able to speak perfect German and she could also write in German. When she was out of hypnosis effects, he played the recording and ask her what was she saying and what was written on the paper. She answered that she has never gone to school and she only could speak Spanish, no other languages and she had no idea what she was saying in the recording or what was written on the paper.
Hypnosis has been mentioned in many books published by American or international hypnosis doctors, they explain that thanks to hypnosis you can find out your past lives.
Every person who doesn't believe in it can look for a hypnosis teacher and when you're hypnotized, you'll tell yourself your past, nobody else. You'll feel everything that happened in the past and then you'll believe that reincarnation exists, hell exists and divine punishment exists too.
You'll see it, feel it and believe that reincarnation exists.
All hypnosis doctors testify that reincarnation exists through this technique but these doctors are not attached to any religion, they're scientists, just give one try to hypnosis.
Anyone who doesn't believe can go to any hypnosis doctor and in just one session you'll see that I'm telling the truth. There are many books available in the market and I'm not the only only who says so, also many doctors who don't believe in God, but in reincarnation. All of them can justify what I'm saying now.
There are many testimonies that can justify that reincarnation exists.
If reincarnation exists, divine punishments, hell and any kind of punishment also exists. A person can reincarnate as a person or as an animal, all passes through reincarnation.
As we believe in reincarnation, if we do evil, in our next life we won't be born as humans, we'll be born as animals.
If we eat meat, in our next life we'll be born as animals and animals will be born as humans and it will be their turn to eat us as animals and this circle will never end.
If you want to be born again as a person don't eat meat so you won't be part of this vicious circle, because animals would want to have their revenge.
Better let them live and you'll live better now and in the future.
Hypnosis was not invented by Buddhists, it was invented by Americans.
Buddhists don't practice hypnosis but thanks to these doctors or hypnosis teachers, they have proved that Buddhists are telling the truth, that it's not a lie. These doctors are not Buddhists and they don't believe in God or Buddha but they believe in reincarnation. Thanks.

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It is very important and necessary to everybody, to society, the State and the whole world that religion must be taught in school since they're little.
If a person doesn't believe in anything, doesn't care about anything and just thinks in himself, is pure selfishness, this person is able to do any madness and could cause a lot of trouble to society and his country.
If a person believes in God, believes in Allah, JesusChrist or Buddha, it is much better than someone who doesn't believe in anything.
When someone believes in God, heaven, hell and punishment, he will think it three times before doing any harm.
If you sow negative things, you'll reap negative things. If you sow positive things, you'll reap positive things.
If a child just thinks in himself, once he grows up, he won't be any good for society, nothing good, he just wants to take advantage and won't benefit society, any country or the world because he just wants to do harm.
That's why since they're little, not only knowledge should be taught but also how to be a good person. A school can teach a bad person how to be intelligent and clever and the more intelligent and clever this person gets, the more harm can do to others, to society, to the country, to the whole world, like terrorists who are all very clever.
We must teach children how to be intelligent and educated but the most important thing is teach them how to be a good person, to be useful to society, be useful to the country and the whole world.
If we only teach them how to be clever and bad, what future will we have? The new generation will get worse and we will live in worse conditions because they won't care of others. These people who don't think in others, what good will they do for society? Nothing.
Before, in Asia, schools used to teach Buddhist theory. They had to read, memorize and practice it and teachers used to examine their behaviour and this was a very important mark for a student.
Long time ago, in Asia, Emperors used to dominate all countries, all was dominated by Buddhist religion, they used to teach how to be a good person and what had to be done to help others.
We must understand that we are born in this world not for enjoy ourselves but to serve others, help others, not for mistreating other people, taking advantage of others or harming others.
Since they're little we must teach them how to be a good person.
If all governments teach this, the future of all countries would be brilliant. Schools should teach morality, values and how to be a good person. If we only teach them how to be clever, in the end they can do a lot of harm to society. If we don't teach them anything, at least a dumb can do less harm than a clever person.
Religion and school are very important to children, it is very important for us, for the family and society.
If a child doesn't respect anything, doesn't respect his parents, society and government, what's the use of this person for? It's bad for society.
For society's sake, religion should be a must and we should teach them how to behave, morality, values and positive things in order to have a society that can live in peace, like a paradise.
Schools, family and society must teach not only knowledge but also how to be a good person.
Please listen to me and for our future, children and society's sake, teach children how to be a good person and we will all be better off with this. Thanks.

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Self-healing miracle.

Buddha says, all will be fulfilled in our mind.
All is in your mind, your health, your life, your future, your family, your partner, all the good and bad. All is in your mind.
We not should ask God, because we are God, we are children of God. So instead of asking God, ask yourself and you will be cured.

Yesterday, I helped a couple of neighbors to self heal.

The husband is 85 years old and women 80 years, both are Catalan - Spanish.

The couple for many years do not go to street, because they have legs problems. When you reach a certain age, the legs lose strength and can not walk properly. Yesterday I helped them to self heal.

The Mr. have 85 years, has legs problems and gone many times a doctor but has not healed the pain. Go very slow and curved and supported with a cane because a lot of pain.
When I went to visit, I told the Lord:
- Listen to me and trust me. Do as I say, do not think of anything else.
Trust me. From now on, you have no pain in the legs, let the stick and walk straight and fast.

Mr suddenly leaves his stick, lift the chest and walks quickly across the floor.
The startled woman said:
- I never saw my husband walking and a young boy.

Its floor is large and when the Lord returns where we are, you wonder how it is.
The answers:
"I know that I passed, my legs no longer hurt me, I walk very well and I have lots of energy.

Imagine, for many years had fallen to the street because he could not walk and suddenly, when it receives an order from me, her fear disappeared and self cured. Within seconds the disease who suffered for so many years, disappeared.
This is not a miracle of God, no. This is a miracle of himself, because he trusts himself. The mind can heal and improve health or damage it. But you have to have 100% confidence.
The whole universe is here, in his mind, any good future is here, all the happiness, long life.
Here in your mind you can make a paradise or hell for you.

At first when I went to see the gentleman, asked:
- What's wrong sir?
The answers:
- I have 85 years, I'm tired of living, I want to die, I have no hope and do not want to live longer.
I answer:
- Life begins at 60 years and if you have 85 years, now just 25 years and are still young. Now you must think like you have 25 years. Those 85 years ended, will now have 25 years.

Because trust me, suddenly, in a moment the thought enters your brain and gives the order to your body to function properly. Within minutes, your health and your mind totally changed to positive. It is a miracle. This is the miracle of self-healing. It's awesome!

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I now turn to the lady.

She has 80 years, fell on his flat and broke a leg bone. Had surgery and has been long in bed unable to rise.

I ask she:

- You want to get up? You want to walk?

The lady answers:

- Yes, yes. I want so much to get up and walk !

I say:

- If you want to get up, hear and do what I say. If you rely 100% on me, I guarantee that you will cured.

The lady replied:
•  ok.

The next day, Mrs. thinks: "The Master Roger told me that if I want, I can get up and walk. I'll try "

Then, this thought comes into her mind and get out of bed alone. It leans against the wall and start walking.

How is it possible? The doctor has not been able to heal, Master Roger tells me "if you want, you can out of bed and walk"

Why not? I want to heal for a long time, I will not spend all day in bed.

So with this thought, the lady got up and walked.

Now, the lady walking slowly because it has long been in bed without getting up.

Imagine! ; Self-healing.

Anyone who hears me now, if you think of all my words and listen to me, be cured:

- You can walk

- You do not have pain

- Your disease disappears.

But it has to be satisfied and trust my words. So can self heal in an instant. This is the power of the mind. It is a miracle. You make the miracle. Only you can save yourself. Doctors know that can only help 30% and 70% up to you, in your mind.

If anyone hears and trusts me 100%, in my words, can self cure. It's free. You will not lose anything if you testing. Just trust my words.All types of disease can be cured.

If you listen to me, this can save your life and can have a life filled with happiness. Always with a heart full of love, full of positive thinking. Thus all desires can be fulfilled. It's that simple.

We complicate life. Life is not complicated.The illness can ruin the body and we get sick because we have negative thoughts.From the brain, negative thinking, it goes through the spine and transmits it to the whole organism. Therefore, this negative thought affects your whole body.

Before doing harm to people, think about it, because you're hurting yourself. That says a doctor in Barcelona , is specialist in back problems.

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Remember, if you want to have good health, you must not have any kind of negative thinking. You must not have stress, nervousness, anger, sadness ... all adversely affect your health ..

If you want to leave any problem, listen to my words. Think positive with all the power of your mind and I guarantee you that all the negative, becomes positive.

It's simple, it is only this.

Please, you listen to me, as this marriage. They have been cured, have self cured in one minute.

With many years of illness, with no hope of living, in a moment his life changed to positive.

What I have done with this couple so I can do with you. You only have to have faith in my words, trust me.

If you trust me, and believe me, I can help you, to heal any illness in an instant. This is not a fantasy, is real.

Please, I ask you only to listen and trust me.

If you trust me, and you heal with this theory, discuss it with family and friends so they too can heal.

Remember, for this to work and be self heal, you must have positive energy. To purchase energy and positive thinking, every day you must help people, you must do three good deeds for people.

If you're full of negative energy, this theory does not work for self healing. You know, it is essential being a good person and helping people. When a person is negative, it is impossible to self healing.

Remember: energy and positive thinking to have long healthy life.

People with power, the millionaires, everyone wants to live right. Because if you do not have health, your wealth is useless.

If you want long life, you must use your money to help people. So others can improve with your help. If improvements in the lives of others acquire positive energy, also improves your life.

If you not use your power and money to help others, power and money become a burden to you. When you die you go to hell, but if you help others go to heaven. Remember well: use your money and resources to help people, because then you are helping yourself.

I always say

- When you throw a ball to the wall, if the strong spears return you strong. So the more you help people, you will be kinder and better life you have, full of health and positive things.

Would not you like to have long life with good health? As you know, all you have to do is help the people. No other miracle.

If you ask God when you do evil, it is impossible God help you. God can not help you.

Everything depends on you. So if you want long life and good health, hear what I say: be positive and always helping people in need. No other form of self healing.

Anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

Thank you very much.

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Smoking cigarettes kills slowly.
Every cigarette is taking away 5 minutes of your life.
Every packet says: smoking seriously harm you, smoking kills, smoking causes fatal lung cancer and all smokers read this and they don't care.
Some are frightened and they try to quit this vice.
Before, one of my yoga students tried to quit smoking. He could stop for one year but he was holding out. One year after, he couldn't stand it more. Before quitting he used to smoke one packet per day and after that year, he was smoking 3 packets per day. In short time, he got back that year without smoking. That's why for quitting smoking, you don't have to force yourself because it won't work and you'll never be able to quit smoking.
For quitting smoking forever, you have to reason with yourself and convince yourself.
If you don't convince yourself, you'll never quit smoking, never.
Convince yourself if you want to  live more years, have good health, have a longer life. You must quit smoking if you want to have a good health and don't suffer from lung cancer. For all these reasons you must convince yourself.
Sometimes, it's possible to quit smoking with hypnosis. When you're hypnotised, you can see your lungs full of nicotine, so dirty and disgusting. One way to quit is seeing your revolting lungs.
The only and better way is convince yourself that it's only a whim, that is not a necessity.
Imagine that you have a nice family, a good business/job, you live happily with your children and very comfortable and at your best part of your life, you die because of tobacco. Wouldn't it be a shame?
If you were young, poor and have nothing, maybe you'll think it's fine because you have nothing to lose but it normally occurs when you're about 50 years old.
People start to die at the best part of their lives, when all is settled, all is perfect. You love your wife, your children and everything is perfect but everytime you take a cigarette and smoke it, you're taking away 5 minutes of your life.
If you want to live till your 80's, it's a pity you might die with 50 or 60 years old when all your life is settled.
For your own good, for your family, your children, think and convince yourself to quit smoking.

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Why should we be vegetarian?
First reason is because we're herbivorous animals, only seeing our teeth you can see we have the same type of teeth as horses, cows, they have the same teeth shape as we have, that's why we have intestines which are twelve times the length of our body.
Carnivorous animals like tigers and lions have fangs and their intestines are three times the length of their body. When they feed on flesh, they will evacuate it very quickly but since our intestine is twelve times the length of our body, when we eat meat, before it is evacuated is getting rotten inside. Our body will take part of the proteins, calories and other parts from the meat including the harmful things.
Before, with the "Mad cows" issue, even if the meat was cooked, the virus didn't die, that's why many people died.
We don't know which diseases can have an animal. Some monkeys have AIDS and they didn't have any problem but when people started to eat monkey meat, the virus was transmitted from one person to another and our body is not ready for that.
Our body accepts all diseases and virus from animals.
Animals may carry many unknown viruses for us.
Not so long ago we had problems with Avian flu and Swine flu, some animals had the disease and we weren't aware of it so once we ate them, we became infected and we didn't know how to cure it. If we don't know how to cure cancer, even less we can cure viruses from animals that are stronger than cancer, so how can we cure that?
When you eat meat you're taking a risk, it depends on your luck. If you're lucky you can eat healthy meat free of viruses but if you eat meat from an ill animal like chicken, pork, beef or any animal infected by a disease, nobody will know because nobody analyzes every single animal, it's impossible.



If you want to live happy and have a long life, you should stop eating meat, this is the first step.
Secondly, according to Buddhist theory, all living being are in the same category.
We are more intellingent than other animals but we are also animals, we aren't God.
If we are sons of God, animals are also sons of God, ones are more intelligent than the others.
Universe can't be ruled by the law of the jungle, where the strongest kill the weak, never do that.
Like some men who hurt women because they're stronger and many women are killed every year, this is not correct.
All men, women and animals have the same right to live, no one has the right to kill women or animals.
You can't kill for pleasure or eat for pleasure. It's easy, just think, do you want to be killed? I'm sure the answer is no. Do you like being hurt? No.
If you don't like being killed, don't kill others who are weaker than you. If you don't want to be hurt, don't hurt others.
You should put yourself in their shoes, be more human and understand others.
Don't use the law of the jungle, where the strongest always win, it will never have a good ending.
According to Buddhists, every person who harm others will be an animal in his next life, he will be born as an animal.
All debts must be paid. Every person who has harmed others must pay for that, this is the law of the Universe, all must be paid.
If you don't want this, don't do it.
Take care of every person that is around you, whether you know him or not, help them and is the same with animals.
Don't hurt others and don't eat meat.
If you want to have a happy life and a good health, don't eat meat. If you want to eat meat, remember that you'll pay for that, not only with your health but also with the laws of the Universe, you'll pay for that.


War only brings misfortunes.
In Second World War, a hundred people died, 500.000 million dollars were spent and on the Vietnam War, 18.000 millions dollars were spent. Imagine all the money wasted. If that money would have been invested in third countries to improve their quality of life and stop poverty, the world would have been paradise. So many wars and deaths, what is the positive thing for us? Nothing, everything is negative.
In order to avoid a war, all countries should respect each other. Why? Because we're all one, all countries are one and we form a whole. With a war, all countries involved will have deaths, will spend a lot of money, people will die, they will become poorer and destruction will be total. Nothing will be good, everything will be bad.
People has to know that killing only brings misfortunes. Killing babies, killing fetus or killing animals only brings destruction on our planet, nothing good.
We must learn to be kind, kindhearted and forgive everybody or every country. Don't try to make war, there will be deaths in both sides, this is the only thing you'll obtain from war.
We must know that all human beings are one, we and the universe are one, we and nature are one. If we don't believe we are one and everyone only think in themselves, we see now the results, we are destroying nature and also we are affecting the environment with global warming and also the number of natural disasters are increasing. This is happening because we aren't aware that we are all one. Remember, all this must be done sincerely to turn Earth into paradise.
The only thing we must do is help each other because we are one.
If a country is in trouble it can affect us. Like AIDS, that problem began in Africa and then affected the rest of the world, that's why we should help any country that is in trouble with all our heart. If we don't help them inmediately, it will affect us and also the rest of the world.
We are one, we and the universe are one, one country and another are one, we are one, not two.
We shouldn't be selfish, otherwise it won't work. If we work all together, everything will go well. War brings no good.
For example in II World War, Hitler tried to unify all European countries by force, by making war. Could he achieve his purpose? No.
Japanese tried with war to dominate the Asian countries, could they achieve it? No.
Before, Romans tried to dominate all Europe, could they achieve it? No.
Why not? Because by force and negative ideas we can't achieve anything, in the end, it will be a failure.
Many innocent people die, the war expense is very high and everybody is harmed, that's why under no circumstances we can make war, doesn't matter the reason.
We are one, fight shouldn't take place between family or brothers, it's forbidden. God says is forbidden doesn't matter the reason, we can't kill each other.
If everybody should have a golden heart, this world will turn into paradise.
The most important thing is that leaders from all countries should have a golden heart. Leaders are servants of the people, they aren't the chiefs of people, they should be humble servants of the people. Everything that is good for people should be done. They shouldn't spend any cent in something that is not beneficial to people. Everything must be done kindheartly, doesn't matter the political party. What matters is that every political party must do and think the best for people. Doesn't matter the political view, the most important is do the best for people and don't make war.
Now all wars are bad, only bring deaths, cause destruction to everybody. This must be avoided because we are one. This is war and peace.
If you want to live well, respect and take care of nature, take care of animals and people and they'll take care of us, so we can create a paradise on Earth.
Some leaders and people are destroying the planet. In order to live well, remember that we are one.
Any other country, person, animal, nature or universe, we are all one.
If we understand this, we will live in paradise. Thanks.

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MANTRA . If you recite You Will Be FUTURE BUDDHA MANTRA 1 .

Hello . MANTRA . In yoga , you must first start by reciting a mantra.

If you want good looking you have to start by reciting Mantra. If you want to be a millionaire, you have to start by reciting Mantra.

If you want to be immortal, you have to start by reciting Mantra. If you want to be a free soul, you have to start by reciting Mantra ..

What is a Mantra ? Mantra in Buddhism is the name of Buddha, " Amitoufo , Amitoufo , Amitoufo .... "This is the Buddhist Mantra . For Catholics can repeat the mantra " our God and our Father, Our Father, Our Father .... " as you want.

This is a Mantra. To remove the 12,000,000 million thoughts per second that pass through our brains , first you have to do a cleaning. To clear all negative thinking, first you start reciting mantra , as you work while you sleep , while you walk , while doing things, your mind must always be at the Mantra : Our Father, Our Father, Our Father ... . or if you prefer the name of Buddha, four syllables can recite "A- mi- tuo -fo A- mi- tuo -fo , Am- ituo -fo ... or six syllables, "Na -mo A- mi- tuo -fo "... As far as you like. If you always think about this.

And I guarantee that all the nerves disappear , all stress, all the sadness ... and all kinds of negative thinking. This removes all negative thinking that affects your health , safety, happiness , work. All the bad , negative, positive practice becomes Mantra. Because when you think negative negative ends . Buddha says that "every thought becomes reality "

When something is positive, if your thinking is negative , it becomes negative.

To not miss this, you always have to have positive thinking. And to have positive thinking must first be cleaned. With Mantra, replacing the 12 million per second thoughts that go through your mind, into one. Reciting Buddha or Jesus Christ.

And this helps you when you die your life and God will be a free and can travel throughout the universe and birth on any planet. That is very important.

So , I advise everyone who practices mantra in thought 24 hours a day, reciting Namo Amituofo or Amituofo or Our Father, Our Father ... Or you can recite Jesus or Mary. You must repeat the mantra in thought 24 hours , to dream of the Mantra ( or name of God). So in your life will be all positive and can reach beyond the universe just reciting this Mantra.

If you do it with all your heart and with all your energy , unconditionally , 24 hours a day, you will be in the future a god , you get to have the same category and level as Jesus Christ.

What does Jesus Christ? I forget the small and makes the small self in the great self. Because the small self is the body. And that body only lasts a few years, nothing more. At any time the air does not enter the body and life is just that poor . No matter if you're poor , rich, powerful ... . we all die in an instant. So if you understand that this little self is pure fantasy. It's just a fantasy. It is not real. The only thing real is our soul , our consciousness, that is the real me.

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MANTRA . If you recite You Will Be FUTURE BUDDHA MANTRA 2

The only thing real is our mind , our consciousness , that is the real me .

You are forever with us, remains in the infinite. When we leave this body, the soul seeks another body for birth. The soul is always the same . The soul does not die.

It depends on your actions , if negative , the soul is punished and go to hell and if your actions are positive, goes to heaven. It depends on the "I". He who speaks with you now, is my body, but within this body there is a spirit. The body uses it to talk to you, but really he's talking to you is my soul. If you have no soul to speak. Therefore, the body is what we use , but not "me . " It's like a car , we use the car but the car is not us , we are not "me."

Do not try to hurt others for your own benefit. In a moment he can hurt others, but then we paid dearly. We all know that hell exists . Through hypnosis you can tell that there is a heaven and hell , that there is reincarnation. Everything is tested. If you do not believe , you can check by a hypnosis session with any teacher and you'll see yourself back to the past. So , you yourself will be convinced that when I die is not the end , if you are reborn , back to start another new story. For good or for bad.

If you want to go outside the circle of birth and death ( die- born, die - born, die - born) , begins by reciting a mantra to clean up your negative thinking. When you are able to repeat that mantra in mind (no need to repeat aloud) , 24 hours a day, you 're going to be God. " Thanks to this, repeat the name of God , one day when we die God will come for to take us with him then we will be free. Anytime you go down to this earth again and again and be born again and again . You will be free and immortal. The Lord of Death , you can not do anything with us. So if you want to be free first think of Mantra : Jesus Christ , our Father, namo Amituofo , Amituofo , whatever you prefer. The land of the gods is one, is the same for all religions. When you reach the end of your journey, you will reach the same place as everyone. There are different places , all roads to Rome levan at the same place. Believe in Buddha or Jesus Christ , you come to the same place . All religions lead to the same place , no two different places , there is only UNOY is the same for everyone. Therefore I tell you , if we have bad thoughts , our future will be bright , like a bed of roses. With positive thinking , you can fulfill all your desires. But in order to comply with your wishes, you should start by reciting a mantra to clear the negative thought , any thought of revenge , hatred and rancor .

How to clean ? reciting a mantra and occupy all your thought with this Mantra for that negative thoughts can come into your mind. Because if your mind is occupied with negative thoughts affect your health , you can drive you crazy , you have nerves , have attacks of all kinds , you can have a negative future , negative relationship with your partner , your family .... So, all the way to reach happiness, and start practicing Mantra and clean your mind. When you are able to think 24 hours a day in the Mantra , think, think , think ... ... in Amituofo or Our Father, you can clear your mind.

It is a direct and easy way to get happiness, we all seek. Only practice this mantra can reach a happy ending. There is no other way.

The desire for immortality is within ourselves. No need to go to find out what we have inside. All Grand Master, whatever they say , is within ourselves. I tell you . Do not look away. Do not let anyone persuade you , saying you can save , which is a savior. Only you can do it , nobody can do for you.

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We should forgive anyone who hurt us. According to Buddhist theory will also forgive we must give thanks. You should not hold a grudge and you forget the bad that makes you another person, because when you keep it within you only hurt yourself to yourself. Even if you are absolutely right, to get revenge and anger only hurt yourself. You can not live in peace , you can not live peacefully , you always think negatively and it affects your health and you can not have quality of life.

According to Buddhist theory , anyone who hurts us is because in your past life you did hurt her . So in this life she will return the wrong he did. If you forgive him , the debt is paid off , shall be left in peace.

If one person in this life hurts you, and you in the next life you hurt , then the other person in another life makes you hurt and you in the next life you hurt .... and so on, this cycle never ends, never ends.

If someone hurts you, do not worry, he will be punished , his conscience will punish . Perhaps ahead of the others do not want to admit it, but inside , while sleeping , when alone, he will punish himself slowly . You do not have God punish . Each has its own consciousness , and if someone hurts himself is punished more than if you take revenge. Is punished much slower, harder than your own revenge. So no need to hold a grudge or revenge. If someone hurts you take it as if you were examining you , as if you would have a test. If you are able to pass this test then you level . So you do not have to remember to keep your inner grudge against the people you hurt. If you keep it , you'll have many problems: nerves , stress , poor circulation ... thus affecting your life, grow old faster, you're always sick , and your life will not get anything right because your thinking is totally negative. You will never raise its head. To be well all you do is forgive. Forgive as if you forgive yourself. You have to forgive to live in peace and quiet , because revenge and revenge only brings more revenge and more revenge ... . well you can not live well. If you want to live well, try to forgive, is the only solution, unlike any other. Do not worry , God and his conscience will punish him for you. He's sure to fulfill his full punishment , God and himself will avenge you. You do not need you to do . Do not hold grudges . You try to live well. This is the Buddhist theory on conflict. Thank you.

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The difference between a saint and a saint is that we do and think only of others and we only act for our own benefit, for ourselves. We do not do anything for anyone . If we were the same as God , Jesus or Buddha , we would be gods like them. Just leave this "me."

If you leave this "I "I want this , I want the other, I want to ... .. "always thinking of you. If you could think only of others, in an instant you would become a Buddha or Jesus Christ. Depends on our thought, one thought , that simple.

In the past , all the gods can die and resurrect . If ever we stop this "I" , we at one moment we would become a saint, an angel or a god and we would be free of birth and death. We could come to this or go to another planet.

In this world life expectancy is approximately 100 years. According to the scriptures of the Buddha, on other planets, life expectancy is 1,000 up to 1,000,000 years or more.

These planets are so many desires, not so many fads, are not as selfish as we are. So if we are able to think like God, we shall be gods , we are gods .

Our spirit comes from beyond, not from this planet earth. Buddha says : the great beyond has 3,000 universes and our universe is one of those 3000 worlds . Jesus Christ, Buddha, living beyond our solar system. If we want to be free we must learn to leave this I, like Jesus or Buddha. then we will be totally free. Not like here , every day fighting for anything and then not take anything . At any time we are going to die, then why are we fighting for? . Jesus was poor , the Buddha was poor, they did not need anything. Just understand that you must leave this "me." If you leave this "me "if we stopped thinking only about ourselves, for our own sake , if you stop being selfish , no one would commit any crime on this earth or other planets. The origin of evil selfishness begins , begins with "me." If everyone stopped thinking of himself , no one committing a crime and this earth would be paradise . Our mission here on earth is to help others, do not come for a holiday . Here we had more harm than good. This is not why I want a paradise that everyone understands that to be like Buddha or Jesus , just leave this "me." And nothing else , that simple. And when you die your soul will be free .


The father and mother give much love to the children. If the children do not want to respect their parents what kind of people are they? So you know, first of all you have to be a good son.

Before leaving home, you have to dress properly, greet your parents and ask permission to leave.

When parents talk you have to listen with respect.

When you are called you must go right away, you can not say no. You give them all your respect. When addressing your father or mother must be in a soft voice , smiling and bowing her head. We have many favors to our parents! we have to return everything they have done for us. If you do this , you are good person and your children will be good to you . Because everything is learned. If you're a good son, you can be a good friend, good citizen to society, for the state to the world. First of all you have to be good to your father and your mother. You should not raise his voice in any way. You should not complain. You humbly ask permission to your father and your mother to do anything .

This is the beginning of all good. First you have to be kind to your father and your mother to do any good deed .

Remember , according to Buddhist theory , when you die your father or your mother can not go on holiday for three years and you always have to think about it . Not as many people who a few days after the death of his father or mother leaving party. These people have no feelings. If you meet these things, you'll be a good son.

If your father or your mother need anything , they should not ask , because before you ask what you should know what they need and automatically offer it with all your heart. Offering everything you can . This will be a good son.

Thank you.

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Any thoughts good or bad, is recorded in our consciousness. If we think and act badly wrong, everything is recorded and we punish ourselves and we get nervous .

There are many people who say : " God's punishment . " God does not punish , we punish ourselves we . Every evil act is one that only benefits us and not others. A good act is one that benefits others and not ourselves. These acts are considered good.

Everything we do wrong in thinking and acts out of selfishness or any other excuse, all the damage we do to others, in the end he paid dearly , we pay one way or another. We punish ourselves . So do not think it's okay if nobody sees us commit an evil act , you're wrong, if someone has seen or has not seen you is another matter , what matters is what we have done , we see or not see us someone, that is recorded in our consciousness. So if a person does good acts for others, has a good future, because everyone supports you , because everybody loves you, because everyone helps. If you try to take advantage of people, whatever, every day will have more enemies on your way . In order to have good future , you must have good thoughts. Positive thinking also can bring you good health, good looking and long life.

On the contrary, negative thinking will notice that little by little you're alone in this world. Therefore, you must understand that all this you need to implement . The important thing, as I said, is to do for others . The only thing to move forward with a good future is to do for others . That is positive thinking. Thank you.

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Hello . There are two causes , two problems that cause diabetes:

1 .- The food. If you eat a lot, not eat what is appropriate and should not, affect the functioning of their kidneys. If you eat too much meat , which is hard to swallow affects your kidneys and stomach.

2 .- The sex. If you play too much sex , it affects your kidneys. As one doctor of natural medicine : "A man of 30 years one can ejaculate once every eight days to avoid health problems. A man of 40 years every 15 days, a 50 year old man can ejaculate every 20 days and a man of 60 should not have sex . It is the nature of our body to normal people. In this case, as most men really like sex , the only thing you can do is have sex without actually "running "without ejaculating . A man of 30 years , to do your every whim without affecting their kidneys, their health , can only ejaculate every 8 days, a man of 40 every 15 days. So you know you should do if you want good health and that sex does not affect your kidneys and liver. Because kidney problems affecting the functioning of the organism and all energy comes from the kidneys.

If the kidney fails , the whole organism fails. The main cause of kidney failure is because they do too much sex. You have to realize . You know, if you want good health, have sex without actually ejaculating.

Remember that a 50 year old man can only ejaculate every 20 days and a 60 if possible not to ejaculate . Do what you can , but does not ejaculate so often to maintain good health.

The first symptom of the kidney starts to fail is that their legs are becoming thinner. Then , the legs are numb , and do not feel as if they were dazed . When walking, has the feeling of walking on foam, as if to touch the ground (lack of sensitivity). And finally , the toes start to get black ( necrotic) and the need to cut because if gangrene can go up to the leg and get to having to cut the entire leg.

So , you know that all this problem is by doing too much sex. The body has to follow their nature , do not force your body. Do not take pills to help you practice more sex because the more sex , the faster you can get sick and die.

It can also cause a ruptured blood vessel in the brain. Due to this rupture of the brain does not get the needed blood flow and oxygen cells are not stop working and die. This can cause paralysis of one side of the body , and many other health problems and possibly death . Everything comes to practice and practicing sex too much sex is paid a high price for health.

So I advise you try not to ejaculate every day.

If you are young every 8 days, if you're 40 every 15 days, if you're 50 every 20 days and 60 years if you try to prolong intercourse as long as possible .

If you notice any of the symptoms I described above, be careful! You must hurry to save your life, because as people say , you only live once. Try to live healthy. Without health , nothing.

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I 'll tell a true story:

A good student of 15 years , begins to see many porn movies and masturbate squirt 4 times daily . Every day, four times out semen. Then you start having health problems. Before it was a good student at school always took 10 in his notes because he studied and was very intelligent. Then he picked up that bad habit of having sex alone and his memory begins to fail , it starts falling out hair, dark circles begin to sprout , the face of it turns yellow , when she moves her legs tremble, have kidney problems , liver .... All these health problems will come to masturbate very young and often (4 times a day). After consulting with the doctor, has modified its behavior and return to normal.

You know, if you want to live well in good health , controls sex. Do not watch many porn movies , because the longer we look, the more he thinks his brain , he " crossed wires " and goes mad and will not stop having sex , not to masturbate, "run . " Then I come all sorts of health problems: diabetes, kidney failure , liver ... everything is a consequence spend a lot of sex. So much sex is a road to death . If I say I do not practice sex , people will tell me that this is impossible , but in that case I advise you if you like either sex, did not ejaculate, half practiced without reaching the final, " cum " . So stay healthy. If you practice too much sex you are more dead than alive. An undead only gives the family problems , problems at work , psychological problems .... When you have these symptoms is enclosed in itself , becomes unsociable , not to relate to others , is isolated in his room and not talk to anyone.

If your a child, have any of these symptoms, be careful not to go farther and seriously affect your health. Parents need to monitor and care for their children , because children do not know and have to learn.

This is what I advise you today about sex. Thank you.

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Hello .

In this world there are three kinds of people who do not get sick :

1. Good people. Are those people who always help people . Have peace and harmony within your heart. When helping others creates a positive energy that gives you satisfaction and joy. These people never get sick.

2. People who practice yoga. Through yoga, you can keep your mind relaxed , you can control your entire thought. Like me, I practice yoga for 40 years . In the morning when I wake up half an hour of yoga practice and before going to bed half an hour practice . So every day for more than 40 years . I've never gotten sick , I had no diseases of any kind. Do not know what pain is and ever I have health problems . This is the second type of people who never get sick.

3. People have understood the theory of teaching of the Buddha : they understood that everything you see and play in this world is pure fantasy. Nothing real. Our soul enters the body at birth and leaves the body at death. After entering a new body is born and then die again and exit. But the soul never dies. Just go and leave my body to learn that life is pure fantasy , nothing is real.

So you want to stop . Come the end of our lives All our desires are = 0. Because when we die we do not get anything. Nothing real. No matter what your requirement, if you're a millionaire, powerful, poor or beggar 's body as it dies and rots . So what you have now is a dream. Some people have good dreams and others have nightmares, but nothing is real . If anyone can understand this, that person will never die. Your soul will be free and be born in this or another planet. Everything depends on us . If we can free me from this body , then you're never going to get sick. Everyone has to understand. If all are one and you take care of the other, never get sick . While the ego is bigger there is more selfishness and life is harder , has more troubles , more disease, shorter lifespan, you have bad luck .... So if you do not want diseases and know the three ways to maintain health and not get sick.

Thank you.

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Hello . Today I will talk about suicide.

Every day there are many people who are suicidal. People who commit suicide think that once everything is fixed dead . You were wrong , they are wrong .

According makes clear the writings of Buddha , any person who commits suicide why,

if this person had to live 80 years and commits suicide at age 30 , live 50 years longer . The same has been executed. According to the scriptures of the Buddha that person every seven days becomes his soul to commit suicide . much pain ? How much anguish! All this fraud it has to happen every 7 days. If a person commits suicide by taking a toxic liquid , every seven days will have to take again the toxic liquid . If that person is hung with a rope , every seven days will have to hang himself from a rope .... this for the rest of his life. Imagine , if a person jumps from a great height , you will need to jump from the top every 7 days. Before dying , imagine the pain that happens! After you kill the soul goes hell and punishes between 100 and 500 years there. After an animal is born for many years. All these people do not know and asks : Is there reincarnation? Sure. Why? Ask any teacher of hypnosis , see any book , Hypnosis has nothing to do with Buddhism , but explains that we all have a past, present and future in life. That life does not end in this life , so suicide complicates life. It does not solve anything. Any serious problem you have, it's like midnight, everything is dark, but night after what happened? slowly the sun rises, ittle by little things are improving . So if you have problems as you can hold on because little by little will the sun and everything will be solved. When a person is lucky , there has to be happy because after the midday sun is the evening and night , darkness.

Everyone in life has bad moments, but it should not be sad because soon the sun will come out . When does the full sun , should not be happy because soon will come the dark. That's life . Therefore, any problems you may have , do not attempt suicide. When someone commits suicide, what to expect in the hereafter is a infinite time of anguish, of punishment and suffering. Not worth it. If the suicide was solved everything, then everybody would commit suicide and everyone would be happy and we would like angels and saints after. NO! If you suicide or kill someone , you'll get your punishment.

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Hello . The porn sites , magazines , television , movies, porn, should not see them children . To us the most also did not suit us . The more you look at such images , more desire have to sex. The head is full of fantasies porn , try to have sex as and ejaculate many times as is . To have good health first you have to avoid seeing these images, especially children. The father and mother must take care that your child does not see these images in magazines , television , videos ... . women scantily clad to excite and provoke sexually . Should prevent their children from watching everything that is related to sex. These images are negative for our thinking and especially the children. If we have a head full of porn , sex is not good for our physical or psychic . Nowadays more and more pictures of this type, movies sex and porn . If you want to live well try to prevent this. a lot of sex , will not have enough with his wife and try to find other women a partner and then have family problems and diseases sexually transmitted , AIDS ... why should not have about pornographic images sex or to avoid problems your health , your family , your children . This is very, very important. So I want to stay away as possible from all these images about sex porn.

According to the law of the gods , girls with little clothing or without it will causing people not end well . At your age you're going to go very badly and when they die will be the punishment of the gods for causing people and do as much harm to society . There is no forgiveness. So I advise all the pretty girls and sexy not be causing to people do not have bad thoughts. They can live peacefully and happily with his family. Please do not tease people , do not you take advantage of your sexy body to harm others. This is going to cause problems for yourself and the people. I ask please. Thanks .

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Hello . Today I will discuss cells good and bad that are part of us.

All cells have thought. Every cell good or bad wants to live . Any cell of cancer or other diseases, we produce with bad thoughts or what we eat , this is the result. To combat the malignant cells having our body , all you have to do is :

1 - Take care of what we eat. Eat any meat or seafood poses a risk to our health. Nobody knows the virus carrying the meat we eat , pork, poultry , beef ... all these meat are cells bad unknown. To prevent infection, try not to eat meat.

2 - Negative thinking . is nervous , sad or have any emotions strong negative , it affects your blood circulation . What we eat and what we think can cause obstruction in the small veins no , leaving blood flowing. Blood pools at this point and days, months or years later, it forms a lump that gradually transforms from positive cell to cell negative into cancer or other disease . The cause of all this are the toxins that takes the meat we eat and negative thinking . If there is no health , there is nothing and for good health we must forgo the pleasure of eating according to what kind of food. Try removing your thinking " kill, kill and kill. "

We all have negative cells in our body. A part of you is negative cells . Depends on the amount of these negative cells that we have in our body. If there is too much , can affect your health.

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Our body has positive cells and negative cells . Try to live with both. Do not think kill negative cells because if you think of this negative cells attempt to defend and each day attack closer to your body. about killing negative cells , they also play defense . You have to fight them with positive thinking is not trying to think of "killing "because they are a part of you . Before they were negative cells were positive and through our negative thoughts and what we eat, have been infected and have become cancer cells. So you have to practice yoga, relax and have good thoughts .

malignant cells the provoke us, are transformed from positive to negative for two main reasons:

The first cause is , as I have said, by nerves , stress and negative emotions.

The second cause is the food we eat . If we eat any meat animal can affect our health, so try to avoid it , for your health. If there is no health there is nothing.

If you want health, long life and happy family you have to do something for yourself. To be positive thinking, trying to help others with words, deeds , money ... . so you get positive energy to combat negative cells . Do not think of to kill positive cells , try to change from negative to positive, because before were also cells positive. With positive thinking can change cells negative to positive .

Doctors can help fight diseases like cancer by 30 % the remaining 70 % depends on you. Physicians you just can remove a part of the cancer , but cancer still inside your body . Can not remove all the cancer. Humans only think of killing, all acts, what we do, what we think, always be positive.

Matar, no matter who , to your own child , aborting , animals ... those who can not defend themselves , it creates negative energy into consciousness and this affects health. Any person who supports or intends to kill and kill and kill, his conscience eventually will come back around , punish him , they themselves will be punished .

Remember it : if you want good health, long life and good future , do not kill or to cells or animals , or any living being, or anything that moves. Live and let live .

Matar produces violence , so if you want to cure any type of cancer you have positive thinking and with this positive thinking acts to help people and so they have positive energy. Not enough to have positive thoughts, you must act, must go through this thought helping people as much as you can, with money , with acts , with words ... .. and acquire positive energy and change of cancer cells in positive cells because the doctor only can help a little.

Remember well , everything has its consequences. If you want to live well you have to do something for you , helping others . There is no other solution.

Thanks .


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Hello . So that the environment does not affect us , we must learn to move our environment: we move the environment. From this it is to live in harmony. Do not let it affect any situation. We must move our environment with love , thanking everyone and get a life with love. This is what Buddha said . If you thank everyone can have a healthy life and love.

This is what Buddha said . You have to thank all people with love so you can live very well . Regardless of your situation , you have to live in harmony , giving thanks to all people and all things.

If there are people who hurt you , who insults you ... you should not get angry , you have to accept whatever comes . As Buddha . Accept whatever comes , do not hold grudges and give thanks. People ask : why do we have to thank someone who wants to hurt us ?

Well, it's like passing an exam. So thank you to the heart , thinking , that person hurts you . You should not get angry or hold grudges . If you do this , you're wrong , you're wrong a lot.

We must learn as Buddha : If any situation, we accept it with all my heart, live with good health, long life with many friends, with good future ....

The scriptures of the Buddha said : "Every day is good day, every hour is a good time , everyone 's nice, everything is good thing , any thing is good thing ... . "If you can be like , going to live very well . Learn the benefits of Buddhism. Anyone who wants to provoke you , never mind or protest, that's like sticking to the vacuum. If someone wants to hurt and you get up and start to fight, never end. If someone says something you do not like , never mind . While not pay any attention, he can not do anything. She wants to provoke . If you do not stop cause you never going to have fight. This person has to give you grief because they do not know and so he tries to hurt you. But the damage he does to himself. There is nothing good for him.

We have to learn that nothing will affect our thinking, or our mind. So we can live well.

Do well in their daily lives , in their daily lives .

This is the mindset to live happily in good health , good looking and long life.

Thank you.


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Hello . Desires.

If you want to be free to leave any wish . All desires of this world are for a few years. If you can let the desires of this world like Jesus did you become a god.

Buddha left all desire as human, all his wealth, his power. If you leave the desires of your flesh and blood body of this world, then we can be like Jesus Christ, we become like Buddha, a soul completely free.

The scriptures of the Buddha, speaking there is a paradise beyond this world. Life, not like here we have all kinds of natural disasters , pollution , infection, illness , negative people ... . there is much evil in this world and has very little good .

The sky, in the afterlife , heaven has 28 floors . This land is as low , there are 28 levels above grade . Any planet in another solar system ahead of us is a life expectancy of 1,000 to 1,000,000 years. These solar systems , there is so much trouble to live, eat, work ... . They work differently. Any person or living being can live at least 1,000 years.

After these 28 levels , you get to the category of Buddha or Jesus Christ. To reach the afterlife , you want to stop everything you see and everything you touch. If you like anything in this world, you engage with this desire and you can not go anywhere else, as much you like it here, come back here .

If you want a better future for you, you stop wanting the things of this world and try to do everything within your reach for others. To you and you do not want more of this land with this way of life so negative, why should you do for others. So if we are really selfish , do as Jesus or Buddha, we dedicate our lives to others and not ourselves.

But you must understand that everything you see and everything you touch is pure fantasy.

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What we live now is like a dream. Good dreams, bad dreams depends on us, everyone. If it is a bad dream is like a film negative, fear and when the movie again just to be yourself. What you see is not real. Our life is like a movie when you put the film all the images appear on the screen . Our soul is like a screen, when once the movie ends , what remains on the screen? nothing, zero . The image is not displayed. Then start another movie , another new story, and again and again , a million times, is like moving in a circle and not leave because we do not understand. This can not be, all lives suffering for nothing. I have already understood , so I advise you open the eyes of your soul and see that everything we see and everything we touch is pure fantasy. It's for your own benefit, to be a free soul .

Once released from the soul , the "lord of death " can not do anything with you. If you do not want to stop , there is nothing good for us, we are born, we have disease , poor living , we die .... it all depends on others. That's why I indicated a path, trying to learn, I leave this flesh and blood the end of the last few years this body and become worms. Everyone becomes worms , no matter if you're handsome, rich , powerful , millionaire, pauper or poor , no matter when it comes to the "lord of death " have everything ended, everything you love is over, your children, your wife, your family, your wealth ... . The game is up.

And you start from 0. If one day as I advise , I can leave this fantasy , you will be truly free , you can travel the universe , being born on any planet , reborn on this earth to live a few years .... and will leave the circle of birth - death .

Like it or not you like to die at some point that the " Lord of Death comes for you . " It takes you by force or with your will ( just want to die by choice )

So I advise you to open your eyes, everything you see on screen is not real, is an image that projects the screen. Nothing real. Follow my advice and look through the eyes of soul and you can break free of this world and to travel freely to infinity , you will not be born or to die because the soul never dies. The soul enters the body and uses it to learn and to do good . But most people only do for yourself without thinking about others , but does poorly.

Because when you die, God will ask: What have you done during your stay on earth? Your only going to be able to answer: I've only done for me, for me and for me. That is what makes the majority. If you like Jesus or Buddha who dedicated his life to others, then come out of the circle of birth and death.

If you want to be free and stop the suffering , the only way is to understand that what we see is pure fantasy. Do not make more mistakes. From now on , just the ego of the soul of your consciousness, and be free for infinite time.

Paradise is a wonder , all that you think of a second becomes reality. If you want a giant house , suddenly comes a giant house and in your dreams. If you want a house covered with precious stones, with diamonds ... everything you want becomes reality. positive thinking logically , because there exists no negative thinking. Anyone who reaches this level, you have positive thinking. It is common to all.

Negative thinking , going to the territory of hell. Hell welcomes people with negative thinking, selfish only make for themselves without thinking of others. If you want to be free , really go to paradise , all you do is have positive thoughts , full of kindness toward others. For others and we are one. I put an example: we are like a cell within a body and that body has millions of cells. We are a cell of these millions of cells that form the body. We are drops of a universe. We are one not two of us. We are one with the universe . We are one with others . We all formed a living . We and nature are one, not two of us. If you are able to understand this, we are all one , you can do for others with all your heart for others and we are one.

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Hello . Yo.

What am I ? people are totally wrong. Everyone I speak of this body. This lasts me a few years. This self is not me. The body is mine , I use it but not me.

Self is the soul, I is consciousness, this is the real me . People get confused and fighting all his life for this self of the body hurts others, is selfish, passes over the people, do what it takes to make a profit at the expense of others. Happiness , wealth is built at the expense of others' pain . This is what people call me. All this brings its consequences : the thoughts and acts are subject to this body will not be free. Nobody knows how many years we live , death comes without warning. The cemetery is full of young bodies of children who have died for various reasons . Anyone can die at any moment like a footballer , so strong , have athlete ... suddenly has a heart attack and died instantly. Everyone knows that I do not have anything for sure. So I advise you not to do anything that i the body because that i is not you . The body will use, we do not know how long, whether you are a millionaire or poor. handsome or ugly ... money does not buy the life or health.

If you want long life with health and happiness, I must decrease this body and increase the self of the soul. If you have a 1% to 99% body and soul , you are a god , you will have a bright future ...

People think very clever and very smart when you think you can take advantage of others , but they are wrong . You can fool others but you can not fool your own conscience because your conscience punishes you , you can not sleep, you get nervous , look back to check that nobody is chasing you to take revenge .... Just can not live many years and can not have good future.

There are many women who take advantage of your body to do harm to men, to take advantage . But they are wrong because anyone who takes advantage of another , will have his punishment.

Any man that takes advantage of a woman who "play "with it, the fool ... has a very , very negative. In a few years would suffer from their bad behavior and start your life all go wrong .

Never try to take advantage of people because they take advantage of people is how to exploit yourself , because if you hurt people you do it yourself. He never goes well. We are all one are not two or three or ... This is the problem, people get confused thinking that this yo yo body is the truth. Not so . Remember well. A body goes into the universe as a drop in an ocean, a drop is nothing, what counts is the set formed by all those drops . The set is = 1.

Not everyone is an independent , NO . Make no mistake , we are all one , we are two .

Self and nature are not two we are one . If we pollute and damage to nature , forests burn , if we pollute the water, throw nuclear waste into the sea ... we hurt ourselves also . The sea and we are one , if we eat the fish of the sea that we have polluted , sick and in the end we do not take anything positive. It's like throwing a stone in your own roof. We we harm ourselves. Everything you do yourself again .

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THE "I". PART 2 .

Everything we do against nature back to us , typhoons , earthquakes , pollution , all these endless disasters make us suffer and we spread diseases.

All of us are aware , we all thought that our self is one , the other 2 animals 3 , 4 nature , the sky 5 ... so, without pity everyone takes , do whatever it takes to take advantage of the earth and after the strip take advantage of it like a cigarette when it is finished . After smoking it thrown away when no longer needed it throws away ... when one day you understand that all together we are one, we live well. You have to understand that there is no self, only the self exists as a whole. Tenemos que cuidarnos los unos a los otros, si nos hacemos daño al final todos vamos a vivir un infierno en esta tierra. Not to live a hell on earth , we make ourselves aware that all animals, people , nature , me, we are one. In order to save the earth and your life full of health to be happy and good future. all you have to do is understand that everything you see and what you play is one. If we understand this , you will be a god on earth and the universe forever.

Just leave me and this will be a free soul. You'll be a god like Buddha or Jesus Christ , in the same category.

Please think about it, Meditate , becomes the true self , do not stay with me fantasy , selfish , self negative. I advise you to open the eyes of your heart , your mind. Please open the eyes , see how everything ends in a black hole, brother die we're just a bunch of spoiled meat with lots of worms. All your riches, where are they?

All your properties where are they?

Your whole family where is it?

We are out of stock. Everything is 0, 0 and 0. So why are we fighting if at the end when we die we do not get anything? Why are we doing harm to others , to nature? Why? What benefit we get ?

Look around , when we are born we do not bring nothing when we die we do not get anything. Try to take your property, your family ... impossible. Come alone and go alone. A child who wants so much to his mother, when it dies, does not want or can die with it. When we die no one can follow .

Hell in the afterlife is very, very difficult , try not to enter this site because once you go When you come from? in 1,000 or 1 million years?

Log in hell is very easy, all you have to be selfish, just live for this false self in your body, that I fancy . Only with this as you enter the hell. Guaranteed .

In my website you will find a video you can hear the voices of hell. Listen well. When you enter the hell all is suffering, you cut up , they kill you slowly and as the soul never dies, is revived this suffering for 1,000 years or 1,000,000 . Think about it for a few years that you hurt people or nature, you have to pay to the suffering of hell 1,000,000 years. Is it worth ? NO. Do not leave the number, not worth it.

Thank you.


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Hello . Love What is Love ?

True Love is pure Love positive. It is not love negative. What is Love positive? Is offering , do not ask , do not require , that is Love

Give your soul your mind to another without condition. No demands of any kind. That is pure love . If a Love puts conditions or any requirement is love is love pure is possession.

As a mother loves her child, that love without condition is a pure love . Day and night caring for the baby . At night will watch but is tired and does not ask anything or demand anything , that's Love

People make mistakes with Love For example in Spain to date September 23, 2010 have killed 50 women. Always gets the same sentence : "If not for me , will not be for anybody, " This is what it always says the man . The man makes a big mistake. The woman is not property or slave of anyone. The man has no right to play with it: if you want to pick it up, if you left . No. Men and women have the same soul.

like an electric current . If the light is red , the light goes red . If the lamp is white, the light is also white .

This means that if in this life is born a man in his past life has certainly born a woman or animal. Born male or female, no difference there is none higher. The soul is the same. Have the same soul. If the soul is the same for all no one is above anyone. Not a king is superior to a beggar. If born a prince , is that in the past life was the right thing and now in this life enjoys those merits. If born beggar is that in the past life you did wrong and why in this life can not enjoy.

Conclusion : When two people argue , who is right? both are to blame because everyone wants to get away with it . Everyone wants to have their reason. When two people really love are one. If people look after their interests , they will have a conflict of interest.




Everyone says that home love no mistake . The love of possession , selfish, not love. If you say " you "are mine , then you me have owned and I've owned. Love is not going well . In this case will always have problems , conflicts in two parts. What you should do is to unite two souls in one. If both are the same person, you're not going to argue with yourself. Impossible.

If you put something in his hand and shake your hand , not sound . If you put two if they sound .

So when can speed a tree with all your love , you have to take care of both. Because if one cares and the other was abusive , the tree does not grow. If you say it's just me, the thing is deflected to negative. So remember well , love can not enforce. If you demand that love is not, of possession , there is nothing to do with true love .

Such as Jesus Christ to die for the people out of pure love to others. Knowing who come looking to kill, sure runs , nobody is that stupid! But Jesus does not out running love to others. Puro Amor positive.

What is positive? is Love not unlike the I-you -it. No love in the family the family is broken , if there is love in society society hurts , if there is no love between countries then comes the war. If the planet is not no love in the universe, can pollute the universe and in the future may lead to wars between planets. Everything needs love. If there is love we have disasters natural , families , personal disasters . Everything goes wrong will be negative.

As you give love to everyone you meet , everyone you returns love Guaranteed ! If a person gives love to everyone , spread the love to all and everyone will back love is like being in front of a mirror. You smile, the mirror smiles guaranteed! The mirror is like the other person. So if you want happiness , luck , long life ... . all you do is hand out Love If you give Love the other you returns love If you give hate the other you back hate. Sure!

does not stop hitting and crushing the other, the other will not give back a smile. that other love you , first love you another. Know or do not know.

So you can have a place happy , a happy society, a happy state, a brave new world ...

Do not think everyone on his own. A Love is pure when in that love there is " me. " If there me exist a conflict of interests . Thank you very much .


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If you give love to everybody , you 're everywhere and everyone loves you. All you want. Just as we love Jesus and Mary. A Buddha. They give their life and love people. And we always remember them.

Are holy , give your love to all people, not hate. Although Jesus was killed was innocent , he still loves . You do not have hate or want revenge. Nothing . So man and woman must forget the self to unite two into one and live very happy. Remember well .

Woman is not property of man or man is woman's property . The two are one. Both are masters. If you think so you're going to live very happy. Any discussion we have is because of selfishness , guilt of "I" : I want, I think ...

When you love with your heart, not thinking about the self. If " I "I love you , you'll have problems, because you should not differentiate between me -you -it. So it is not "me "lover . Attempts to unite two souls in one. If there is only one, do not require anything to each other . No discussion . Like a tree. A single tree does not have conflicts. trees and there are differences : one grows taller , another grows lower, a leaving more flowers , in one go fewer flowers ... I start to have differences. Why you should join the two into one. Before thinking about you think about the other. Your partner , your family , your friends , society , state . Always think first of them. If you think of them first, and you will not have conflict. Acuérdale well. If you think "I" want this, " I "think this, I would like this .... If the other does not do what I say, you get angry it is because of me.

If you want to live happily please take my advice : Before you do anything think about your partner first . Do not think first you . If think first you , you selfish , negative . So it will never work . Everyone has a dream: to live happily ever after with your partner , your family, society, state, country ... To this must not think of " I " because it begins the negative, problems the other . Remember well all the sources of the problems is in the " self. " Nothing else .

Trust me, all always thinking of the other party first. Not you, because the bigger you the "I ", your life will be more negative and have more problems. If you want to live well and happy, have long life with love and health have to do the "I "is getting smaller until it disappears.

If you do this you can get all the best for your life and all your positive desires will be fulfilled. Everything negative in the long run you will pay dearly with interest. People are wrong thinking : "It looks like crushing and deceiving people bag benefits. " By doing this , all roads are cut and then you will be much poorer than before. This is bad : this is the "I "selfish . If you keep going you are staying alone. And in front of a mirror if you put negative side , inside the mirror face also will negative. There is going to be positive. So if you want a good life , well with your partner or with your family or with your neighbors , along with society ... helps everyone. Because we are one . Thank you very much .


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When a person has cancer is very difficult to cure.


Because when you chemotherapy, chemical kills healthy cells and cancer cells . That does not heal.

If operated to remove the affected by cancer,

Not removed all the cancer is inside. Because of this cancer is difficult to cure.

How do you cure?

Sure, if I listen and follow my instructions , can be cured.

There are two ways that cause cancer:

1 .- Thought

2 .- The food.

1 .- thought.

The thoughts and actions are very important in order to cure cancer ..

Life is full of nerves, pressure at work , anger , sadness ... .

All kinds of negative emotions that disrupt the flow of blood.

If the blood does not circulate well , can not reach all parts of the body

And it builds up to a point because it can not circulate well , at that point , slowly rots

Producing a tumor and lead to cancer .

This is one reason why the same body produces cancer.

Many people go to bed very late . The body has to rest as appropriate.

If you want to be healthy , at night you must go to bed early

and in the morning to be up early

2 .- The food.

85% of people who have cancer is because of the food and what we eat.

The first symptom is that the body becomes acidic.

This depends on the food. These people eat many eggs , cheese, white sugar

And all kinds of sweets. The intake of these foods may cause cancer.

Foods that cause the body to become sour also , ham , chicken,

Cow , horse, pig ... that is all meat , and fish. The bread and butter fat as

They also produce sour in the body.

Any food that enters the body first feeds the cancer cells. The richer coma, have more cancer .


Cancer is also called the disease of the rich. For the rich eat many foods high in vitamins and very " rich. "

The more you eat that kind of food , cancer is more alive in your body. Eating more "poor" will be poorer cancer .

There is a medical study on the Buddhist monks who live in the mountains. According to this study , almost none has cancer.


First for its quiet life , have no nerves whatsoever.

Second, and according to doctors, for their food.

What do they eat ?

They eat cereals , apples , banana , lemon, grape , tea ... all this food is healthy food and poor.

What is poor?

That there is rich in vitamins .

While food takes more vitamins, are happier cancer cells . Every day it gets stronger it plays faster and people are dying sooner.

If you want to cure cancer , it is mandatory to all meat , cheese , eggs , sweets , bread. Butter.

You should not take any of these foods. You must live a quiet life, without nerves , without sadness , without pressure . Trying to live in peace.

For the movement is OK, or should not angry or nervous.

If there is poor circulation will affect your health.

If you do not stop eating meat, cheese , sugar ... never going to cure cancer. God is not going to be able to help. The only one who can help you is yourself.

Neither doctors are able to help. If you fail to give the kind of food you like to cancer cells , how will you heal ? . Impossible.

There was a person who had cancer and the doctor says you can not do anything , it's too late.

He went to consult another doctor who said, healing is very easy. I tell you the things you can or can not eat and you are healed . vegetarian , you should not eat : meat , fish , eggs, cheese, sugar , cakes have to eliminate them completely from your diet. Only you have to eat as a vegetarian : cereals , fruit , vegetables , tea and drink some wine without getting drunk.

These vegetarian foods, such as poor, cancer cells can not live. As not feed cancer cells , these cells gradually die and the cancer goes away . If no food is not possible to live .

Remember well : If you give food to the cancer cells . Cancer can not live. What we have to keep in mind is that chemotherapy kills both the good cells as well as bad. Everything is within our body. The chemical kills the good cells first and then the bad.


Any person prior to having cancer , have symptoms that something is wrong with your body ..

Symptoms include skin does not shine, gets tired very quickly , such as climbing stairs get very tired, when you feel you fall asleep , his feet smell. All these symptoms mean that we do not eat well and that the body is warning us that something is wrong. Weak health and defense means that you change your diet. When you have these symptoms should quickly change to a vegetarian diet . If you do not change . , at any time can have problems with cancer.

All kinds of bad fat comes from meat. The fat that circulates in the blood comes from the flesh. Our blood gets thicker and thicker as the blood , the more difficult it is to travel . If you have more difficulty in movement produces a series of negative consequences for our body , if it goes through the heart, producing blocks in the heart attack , if it passes through the brain, can cause cerebral palsy and consequently half of the body is invalid , the blood does not reach well to the joints. Foot to be further from the heart are the first to suffer the consequences, then rises gradually to the legs causing pain and difficulty walking. The same goes for the arms, which were left without power.

All this is caused by poor blood circulation. If the blood does not circulate well , and God save you . For good blood flow you need a good quality of blood. If blood is thick and oily , does not circulate well . No one can help. Neither God . The only thing I can help is to being a vegetarian. If you want to live well with good health and long life ( because health is the most important of life rather than wealth , family and everything else ) must care for the health care their food and have good thoughts .

You must perform good deeds for others. Be positive, helping people to have that positive energy and be merry . Like me when I help people I am super, super, super well. I do not know why. I'm super super happy and positive. To achieve this should help people

And do positive acts by others. Always positive thinking, to use good words , speak no evil to anyone. Always think everyone is good. To have long life, good looking, good family , love ... all this to gain positive energy. There is no other way. Giving money to people in need , This is food for our soul. If there is this type of food we are going to live very poor in this world , sadly, not going to leave things well. The more selfish , more expensive to pay. For this not to happen, I wish you all cambiéis of lifestyle, the way you eat . Change by helping others . If you help others you help yourself.

That's what you have to understand . If you want to be good and have good life , you have to do right by people.


Hello . December 21 , 2012.

On this date the earth enters a belt of glowing energy . Our planet is in the third level of space and December 21, 2012 will enter the fourth level of space. The universe has more than 6,000 millions of planets . Our solar system takes a tour of the solar system center of universe 240,000 years . that in the universe are black holes and energy belts . Each turn around the earth enters the belt of glowing energy . About every 100,000 the land enters into that belt of glowing energy .

On December 21, 2012 , the land enter into this belt. The universe has at least 10,000 million solar systems. We are in one of these solar systems.

In our solar system is where people are more selfish, makes things worse , spoil the nature ... . That selfishness our life only lasts 100 years. So science does not advance. Any intelligent person, before inventing something and it dies of old age. In other solar systems live at least 10 times more than us, live at least 1,000 years . So sometimes come flying saucers visiting our land. These people are very peaceful living so many years. With its powerful technology may have invaded the land. Us and we would be slaves of these planets. So these people are peaceful , they are smarter and more human than us. They are not like us who are so negative that thinking with others and with nature. That we are paying the price.

On December 21, 2012 will go into total darkness. When we go into this darkness , the first day will see a little bit the star , the second day there will be no stars , we will be in total darkness 24 hours a day. This darkness will last 3 or 4 days. The temperature will drop to 0 degrees because they do not receive energy from the sun as it will be blocked by the energy belt .

No heat from the sun reach the earth. All electronic devices , TV , cars , anything that has anything to do with electricity, will stop working. Cars , planes , will not work , tap water will not ... everything will be locked for 3 or 4 days.


After this, start the sun . Everything will be affected by the glowing energy belt . The earth's gravity will change completely. Your body will feel lighter , more transparent and no longer dependent on oil.

Everything will change and the rest of the planets in solar systems that exist in the universe. In these systems no longer use solar oil, everyone uses energy as bright belt energy .

That is pure energy. Let's change for the better. we better future. When we enter the energy belt , will change the gravity and air pressure will be stronger. When this occurs, can affect the nuclear bombs may explode . Therefore, to prevent it from happening we must disable all nuclear weapons to prevent this from happening .

According to the seer , this day , all friends from other solar systems come with their ships and wait in the space of the earth to help . Lest we self-destruct . Some time ago we are entering in this belt of energy, in that empty space , so in recent years, every day we have more natural disasters on our planet. These natural disasters such as earthquakes , floods , climate change ( very hot and it seems that the weather has gone mad ) result that we are gradually losing gravity. gradually affects the earth. The earth is moving into the vacuum of power that shiny belt at the date of December 21, 2012 we hit enter , and brilliant energy that belt and let's change to good. We travel between the stars with the help of our friends in other solar systems. The oil will be replaced with new energy . We will be in bright energy belt 2,000 years. Then the earth will be like now.

Our thoughts will be more positive , the inhabitants of the earth will be vegetarian . Now we are carnivores. Every day we do not stop killing and eating animals. Soon we enter the fourth level and at this level will be more peaceful , as our friends in other solar systems. They are vegetarians.

All this good future awaits us in a very short time. Just over two years. That is why we have to prepare . We must learn to be more positive for our planet can enter either on the fourth level .

That's what I want , that we respect ourselves, others, to respect nature . Do not make more nuclear bombs, we should destroy all the nuclear bombs we can. If we destroy the nuclear bombs in the future the earth will not be nuclear . We must get rid of nuclear bombs to prevent and kill each other not to exploit because of nuclear bombs .


We must live and let live, we must leave this thought. Not like now we kill thousands of animals for food. The meat has fat, and this affects the blood. After you have circulation problems. Animals also have illnesses and when we eat their flesh we pass them . That's why more and more diseases are not known . All we can do to live healthy and long life is to stop eating meat.

You know , we shortly going to undergo major changes , but not as many people say it will be the end of the world. Not the end of the world . They are wrong. Just enter a new era. If we're lucky , we can meet our friends from beyond. We will meet friends from all over because they come to help us .

This is what will happen according to ancient scriptures. I hope that from now on we respect nature, because nature and we are one . There are two. We and others are one. We and the animals and all living things are one, whether plant, animal, human .... let live . Do not try to kill, live and let live . All the negative brings negative and pay dearly .
I wish you could ye understand. Do good for yourself. For your sake not for others.

Not the end of the world . Many people say silly things , says it's the end of the world . The climate is changing because of glowing energy belt , we are adapting to this new energy, but not the end of the world.

Expects you to assist her attention to me and others. So this planet is a paradise to live longer and less disease. That is what we need to do now. In a short time. I hope this year or so we learn and we take good note. Not like now always thinking destroy, destroy and destroy ... Please think we are all one.

If we mess up nature , we ourselves are going to pay dearly . And do not drink much oil use , we must use clean energy like solar energy . Few problems with oil, and America. We should not get more oil. Every time we have more disasters. Do not be so selfish , only thinking of ourselves. That is going to take its toll.

I hope you entendáis . Is the only way to do good . Be positive , do for you doing good to others, to nature. This is all important. I hope my advice and listen actuéis as God intended. Thank you very much .

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Sex. According to the deed of the Buddha , it is forbidden to have sex outside the couple . The basis of societies around the world is family. If the couple lives happily , the family is happy, the children are happy , and everyone lives physically and mentally healthy . In a family first and foremost is the couple. If you live happy, happy society , the country is happy the world is happy.

It's like a house, the base must be very solid . If this base is not solid either will be fine . The base is the man & woman marriage . If it is sex outside the couple there are consequences : In the world there are 3,400,000 deaths from AIDS per year and 2,454,314 people are infected each year. Any man if he makes sex outside the couple can get AIDS . Especially the youth . Young boys have sex with many girls and girls with lots of kids . You can spend all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases .

So do not make sex outside the couple . If a woman sex with three different men in 24 hours , the semen of these three men together in the woman's body and becomes toxic. This toxic begins to rot and then to cancer . It can also cause other diseases in the cervix . This is like a punishment from God. God punishes misconduct linfómana women .

Remember well : you can not nor should you have sex with three different men in 24 hours. This is very important.


Every man or woman who does sex outside marriage is punishable by the law of the gods. No kidding . This can be verified . There are many testimonies to justify that this is not a " bullshit . " So careful with sex.

A 20 year old man can ejaculate every eight days. A 30 year old male can ejaculate every fortnight. A 40 year old man can ejaculate every 20 days. A man in his fifties can ejaculate once a month. A 60 year old man not to ejaculate.

If you get sex without ejaculation , there is so much trouble . Have sex every day multiple times can produce a series of problems : first with your kidneys and your liver and then affect your overall health. You will not feel good , you will not have strength , you can not walk, lose your memory , you're sad, you will become antisocial , lose your mind and you will become stupid. This is what leads to a lot of sex every day. The legs lose strength , lose weight and toes begin to rot . You can get to the amputation of the toes and even legs. All this because you practice too sexo.Si nonstop sex , the body can not stand . You can also lose your hair . This can occur in both men and women. Women age faster , if you are 30 years appear to be 60 . The face will turn dark , you teeth fall out , lose vision, will be sad ... .. All this for doing too much sex. Thank you very much .

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Women. There are many women who have the bad habit of having sex every day many times, and men too. This can cause kidney problems , both men and women. If the man ejaculates several times a day will have health problems. When you have kidney problems , first you will notice that your hair falls out gradually and you feel increasingly weaker, the face is yellow , pale.

Abortion may affect future to bear children. If you have an abortion , you will have 25% less likely to get pregnant . If abortions twice, you will have 50 % less likely to bear children. If abortions three times as likely to have children decreased by 75 %. Besides having significant psychological problems . If abortions 4 times the chance of having children decreases by almost 100 %. When you have an abortion, then you have several problems: the first is that it will cost to get pregnant , the second problem when you are pregnant, possibly 2, 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 to 7 months, the child dies in the womb . Why? because the parent is affected by abortions. The matrix is cold , not warm and the fetus that is within you feel bad as if a house is very cold and it has plenty of water below . This is bad for the fetus. If one day want children not abortions , for your sake because we are flesh and bone. The body can not stand or psychologically you can not relax. You'll never be forgiven for not your conscience, or the gods. Although humans are to forgive , beyond the law is never going to forgive.

On the other hand, the woman, at the summer gets light clothing , braces , back open , showing the navel short blouses , short skirts to provoke men. That's not looking good . The is pretty elegant. NOT to wear light clothing. Teaching all you have to provoke men. Not good for you or for people. When the woman becomes strained and fully open to avoid heat, the problem is when it enters an air-conditioned store , the difference in heat and cold outside in the cold air can enter the back , navel , affecting to the lungs , kidneys, womb. When the matrix is cold , you may have problems in this part of the body. Also the cold air can enter between the legs to the array.

problems do not wear light clothing or causing to teach all around the world. It is not good for you or others .


The man at age 20 , should not and is not good for him to have sex ejaculating more than once a week. The 30 year old man have sex should not ejaculate more than once every two weeks. The 40 year old man have sex should not ejaculate more than once every 20 days. The 50 years should not have sex ejaculating more than once a month. The 60 year old man should live without sex. This is about health. Eat people like to have sex , fine, but having sex without ejaculating, and can maintain their health.

I give you an example : Once, an elementary school student comes home from a friend who teaches him a porn movie. From that day at home masturbating 4 times daily . This student was the best of the class and masturbate because you are both health problems: headaches, hair falls off , you get a color of green-white face . Increasingly thin , can not walk well, have kidney pain, blood does not circulate well , can not sleep well because many nightmares, become unsociable and all this comes because you masturbate too much being so young. If you make a lot of sex from so young will have health problems and can cause diabetes. Diabetes is affecting younger people. Thank you very much .

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Hello . Marriage is the foundation of a society, a country in the world. It is most important . a marriage if it does not get along the problems begin to be transmitted to society , state , country and the world. When a marriage does not get along , always discuss and fight, the children see and learn and then transmitted to society, does the same with your future partner. In the child's thinking all things are recorded and when it is more what it has learned from his parents. A married couple divorces , the children are left alone with the mother or the father. The family is not complete . Can not be very balanced, it is not in a happy family. Compared with other children who do have a happy family and this causes many problems.

Love comes and goes. When you love, they find another love and then comes divorce. The most appropriate, as the Buddhists say , is that a couple have mutual respect for living life happy. Because respect is more important than love . Because love is not reliable.

Whether or not love, if you can maintain mutual respect and take care of each other with a heart, this marriage will last a lifetime. The basis is mutual respect . After this respect comes love and that love is strong because it is based on mutual respect . So the marriage lasts a lifetime.

Now people get married with only one base : love. But love comes and goes.

In that case, when love is gone , the children will have problems . So many broken families, many children suffer the consequences. This can be traumatic for the child and cause problems in the child's future , the future of society and the world. Therefore you should have a happy family for a child who is physically and mentally happy. As many people when they get older, kill, commit crimes , murder, terrorist become ... . this is because that since the family does not teach or educate well. So in a family that has problems , the children when they grow can be a problem for society ... .. We have already seen, there are many terrorists because families do not teach well and the children have grown crooked. Culprits are the father and mother. So a couple who are not happy, it's not right , society does not also wrong . If society is not right, an entire country is not right. If an entire country is not right, this world is not right .

So the solution is from the beginning. We all have to do with the heart on the other, not requiring so much. Best known evil than an unknown good . Try to keep a family giving the two, for the good of marriage, and welfare of the children who are innocent . Children are not to blame . Try to live in mutual respect so as not to break the family. Try not to abort, because all you see the child learns fast , good and bad. It says nothing , but you learn fast. For all our sakes, please , everyone must be responsible to our children, educating them and teaching them well.

If family is not well taught, the children when they grow up will cause problems for everyone. So everything starts from a marriage. is happy, this society, this world will be a paradise.

Thank you very much .


NOTE : To continue while the text is necessary to see the video. > > view video.

We can see in the image as the woman screams . These are the voices of hell. This is what a Russian scientist in Siberia, at a depth of about 14.4 km below the earth, was recorded as an archaeological dig. This scientist during these excavations heard these voices. Anyone who is for abortion , that kill, kill , kill , this is the hell that awaits him.

Gonna cry like this woman . every day you're going to cut up and feel all the pain. This is what I expected . Not as the law does not punish humans . People eat well, works out ... . everything perfect. In hell there is no such bargain. In hell you're going to dismember and torture with the most pain. Every day they kill you with this pain, and resurrected the next day and again the same thing again and again ... . well over a million years at least. That's what I expected .

Anyone who stands for , will suffer. How old are you in this world? and then what . What happens next? Does the law of human will protect you after death? No. Impossible. Please trust me . No mate, do not encourage abortion. Trust me please , I beg . Then you will have these consequences. If you advise an abortion and people are ignored, the consequences will be severe. Many women because of abortion, mentally go crazy . Then feel guilty. Its parent every time an abortion, has 25% less likely to have babies.

Please do not abort.

Thank you very much .



Self Cure 1 PART

Hello . As Auto cure all diseases. I recently went to a family member to visit the doctor for problems in the spine . A doctor old enough. He said that if you have problems in the bone of the spine, you have to do is take pills , massages, swim, gym and go. You can not do more. The family does everything the doctor says , but still in pain. We then visited another doctor English , young and graduated from a few years ago and told us :

First I have to give a kind of theory that you may know how to cure. The method was different from the doctor who visited the first time. The doctor, modern , I was surprised because he said the only thing you can do to cure any disease is self healing . And how is this done?

First he explains :

When we have nerves in daily life , eat bad food cans prefabricated , full of preservatives and dyes , or get angry and we are sad , or not move and do not do gymnastics. Breathe polluted air , contaminated water ... . Any number of things that affect our health.

So, you should :

1 .- Take care of what you eat. Their food has to be more healthy . cans should not eat because it is bad for health

2 .- Do not have negative thoughts , we must change our thinking , because all sorts of negative thoughts affect health. When we feel negative emotions, like when we are sad , we adopt postures that gradually deform the body affecting the spine. We explained that the column pass a series of nerves and nerve communicates with the body.

These nerves connect directly to the brain.

We have millions of brain cells to communicate with the rest of the body . The brain cells through the shots to the body .

When we eat preservatives, or we are sad, or are negative , the environment is negative , the brain is affected , it blocks communication of the nerves with the rest of the body. Stops or does not receive the information through the body . the information is not good for the heart , the heart is not working .

Self Cure 2 PART

Each country has its life expectancy. People who have longer life expectancies are the Japanese because they take good care of your environment, your work is very demanding on food , tend to keep everything as natural as possible.

The lowest life expectancy in the world is in Africa. THE environment is bad, bad food , bad. So these people live a few years.

If you want to live many years in health , all you have to do is self healing . The doctor gave us a list of 20 or 30 things you should avoid , correct, change, you should not do , but did not teach us what we should do so that no negative information in our brain , such as nerves , sad ... She did not know . This teaches us the Buddhist theory .

The Buddhist theory teaches us how to get a quiet life. There is no other way to stabilize our way of living and thinking so negative. Only through the theory and practice Buddhism.

Why is it necessary to learn the Buddhist theory ?

Buddhist theory says that life has to live healthily. That is, we live a quiet life , no desire , no negative thoughts, we should not put any price to get things. So you can not live well. We strive in life is normal and logical, but we should not pay any price to achieve our goals or desires. If good things come to us either . But if things go as we wish , okay, what do we do? If you get good , okay. Had it not also true . Buddhist philosophy advocates the struggle for life , but we must not disappoint if you do not get our wishes.

Self Cure 3 PART .

You must not disappoint when you can not fulfill a purpose in life . We must fight with heart calm, with a pure heart , without hurting anyone , not take advantage of others. Try to help people. If you help people , people will return to double, triple or a hundred times. Instead of always thinking about me, me, me. This says Buddhism.

We fight for what is ours and what others . The two things at once . You should not always think 'my' , my family , my friends ... always for me. There is good future and good health if you just think for him. If you want good health and good life , take the Buddhist philosophy. Do not try to step on others to get their wishes. That's like bread today , hunger for tomorrow . The only way to live well is to thinking of love and understanding.

You have to forgive the sins of others, to have positive thinking and not get sick. If someone hurts you and always remember who your crush , who has harmed you , you who sticks a knife in the back , which bothers you ... . your brain is blocked and does not pass information to the nerves that distribute to the body . All life will have health problems . If you have health problems will not live long but has plenty of money. It will not live well. first thing In life is health. If you have health you have nothing. So I suggest you try to lead a life with a loving heart . Forgive others as you forgive yourself . Do not point your finger , try not to criticize anybody, because we ourselves are not perfect. Nobody is perfect. So do not point the blame of others. So you can live healthy and enjoy your life, your family. But you know, if you want something you must give something in return.

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Hello . Another of our problems is that we think many fantasies. Every second pass through our brains 12,000,000 thoughts. Before doing anything, we think, if we solve what we think, do nothing. If we have bad thoughts , we can correct them and then we fail to act. If the thought is not correct, selfishness , revenge or anything else, that thought can become evil deeds . So all we can do to prevent all sorts of evil is right this wrong thinking.

First you must know that every negative thought that passes through the brain produces 200 Hz, this is what causes stress , nerves , low voltage and has all sorts of health problems.

When you have good thoughts produce more than 1,000 Hz. This will improve the health , self esteem , good looking, be cheerful and happy. It all depends on thought.

If you have a future and live well , you always have to have good thoughts . For us and for others ... because we are one .

Nobody cares about his own evil, we all think about our good and as we are all one, all right. If you think this will have good future , good family , good friends ... . everything. If others think everyone will want to be with you because you're the best .

If the thought is right you'll never make mistakes. If negative thinking is always wrong and all you do is wrong. The body will pay dearly for your bad thoughts , your own health.


If not now within a few years , sooner or later pay for having negative thoughts. So if you want to get everything right in life, must have positive thoughts, thinking of others so you have everything right. If you hate all the others that hate you back . It's like a mirror, if you put a face in the mirror, the mirror also will put a face. Never expect that if the mirror put a face , the mirror you will smile . Impossible. So first we have good thoughts toward others. Do not expect others will smile first, we have to reach out first. If you can understand this , I guarantee you 'll have a fantastic life , good health and lots of friends. Everything depends on us .

Buddha said : "Everything can be changed by thought , if we think negatively all the atmosphere around us, present and future, is changed to negative. If you have positive thinking, present and future will be positive. Our wish will be fulfilled. "

Do not think that because someone else hurt you, you have to bring that bad for revenge. The only thing that will pay you. Your health, future evil and bad relationships.

Life is short , so if you want to live well, reach further and be a great angel , like Buddha or Jesus Christ , think positively. You'll be a big positive. If you live positively if so will positively die .

You must choose. If you want to live in the negative, you know where to go : to hell . If you do not want to go to hell, think positively and you will go to heaven. Some people say he does not believe in the afterlife , either . If you do not believe , at least think positive to live well in this life and all your wishes will be fulfilled . That is the most important. Thank you very much .

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Hello .

To be able to recover from such diseases , it is only effective Buddhist learning theory . All types of psychological conditions depend on thinking.

Buddhists learn to control our thinking . To control your mind first thing you have to do is learn to think for others. Not thinking about ourselves. The more you think " I " will have more problems .

Any desire if you have not been fulfilled produces a very big disappointment . How many more disappointments desires . Try not to be desired. In this world we live in a few years. The wishes are pure fantasy , nothing is real , there is nothing , nothing . That is pure fantasy. The "I " has a few years of life. While the body exists , the "I "exists, but when the body breaks down and dies this "I "disappears. What you see and what you play is like a TV screen . On the TV screen images spend a lot of good and bad but when I disconnected the TV what's left? nothing left, all images have disappeared. That is what Buddhists see a pure fantasy. Not left anything on the screen . . Nothing real.

In order to cure all kinds of diseases related to the psyche and improve the nerves , stress ... all have to do is think less of self. Think less of yourself , make a big heart to help others . You have to understand this.

In that case there will be no psychological problems.

The thinking is all that can be cured. With pills can control a long illness , but this does not mean you are cured. To cure must do for others and forget their interests. That's all you can do.

The Buddhist tries to learn and do everything else. Buddhists do not have these diseases , because we understand that life is pure fantasy , nothing is real. We think it's all fantasy. A dead man is a corpse and nothing more. It rots out worms ... no matter rich, poor or powerful . When we die the body breaks down within hours. And we get nothing beyond. If you can understand this , you will live much better and not have any stress or disease. Thank you very much .

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Hello . The recitation of a mantra can help. There are many testimonies which have been cured through the recitation of a mantra. As Buddha says , if reciting a mantra 24 hours a day, I guarantee that you can heal. Buddha never lie, always tell the truth. Anyone with the recitation of a mantra , Buddha or Jesus Christ as you like better and if you get to think only of the mantra as a single thought, sure you can heal any kind of mental or physical illness . The mantra solve all kinds of problems. Everything depends on you , with the only thought in the mantra and without another thought. This insurance only thought that can help you overcome any psychological or physical problem .

The mantra is very, very, very important.

If you think 24 hours in the mantra and the mantra fills your mind at all times at work, dreaming, wherever you are, I guarantee that the Buddha's name will solve all kinds of disease. Thank you very much .


Hello . Let all desire to have every desire. In life if you want to have everything , you have to leave all desires.

This does not seem very logical but it is. In life you must not disappoint by any desire that has not been met. When there is disappointment , by a desire you can do anything bad to others to do so. The consequences are very serious , it's like "bread for today, hunger for tomorrow. " Therefore, you should leave everything to relax and serious desire to act correctly. Many people to meet their desires for wealth makes any type of crime. Any day the law works and takes away everything and go to jail .

There are positive negative desires and wishes . Do not try to have desires for things of others. Just as Jesus Christ who left everything and everyone remembers him because he gave everything for others. Or as the Buddha , which ceased to be a prince , he left his power, all kinds of wealth , comfort ...

The more you seek this kind of wealth ... how many years can take this wealth ? " 20 or 30, 40 or 50 years? and then when we die , you gonna do with all this wealth, we do not get anything. If you only do for me, my , my ... . eventually you run out of anything. Above do much harm to people to get rich ... After your death you will suffer the consequences of the law of the gods and these consequences will last a million years , every day you will quartering , hitting ...

As in the video for " from hell "> > watch video that explains how a Russian scientist discovered at a depth of 14.4 km. underground, the voices of hell and records .

I tell you that hell exists, will not see any teacher of hypnosis that will certify that we have a past life. Are there past life, there is a heaven, hell , punishment ... all there . Not only did the Buddhist say , even Catholics and other religions.

Believe me all the evil it does is registered in the consciousness of our soul. Do not think that nobody sees or hears you .

And " I do what I want. " Yes , there is someone who sees it, is you and yourself , your conscience is not going to forgive. So many people hurt at night can not sleep, have nightmares, afraid of everything because his conscience is punishing . He is living in hell. That has to know .

Do not think nobody knows, nobody has seen, the problem is yourself. The problem is not that one will punish you , the problem is that you punish yourself . If you have a good future for you to leave every need , whether a desire passes a limit, humans are able to do anything.

The desire for revenge is negative. Any thought or act in any way can harm people , living beings, nature .... we are all one . Like now we have destroyed nature and many natural disasters , earthquakes , typhoons, etc . ... So you must know that we and nature are one. If you want to live well must respect nature as if it were me .

Thank you very much .


The universe , nature, all people and all living beings is one, not two . We are like a drop of water in the sea. water hits the rock and jump out of the sea is transformed into a drop , but when the sea turns back again at sea in one. So in order to live well, we care for each other . We are a billion souls of countless souls who come from the universe . If you can understand this, we can return to the universe. If you want wealth is very easy , first you have to have positive thinking. Think positively earn money .

There are many videos on youtube that say that just thinking about the 24 hours a day in money, money comes from. Not so. If so everyone would think of money to have a lot of money . Impossible. If just thinking about it consiguiéramos money in this world we would all be millionaires. But it is not correct. First you must think positive , think positive if the result is positive, negative if you think the result is negative. This is correct. Think positive money is right. But if you think about money like crazy and only think about being a millionaire, this is a fairy is not real. The Correction: to be a millionaire for real. First think a lot of money , but thinks that the goal of that money is to help others, not to our whims , like buying a car of many millions , a luxury home ... . So you're wrong.

Think a lot of money but you have to add that it is to help others. With this thinking you can win big. Not to spend on nonsense, on whims ... so you'll never have money. So many people are disappointed when they can earn money and do all sorts of crimes to get it. This is short , because we depend on the past life , if we do things right , earn merit and then you can have fun , enjoy. But if you commit crimes and hurt people , they merit the spend very fast.

A millionaire is a millionaire because his past life helped many people , so in this life is a millionaire . People do not know, that if a billionaire money is spent on nonsense and does not help people , the wealth we have in our past lives is spent super fast. So many millionaires before they reach old age lose everything goes awry . They are selfish do not know to spread their wealth with people in need. If you want your wealth lasts , distribute to the needy. If you want poverty into wealth , trust me , helping others to enrich your consciousness, your soul. All you have to do to be a millionaire is to have good thoughts and help others . Not only thinking about money and asking too much money. No, this is not.

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Hello . Yoga spiritual meditation .

Before yoga I recorded 8 videos dedicated to the body. Now how you have to do yoga spiritual.

End of yoga. The "I "and understand that there is . If you do not reach the level of understanding that " I "of the body does not exist , of course acts as a human body and flesh . When humans stop , stop acting like a human act automatically and with all your conscience and soul as did Jesus or Buddha. Jesus performed miracles on several occasions , for example walking on water , a piece of bread to feed the world ... . Do these miracles is very easy and simple: anyone can make any kind of miracle when all thought stops and human, while no longer "I" of this body and act like Jesus or Buddha. Any kind of miracle can be like a natural thing . Most followers of Buddha, when there comes a moment and understand, let this "I "stuck in this body. When he realizes , is released from the bondage of body and becomes a saint and every saint can make any kind of miracle. The saints are not asking for money or wealth, this would be very easy, through yoga you can go ahead and know that things will happen , you know the numbers on the betting , lottery ... all can easily know . What happens is that when a person a day comes into the category of saint, and do not want all that. But if you want to go into the future not the problem, while forget the present. This is you. If there is no "you "in this you can go forward and backward. You'll be free. But this you have to remove from the mind , from your consciousness. The end of yoga is to understand that the soul takes the body to transmit this theory. Any body is like a corpse, like a light bulb , if current bulb is not good for nothing , but when the current goes to the bulb is ignited . The bulb and body, soul and power supply. Only it is. If anyone understands this , you can travel between the stars but still alive.


This image is a master yoga teacher super called " Tamo " as soon as possible once it arrives in the territory of China , entered the Shaolin temple in a small town and does yoga for 6 years without leaving for anything, without eating or drinking . Meditate for 6 years. This is a teacher of teachers , number one of all teachers of yoga. In my website you can see an example of how a boy 15 years in Tibet spend 10 months doing yoga without eating or drinking , this shows that yoga is not fantasy . Through yoga you can achieve what you want , just give up and forget this "me . " If " I "is not this body does not exist and you will be free. Just like that, are we that we complicate . We take a fantasy and believe it is real. As brother see in a horror movie and we are afraid , when it ends we live we have not passed anything, only the thought that what we are seeing is real, but it is not real is a fantasy. So if you want to be a saint , a man who performs miracles, want to be rich , powerful , wealthy , have long life , get all your wishes fulfilled , to be a super man , forget this "me "and stop acting like "I "This body. Acts as Jesus or Buddha and all your wishes will be fulfilled , that simple , no need many years of study , or yoga , no.

Any theory of Buddha and Jesus Christ is like a drug. We are now confused, we're crazy , we have a brain full of fantasies. The theory of Buddha and Jesus Christ is like a drug , if you take this medicine will cure us of this disease of madness that makes us confuse reality with fantasy. When you take this medicine and after you heal from this madness , and you do not need any kind of theory. It is as if we had to cross a river and we have to take a boat , well, this theory ( of Buddha or Jesus Christ is like a boat , we boarded the boat and learn the theory, and when we came across what we do ? got off the boat and we took the boat " on the shoulders or leave the boat in the river ?

Buddha said, " all this theory is like a drug , once you are cured , of course you stop taking this medicine. This is the future that awaits us. I hope I and all of you together one day we can find again in the afterlife. We get to that paradise, the land of Buddha or Jesus Christ and we can discuss what has happened to us in this life. If you hear my message, all of you a day you can return to our home . Beyond where we've come all. We must stop this fantasy and go home . Our house is waiting for billions of years , please do so and we all go home. We are all gods , we are a star , please go home. Back to our home which is the infinite universe where there is no death , sorrow , everything is wonderful . Please I beg you to stop this "I "fancy and go back home together . Thank you very much .

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Yoga, yoga to work trying to help people , life is short, if you help people you can get good future and long life good health and every wish you make. that, he must do for others . If only asks

God does for others can not get this get this desire. First aid to the poor with your actions , helps people in need, buy medicines for people you do not have money to buy them , so you can extend life, improve health, because when we do well and we feel very happy and we a very positive energy within us after placing cacti good for others. This happy feeling you can help improve health and extend life. So you must understand to fulfill your dreams . The only thing that can help you is yourself. Thank you very much .

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Hello . Punishment. Consequences. Any person who takes advantage of others or hurt others to benefit will suffer. Every action has consequences .

People say if you do evil , God will punish you . But this is not entirely accurate. Anyone crushing, uses , takes advantage of people , hurt people ... . recorded these events in his consciousness. We all have a consciousness within us , like a black box of an airplane. Everything is recorded any act, conversation. This is called consciousness. What you do wrong, you can hide from the eyes of others , but the problem is that you do not forgive yourself .

Many people who do harm , can not sleep , is nervous ... Any person where it hurts , it creates a negative energy . Consciousness knows he did wrong and that causes poor blood circulation . When you hurt people, you make it yourself because the brain where information is sent through the body , is blocked and begins to have diseases , tumors , cancer , blood does not circulate well ... . We can forgive but we do not forgive us our victim . Here's the problem : consciousness does not change anything. Yourself you will not forgive. You pay with health , bad luck , sometimes your negative actions affect your family, your children begin illness, accidents , bad business will come health problems ... . all going down .. Because when we do wrong , we generated a dark energy , negative . That negative energy is bad luck all around you. Because negative attracts negative. There does come , I assure you , I guarantee that no one escapes . Gods Bible says so. From this it can be safe, no one escapes. As often appears in newspapers, the police catch criminals, drug traffickers or the police ... when they take away all the money and the wealth they have accumulated and puts them in jail. Get to the end no one goes well, no one dies well. Harm to neighbors , friends , harm to family , society , state , and the world ... everything has its consequences , all you'll pay . You can not crush the others. This is the law of the universe.


No one will be special. Everyone will judge himself and he will be punished .

One day, one question: God as your so generous, so good .. why do you condemn people to hell to suffer?

God replied : No I'm not.

So ... who did?

Who has gotten so many people in hell and why. ?

God says it has gone to hell. He himself has imposed the penalty of their misdeeds. He creates hell to pay for their misdeeds within himself .

Hell no . It exists because we create our own hell , we punish ourselves . we impose on ourselves the type of punishment and punish us . God does not punish.

Remember well . We have a "black box" such as airplanes and no one, not the gods can take away the consciousness where all our actions are recorded .

Life is a dream, a dream, if you crush people to get rich , when you die what happens ? all that money , that power , those properties where do they go? do not you take him to the grave. Or kings or millionaires or pharaohs of Egypt , no one has the wealth to the grave. Anyone forget why people take advantage of all that does not lead anywhere .

When you hurt , you yourself will shorten your life. health affects You , you have bad luck . When it all ends badly aging .

I 've seen in my life plenty of people who pay dearly , very dearly.

There are millionaires who crush the people, deceive people , and have therefore gained a lot of money. 5 years later by bad business and be left with nothing. In one way or another the same is punishable by can not sleep at night affecting the blood circulation. Never forget : If you say there is no God , no matter , whether or not there is nothing to see . You yourself are that God punishes you when you are wrong . God does not punish. So no one escapes . Do not think " hurting I 've gained much from " now you're right but what will happen tomorrow ? And your children? and does your family? all affect the family. Never forget one escapes , not the gods, the universe any living being who does evil have to suffer the consequences. Because negative events create negative energy and I guarantee that when the moment is going to pay for them.

I beg you all: when we are born we bring nothing and when we die either. The only thing we have is our conscience. It's like a black box recording of a plane , consciousness is recording all the good and bad.

Everything is recorded in your consciousness. You can not lie to yourself , you know very well what you do .

If we do not do anything to hurt people , that we take advantage of others. Why? .


Our body depends on the air . If no air coming in, all is over. A heart attack , blood does not flow ... and that's it. in an instant it was over . No matter if you have a happy family, great wealth, good life ... . if the air will not go near , you stay here . The problem is not here. The problem comes after death. After death you punish yourself , you condemn yourself to hell. Remember well , I repeat several times, the gods and Buddha did not always tell the truth lie . All acts have consequences. If someone does evil to repent with all your soul. After doing good and helping people to compensate. If we only ask God's forgiveness does not work. The only thing that may work is to repent and not to commit the same sins .

Begins to do good by helping others . Thus it can be healthy , long life , good luck all this. There is no other way, God can not help you , the only one who can help you is yourself. No one but you. Do not ask God for help if you kill people , surely God will not help if you keep killing people. God can not do this. So remember . Each and every one of us is responsible for our actions.

This is the truth of the law of the gods , the law of the universe.

Nobody is able to skip it . human law punishes you and gets you in jail and not only that, after leaving prison, when you die your own hell awaits. Then will be born as an animal, and once in hell you can not go out in at least 1,000 years. No 100 , 1,000 . For a moment of selfishness pay a thousand years in hell . Not worth it. Think carefully before doing damage, not worth it. Think again.

Jesus dies for the people and always remember him . If you kill or do bad , nobody will remember . People remember Jesus or Buddha because they dedicated their lives to others. So we always remember them. This is the only thing worthwhile in this journey to the land . Worth living a good sleep in this land. Please help people to make this dream a good dream. After that we will live well , in heaven , on earth or in any other corner of the universe. That is very important. Please do right by people, do no harm to people.

Please hear me, please try to help people , please I beg you. Life is like this : if you want everything right, works with all your heart. Life is an opportunity to do good for people. No matter the interest , whatever. We did not take anything, remember well, we do not get anything: everything goes well .

Thank you very much .

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Hello. Thank you, thank you to all the heart.

The important thing is that we have to thank your mother yat father, friends of the family to society, the whole world. If within your heart always give thanks to all of you will have good future, good health. Why? If a person can give thanks to their actions, not only with his words, be a good son a good father, good mother ... if a person does not know how to thank that person will not have good future, because that person just trying to take advantage of family of people of society. That person will have good future. Because if you availest once, the second time will not let people take advantage of them. If you receive 1 return 10 times. If you know do this, you'll have all your friends, your family, the whole society on your side and you always will help to make things right. So very important: the difference between humans and animals is that we need to know to give thanks with heart, with actions not just words. As before occurred in a village: there was a man who loved his dog. One day his dog died and each day was to visit the grave of his master until he died. Even an animal knows his master thank you so wished. And we humans have to know that everything we receive, especially the father and mother have given us much help. If not for your father and your mother you would not be here today. 1, if your mother had aborted before birth you're dead. 2 º if you are born and do not care, you would not be here today. For all this, we have to return the favor to our father and mother have cared for us without condition. Not only with good words you have to give back to your parents what they have done for you, also with your actions. Whatever your father and mother first. If we have a meal, you must first offer it to your father and your mother, that forever. If you do this, your children will do the same for you. This is good for you, your father and mother and your future children, grandchildren ... all depends on what you've done with all my heart. Just have to do with friends, if your friends help you not only have to give thanks, no. Your friends help you to act with facts, you can not simply give thanks and you're done. As stated here: "the words with the wind" does not count. By simply do not have to thank. If the family, society, state, world ... do you any favors, you should return those favors with actions not just words and must return multiplied by 10 or 100. In that case, your future will be bright as a bed of roses. Any person who makes you a little favor, you must return it with a big favor. If you do this you win the heart of the whole world and everyone loves you. As your partner, your kitchen, home care, gives you all this love ... you have to say thanks. If a couple lives giving thanks to each other, they live very happy and it works. There is no hatred or vengeance. If you give thanks with heart, with words, facts ... everyone loves you. Thank you if you know you've earned the world. If you give thanks before a mirror, the mirror thanks you. My friend I wish we all lived in a paradise, and that Paradise is in our hands. Grade living with heart full of pure love and thanksgiving.

Thank you very much.



Love yourself. First you have to love yourself.

What do you mean? If you truly love yourself will you have to do first is to put the "me" until there is little that "I". If this self is small you can do anything for the good of others. If you only think of anyone else, of course everyone wants to be your friend all love you any good occasion, think of you first because you're a good man, good citizen. To be good first of all you have to think of others first. How do you think of others first, and thinks of its own interests around the world loves you: who would not like to be your friend? Because you're awesome loving caring person with a heart of gold. Everybody loves you, your life will be wonderful. Will have every opportunity in this world, everyone wants to help, everyone loves you. To achieve this, every time I have to be smaller to make 0. If t can I convert that to 0 t you become a god in this world. T will be the person most welcome on this planet. Just as Jesus Christ. In Jesus Christ there is no "I" Jesus died for people. If Jesus had had a little "me", knowing the day and time that the Romans came looking to kill him, would come running. And does not flee. That means that Jesus Christ only thinks of others, just think of the interests of others. He died for us. That means that Jesus comes to reducing the "I" to 0.

So is able to do that. If we knew the date and time come to kill us, certainly we're going to run. That is guaranteed. This is the difference between human and human to me without me. This is the only difference. As I J reaches 0 and become god. If Jesus Christ does, we as children of God so we can do. It just depends on if you want or not want to. We can become a god the question is whether or not to. If you do not want to leave this myself, one day the Lord of Death will take her by force to die like this I do not want to let you become a soul from hell. If you leave me, you'll become the happiest person in the world and when you die you will become a god. If you engage in this in this world I'll be selfish, taking advantage of people, poor person, no one will love you, you close all doors, all roads are blocked, have poor health, bad luck .... The bigger the more problems I'll have in this life and after death. Going to be a demon, you'll go to hell and nothing is going to be okay. So if you love yourself you do for yourself. And do it for you to say that instead of being selfish and think about your interest you have to give love to people. It's the opposite of what people think. Know or not know the people, you have to treat the same because all are children of God, we are all in the same category. You can not differentiate between rich, poor, noble, beggar, handsome home, ugly / a ... in front of our God we all have the same category, the same level. No one is superior to another: we are all the same. Remember well: the sight of God, a beggar or a king are in the same category, have the same soul. The only difference is that kings, princes and millionaires in their past lives do right by people. So in this life to enjoy. A beggar, in his past life was a very selfish in this life that has nothing. Only differ on this. His soul is in the same category.

So everyone can become a saint, the question is whether you want or not want.



What is inside?

Your interior is full of millions of cells. All these cells are our body. Same for men, women. People make mistakes, big mistake. If you get sick just wants to kill and kill: this is where people make mistakes. The cells are part of oneself. If you want to kill something of yourself, you are wrong because they were sick cells before healthy cells. Why would one day become malignant cells, diseased cells, cancer cells or other disease? Why? Why? I tell you why: the cells receive information from our brain. If your brain thinks logically negative negative information reaches your cells. What is negative? Negative are lots of things: sadness, revenge, take advantage of people for personal gain, hurting people. Anything to take advantage of others. This is called negative thinking. With this kind of thinking, the first bill is going to pay you. Because with this kind of thinking, the cells think what you think: if you think negative your cells think negative.

And your cells become negative. First you are going to attack yourself and of course have within you a world war: good or bad everything is killed and you will pay with your health. All negative thoughts affect you and these cells become negative. To stop any type of illness you have to change the thinking. You have to love: love your cells, your cells if you give them love learning to love themselves and if they love themselves will also love you and do not get sick.
So remember well, before cells were negative. Why now are negative? For you have become negative cells in your thinking. Because if you teach them they learn negative negative: you learn from your cells.

So remember well.

To cure any disease, doctors help you in n 30%, 70% rest you have to put your positive thinking. Up to you, if a patient does not want to live, not even God can save him.

The thought gives order to the whole organism throughout the body and automatically stops. If you give order to the agency has to live, have hope. But you love your interior, these damaged cells to heal.

Try to teach your cells become holy cells in a healthy cells. So your cells will help rather than nag and hurt. So love your bad cells to cure and have good health. If you give lots of love to your cells, they love you back. If you want beauty, the cells give you beauty and youth. Your cells will obey. But everything depends on you. The cells are ordered not only act with thought itself, no. They do not think just taking orders.

Many things can change your cells, but first and most important is your mind.

Second is the food. Remember well: you must not eat preservatives. All chemicals should not eat, you have to eat natural products without chemicals.

If you do not stop eating chemicals, pills, medicines, preservatives .... How will be OK cells? Try to consume natural medicine and takes less chemical medicine. Everyone knows that drugs will cure one thing and you ruin another.

That is very important.

Third, the breath: it must be long, thin and soft, to the navel. Cells need oxygen. If you just breathe into the lung's breath is short. You have to breathe to the navel, with long breath. Your blood needs oxygen, learn to breathe fine, slow, soft and long. You have to accustom your body to breathe 24 hours as well. So your cells will thank you and have good health.

So if you love inside you, love your cell first, if you love your cells and they will return love. Thus the malignant cells become good.

When you get inside you love, you love your exterior to connect that love with others. If you love others, your family, your friends ... Love the society, t country and the world and this earth be a paradise.

First you have to love yourself as there's love inside you then you should convey that love outdoor loving others.

Thank you very much.


Hello. Hello.

We have inside, in our consciousness, two seeds.

The first seed is of good. Always carry within our consciousness. But we also bring another seed: the seed of evil. This seed of evil, is one who learns and grows in this world.

The seed of good means: in our consciousness we are a god, we are a perfect soul. But we have the seed of evil because we're in this fantasy world. What we see and touch in this world is a fantasy and we will become reality. We turn that fantasy into reality. So we must learn to distinguish good from evil. Many people do evil because he can not distinguish right from wrong and confused. We have to try to teach anyway, rather than criticize and point fingers. All the people who do evil in this world, because nobody taught them that is good and evil, and so confused.

In this case we must teach. We teach from the beginning, before birth. The mother since she is pregnant is to teach your child have good thoughts. When the baby is born must also teach by their actions, because the baby but can not speak, see and learn. Do not talk does not mean you do not understand. The baby learns everything he sees and hears. So if you want a good future for your child you must first lead by example, both father and mother. Thus the child learns by your example. So if the parent is bad, the child learns bad because the child does exactly what has been done to their parents.

Therefore, for the seed to grow and fruit well, needs you to do like a tree.

A tree needs: land, water, sunlight, fertilizer ... to grow. So for the good seed grow with your needs your good deeds.

If you want to be a good person, first think all positive, speak positive words to anyone. Because everyone has a positive and one negative. If you want everyone to be nice to you and your happiness, you should talk with positive words, you think positive, you should act positively. Do good things for people. If you do good things for people, if you sacrifice for your friends and your family, people around the world thanks you from the heart. Everyone wants to be your friend and be with you. You'll be the better parent and a good citizen. So you sacrifice little for long.

If you want to get a little out of people, people you will pay much more expensive. If you take advantage of even a little people, people you will pay dearly. So a step back are ten steps forward.

For you entendáis: in this world, in this society, you must sacrifice some of what you have for others without wanting or asking anything in return, and are moved over the hearts of people. In that case, you can get everything you want and you can get everything you want in this world. Any time good if you're going to tell you first. That is the seed of good.

If you plant it, it grows well.

The seed of evil. We all have the seed of evil within our consciousness. So before you do something, a part of our conscience says, yeah, yeah do it! And another part of our conscience says no, no, do not!. This is the struggle between good and evil.

If you water, fertilize and care for the seed of evil, it grows. There are many seeds of evil: for example, a normal person who goes into the world of drugs, consume drugs .... I guarantee that sooner or later die of an overdose. This is your future. Before dying, going to hurt anyone to get money and pay for drugs, this is the seed of evil. If you do not come close, never grows. If people do wrong, sooner or later someone will want revenge and will come after you. While not overwater and paid the seed of evil, not grow. Depends on ourselves, how we live. If you want to live beautifully or as a rat fleeing everywhere because nobody wants and everybody says, kill him, kill him!

This is the seed of good and evil.


There is no negative act without consequences.

Everything we do wrong, one way or another, sooner or later return, you'll pay much more expensive. Always never leave the numbers. First you punish yourself if you run with it down the street, the same going to bow their heads in shame, you can not face him, why you are punishing yourself. If you are good person and go to anywhere, everybody loves you, that if a good life.

So if you do silly things in this world and want to take advantage of people, remember well: everything that serves the people to benefit yourself, or do harm to people, remember well, not just your conscience punishes people will punish you, you have revenge sooner or later. When you die, all you've got in this world, you'll get nothing, no nothing. Over at any time you can die. No one knows the time nor the day we die. Nobody knows. When the air does not fit, it was over. A heart attack, an attack on the brain ... anytime you can die without warning. So do not think that you will live a lot of years. Nobody says anything. So try to live well, everyone tries to love you. In that case you must add water, soil and fertilizer to the seed of good. There is no way to live well and have a perfect life.

So if you want in the afterlife to be a Saint, is simple: do as

Jesus Christ died for others lives for others. Like the Buddha who spent more than 49 years to teach people without ever resting or Saturdays or Sundays. Always working for people for 49 years. He sacrificed himself for others. We must learn from these people. They just give water and fertilizer to the seed of good that's why they became world leaders. In life, it all depends on how you want things to be, it depends on you. So the seed of good care should be taken. Forget about the seed of evil that only brings bad things. Do not bring anything good: at first it seems that you take advantage, but eventually you will pay dearly with the consequences, you will come and will have problems. Remember well: do not try you take advantage of others to get rich because they pay very expensive, very expensive. You have plenty of evidence that support what I say. At first it may seem that things will go well, but soon things will come to you bad. If you do things wrong, mind you see that hell is waiting for: the gates of hell open for you and you will suffer to pay for what you have done.

If you grow the seed of good you come in paradise: paradise awaits you there not as many problems as in this world with so many disasters natral, so much suffering .... So we can convert this land into a paradise. We just have to pay and to water the seed of good, and everyone will live in paradise.

Before fertilizing and watering the seed of evil, think please. Because that will bring bad consequences for you, your family, your children, your grandchildren .... Think about it.

In life there to fight and fight, let him, anyway, nothing happens, suffer a little, nothing happens. Do not think so: "I am suffering, I am going through ... whatever. If you can forgive others, you're paying the seed of good. Do not think of revenge, because eventually the pain will be for all and nobody wins anything. So never think of revenge. Revenge only feeds the seed of evil. Do not worry, God, his conscience and the people will come for you. You do not need to take revenge. Forget! The ill will of others, you're just a victim. So you will not have to look back. Who look back are the people who are afraid because they have done wrong and they fear retaliation from others. So these people do not live well, always afraid ...

So attempts to maintain the seed of good. So grow and your life will be wonderful, gives light, water and fertilizer to the seed of good in you. Please trust me: there is nothing that leads us to another world, only our conscience and our good deeds. It's not worth doing wrong to take advantage. After very expensive pay the consequences: hell awaits. Some people say there is no hell, if there is good and what? There are n 50% chance that it exists, then whether there What? Buddha and Jesus Christ say yes there is, then in case better than not feed the seed of evil. So father are not going to suffer and not to grief in hell.

So try to live in this world good. Because only brings negative negative and no one likes the negative. If you do not like negative things do not do negative things, so in this world we all live happily. So, I want all you can understand and act so well for you and for others. Thank you very much.


There are three poses to practice yoga.
This is the first pose. If you can't do it, you can extend your legs like this.
This is the second pose.
This is the third pose.
It just depends on which pose is more comfortable for you.
Put your hands like this with your thumbs together.
Keep your back straight but comfortable.
Put your chin a bit down.
Close your mouth, your eyes and place your tongue at the back of your palate.
Before starting, exhale three times to take out all the air you can.
I will explain you how to breathe correctly.
The air should be inhaled smoothly and slowly.
When you inhale, you may encounter that inhalation and exhalation aren't comfortable because you're not used to breathing this way.
This is the first problem you may find, that inhalation and exhalation aren't smooth.
The second problem you may encounter is that you can make a noise while inhaling and exhaling.
The third problem you may encounter is that inhalation is fine but exhalation is kind of blocked.
When you inhale, breath deeply into your low belly and when the air comes in, it will swell up.
Don't inhale just until your lungs, it is incorrect.
The longer you inhale, the longer your life will be.
The shorter you inhale, the shorter your life will be.


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Don't inhale just until your lungs, it's incorrect.
The longer you inhale, the longer your life will be.
The shorter you inhale, the shorter your life will be.
Your blood needs a lot of oxygen to be cleansed.
Normally, people just breath until their lungs and in this case,they only supply a little amount of oxygen.
Due to this lack of oxygen, they have bad blood circulation and this causes diseases and lack of defenses.
Try to concentrate your blood here in your belly, 24hrs if possible.
Try always to breathe deeply into your low belly, very smoothly and slowly for inhale and exhale.
Inhalation and exhalation should take 30 seconds each, this is the correct way to breathe.
When you start doing yoga and you sit down, your mind will be probably full of thoughts, this is the first problem you may have.
The second problem, when you have less thoughts, you will start feeling sleepy.
The third problem you may encounter after overcoming the first and the second problem is boredom.
The fourth problem, you stay relaxed and you don't move forward in yoga.
Every second, we have twelve million thoughts crossing our minds, in that case, you should concentrate all in one.
The way to do it is counting from 1 to 10.
Inhale and count 1, inhale again and count 2, until 10.
Sometimes if you forget which number was next, you should start again from 1 to 10.
When you practice more and once you are able to count from 1 to 10 without making any mistake, you can move forward to second level.
In second level you can think in how you inhale and exhale. You will feel little by little that life is fragile, it just depends on a threat of air to live.
This is the second level.
If you think counting from 1 to 10 is difficult, try to substitute the numbers for mantras. For example, Jesus, Maria or God, or a Buddhist mantra "Amitohood". Take the mantra you like the most.

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Try to concentrate all your thoughts in just one.
When you can dominate this, to concentrate all your thoughts in one, remove this only thought or mantra and then, you'll be in top level of yoga.
Thanks to yoga all diseases can be cured.
We are the ones who damage our health, therefore, only us can cure ourselves.
Doctors can only heal us a 30%, the 70% left depend on us, only us can cure ourselves, depend on our state of mind, our thoughts.
For that reason, every health disease depend on us.
That's the reason why yoga exists.
Scientists have proved that you can have a sense of well-being with yoga.
You can get better and cure stress and the feeling of nervousness, all physical and psychic problems; but yoga must be practiced daily at least once, two or three times would be better. Take some time in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. In the morning after waking up, in the afternoon and in the evening before sleeping. Take some time, 10, 20 or 30 minutes, depending on your free time.
God and doctors cant give you good health, you should understand that you are the only one that can give to your body good health.
This is important, when you practice yoga, it should be done in a ventilated place but without draught, it should be quiet and all electrical appliances must be diconnected, so you won't be disturbed.
You must inhale into this point, the lower belly, 2 inches under your belly, just in the middle and there is a chakra. Young women's point is 2 inches above their belly, here, in the middle of this point is located their chakra.
Concentrate is that point because here is where blood is accumulated and we must, through meditation and concentration, try to make circulate the blood with our mind.
If the blood circulates well, you will never suffer from any disease/illness, this is very important.
If the blood doesn't circulate well, any small vein, if the blood doesn't circulate, it will turn into a cyst and afterwards into a cancer and in the end you'll die.
If you want to have a good health and a longer life, the only thing you have to do is practice yoga at home and follow my instructions about how to practice it. If you do what I said, you'll be very healthy.

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I don't have health problems because I practice yoga.
In this case, correct pose is eyes and mouth closed.
When you finish, you must exhale three times as do you at the beginning.
When you finish you should do this with your hands and this to recover your body normal temperature.
This is the way to practice it. The air inhaled should go until here and concentrate in that chakra.
OK, this is the basic yoga.
If you have any doubt you can contact me through skype or email.
If any image or sound appears while you're doing yoga, any kind of image or sound, remember that is not real, it's only a fantasy.
If you want to concentrate well and you're doing yoga well, in a week or 2 or 3 weeks, depending on each person, if you're able to concentrate, you'll feel that the body, from here, will start to warm.
If you're doing well, after a session of half an hour you will finish sweating, this is what could happen.
If this happens, that means that you are doing yoga very well, that's the reason you're sweating.
If your body doesn't heat, that means that you have a lot of thoughts that you're not able to remove and the air you inhale is not going into your lower belly well and you don't inhale smoothly and slowly, so you're not practicing yoga correctly.
First you should trust in your ability to do it.
This is the first thing you should know, first trust in yourself.
If you feel any pain after practicing yoga means that your blood doesn't circulate well in that point and you have a problem there.
If necessary, go to the doctor, you'll notice that you have problems there.
If you have any disease, when you do yoga, concentrate, think in the point you have problems with, think in that point, concentrate and think that your blood can circulate, that this point can get better with all your energy and concentration.


When you're practising yoga, for some people it will take one, two or three months, but after practising yoga twice a day, in the end you'll feel a warm energy here, a warm feeling at this point.
Ten days after you start feeling the warmth in your belly, you'll feel that this energy is moving here and everywhere.
Don't be afraid when the energy starts moving, it's natural because you're charging your energy.
Your blood is warm here, your warm energy is ready to circulate with your mind.
At that moment you must direct your energy with your mind to the chakra that is located below your anus, make run your energy to that chakra and then through your back. You should direct your energy from underneath and then behind your back. Next, make it go up until here, where we have another chakra and afterwards make your energy go down this way, which is full of chakras, on your face and then until here. Here we have another chakra and then return to the chakra that is located 2 inches below your belly, the one that we concentrate on everyday. In this case, your energy is in movement and when you start doing  yoga it gets warm and once warmed, it will start moving and it will gain strenght.
When you're at this point, you must avoid sex in order to have the strenght to make your blood circulate and move the energy to go around your body.
Every person who achieve this top level of yoga can start this energy in his body and will never suffer from any disease.
Same as me, I've never suffered from any kind of disease, never, for more than 45 years.
Once you can start your energy and you make it circulate in your body, I assure you that you'll be healthy all your life.

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I'll teach you and you should follow my instructions. After making your energy go around your body, you'll never suffer from any disease.
Every disease is caused by blood circulation, as cerebral palsy, the blood only circulates in one half of the brain so the other half is paralysed.
Thanks to yoga, blood will circulate with enough strenght to pass through the brain, not like before.
When you start this with your mind, you direct the energy to go round your body and all that was blocked before will be able to pass through and then you'll get over your illness.
Once your blood circulates properly, you'll recover from any malfunction as paralysis, a limp or when you don't have enough strenght in your legs o arms, every part of your body where you have pain or paralysis are caused by bad blood circulation.
When we sit down for a long time, our legs become numb and we try to get up, we are unable to move, paralysis is the same.
A heart attack is caused by a block of blood circulation in the heart.
Every person who has these symptoms and learns to do yoga, in a critical moment he can do yoga standing or sitting, concentrate and do yoga to get over that crisis so you can live more years.
Many people die from different attacks, heart attack, fit of hysterics, a stroke...
Only with yoga you can make yourself relax and make your blood and energy circulate with your mind so you won't suffer from any illness.
This is the aim of yoga.
Believe me, everyone who says the opposite is wrong.
Yoga has been practised for more than 5000 years and I'm showing you for free, that's why there's nothing, no word on my own interest. As I don't have any feeling of self-interest, I'm teaching you how to practise traditional yoga that only Buddhists monks could learn in the past.
Now I'll show you how to have a good health.
To achieve this, first you must relax and stop thinking.
I will explain you the whole process in detail.
First, to start, warm and move your energy in this chakra. In order to achieve it, you must inhale and think "one", inhale again and think "two" and so on until "ten". If you can think until "ten" without having forgotten any number before, the secons step is focus on the end of your nose and concentrate: "the air comes in and comes out", "the air comes in and comes out", and later you'll feel that the air is filling all your body, all your pores.
You'll feel that you're linked with your breath.

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Think again on the end of your nose but in a different way, is like thinking here, on the end of your nose, thinking without thinking.
Before we had to focus here but now is like focusing just half, thinking or not thinking.
In this case you'll feel little by little that your mind and your body are starting to feel relaxed, as if you were immortal, you'll feel it coming.
After that, when you're able to do this, concentrate on the air you inhale, concentrate on the air you can't see, the air you breath.
Both your heart and your soul must concentrate on the air that comes in and out, in and out, not that you're going in and out with the air.
Little by little you'll feel that your body doesn't exist because you've forgotten your own existence and the existence of your body, because you're just focusing in the air and you'll feel that air is just air, nothing else, this air is just a fantasy.
When you are at this level, you'll be at the same level as a master of yoga, as if you were at the same level as Jesus Christ.
In this case your heart is not thinking anymore in differentiate between you, he, me or anything, because everything will be One.
You'll have the same level as Jesus Christ, as a saint, at the top level of yoga. Thanks.


Yoga help us to return to the stage before we were born. Before being born, we were great masters of yoga.
Imagine that you're a baby before being born, with the head down and breathing through the umbilical cord attached to your mother.
You're breathing with your belly button and you're being feed and you're breathing through the umbilical cord with your head down in a limited space and we could hold on for 8 or 9 months.
If we were now put into a small bag, how long can we hold on before becoming crazy or feeling anxiety?
If we were able to put up with it before, now too.
Yoga consists of returning you to the beginning.
Before being born we were all healthy. Our body is spoilt with our wishes, our whims and bad habits.
With yoga we can get back to the moment we were in our mother's uterus.
Before, if we could bear being in the uterus for 8 or 9 months, like a master of yoga, before being born, with practice you can get back to that moment.
This is the aim of yoga, return to the beginning so you'll always have a good health and thanks to yoga you can live for more years, have a longer life.

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Every person in his life, always make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes throughout life. There are serious errors and mistakes are not as severe. The most important thing is to repent with all my heart.

If you've hurt someone, whatever. If for personal profit or interest, you hurt someone, this person if you want the forgiveness, all you have to do is apologize wholeheartedly, with all my heart should apologize. If you have to pay the consequences, you must pay the consequences. In this case, once you've asked for forgiveness, you must repay his debt to one who has hurt you. But it must be with all your heart. Open your heart and ask for forgiveness with humility and sincerity. Everybody makes mistakes: all, some more than others. The important thing is to ask forgiveness if you punish or yell and you have to pay consequences, must be paid. So, you stay good about yourself. So you can go with their heads held high. Not always ducking his head when you see someone. Raise your head and ask forgiveness. You go to that person you've hurt and ask forgiveness. If you hurt your father or your mother, ask for forgiveness with sincerity.

True repentance is, once when you recognize your mistakes and you open your own heart to apologize, again in the future not to make the same mistake. This is true repentance. If you ask for forgiveness today and tomorrow again to commit the same fault then you are not sorry. You're playing with people, with feelings of the people, trying to tease people, deceiving people and therefore you are deceiving yourself. This is going to pay dearly-guaranteed. You'll pay dearly. When the time comes sooner or later just a matter of time. If you do not want in your future you being embarrassed apology. A Any person who hurt you. Saying sorry can save your future. If you want your future is bright, a good family, having many good things, you should ask forgiveness from my heart.

So when you ask forgiveness, you become an honest man or woman-a. But remember, if you ask forgiveness the consequences will be much less. If you do not ask for forgiveness, when one day the time comes, will punish you plenty of super poor. If you ask forgiveness worth it. In this case and apologize as soon as possible before your life to positive change. Remember well. All for your futro do well, begs forgiveness who have been wronged, begged forgiveness and if necessary, kneel, before your victim and begs forgiveness. If they can forgive you, you can forgive yourself. Because if you do not ask forgiveness, you have a thought that records everything you do. If you hurt and crush someone, you with this negative thought to hurt people, you will affect your thinking and your health. Each time you do something bad, negative energy accumulate and increasingly more negative things you find around you, bad luck, ill health, people do not love you, bad future, bad job, your marriage will fail ...

Because a person when it is negative, it is impossible to have a wonderful life.

Some are punished sooner and some later. You punish yourself, you pay dearly, is a matter of time. Sooner or later you will pay dearly. No one escapes their punishment. And if he asks for forgiveness, your punishment will be much, much higher. If you ask forgiveness sometimes even condemn you, you pay consequences. Because when pleading for forgiveness with all my heart most people will forgive you. Most people say, "okay, okay, if you ask me forgiveness is so with all your heart, I forgive you" and returns to be friend to you. Even it can become your family.

So to not make any mistakes:

1, first you have to think about the other person. If you think of "me" first, in your own interests, every day you make more mistakes.

Remember well: you have to apologize because you've done damage to the gods first, second and third people to yourself. Any error comes from the selfishness, the more I more errors. There are many people who never repents and her life is becoming worse, increasingly older faster, and more bad things happen.

You have to realize that in this world, even if you do not believe there is God's punishment. These people say: I have not seen God, so do not think so. He does not believe in punishment because they see or feel. But in this world there are many things that can not see or feel, but they exist. For example, a TV remote control. When you press the button the TV turns on or off, up or down the volume .... You do not see the waves, but they exist. It's like the gods, as your own energy, that although you do not see it, does not mean it does not exist.

So there is good or bad luck. If you want to live well and have good future, remember well: always ask forgiveness, repent of the things you do wrong. And If someone hurts you must forgive, even if you have the world rightly.

If someone has hurt you and you angry and want revenge, all day you are thinking of the thought of revenge, and this will hurt yourself. Because with that negative thought, you block the nerves of the spine and head from there to the whole body, the whole body. Ask any doctor, all agree.

When the ducts are blocked, you get sick-a-life is shortened. If life does not have your health, what is it? So for your own good: if you want long life, luck and good health, you have to do two things: pray for forgiveness when you hurt someone and if you hurt someone else will forgive that person with all my heart. If you do not forgive, as you live all day if you think about revenge, revenge, revenge ... how can you be healthy? That's not possible.

So for your own sake you must learn to forgive others. If you do not learn to forgive others, it's going to hurt yourself. You have to forgive and pray for forgiveness and repent from the heart. Repent of truth is not to commit the same mistake in the future: that is to repent of truth. If you repent today and tomorrow you keep making the same mistakes, then you're not truly sorry.

Remember it:

Two important things in life: to beg forgiveness from the people you've hurt and forgive those who have hurt you. In this case you can live in good health, good future, good family, everything will be wonderful.

People hurt us on many occasions, but not hold grudges, to forgive others is beneficial to you: you have a young face, bright friendly and good future. When you are angry always think that has passed. And forget.

Remember well: to live well there are three things:

1, forget the past

2 nd forget this, do not think so

3 º do not think in the future.

Many people think of the future, some think of future negative or anything,

And then you can not live alone. When you think about the past, present or future, you can not live well, anything good or bad past.

Overcome evil of your past with regret, without holding a grudge is best for you.

Do not worry, God, society and people, will be responsible for punishing people who do evil. Everyone will know what kind of person he is, its future will be worse. No need for us to do justice for the damage they do. God, the law, society, punish them for you. So let your vengeance and your grudge though you are quite right. So you're going to have a long life good health and good future. If you have health you must have positive thinking, but how can you live if you hate every day, your face becomes hateful. Although you're right, though you're the victim, forget it because over the other person hurts you, you you're hurting yourself.

That's the worst thing worse. The strongest enemy we have is yourself, so think about it for your own good, everything is up to you not someone else.

All that matters is you.

Thank you very much.




Buddha said: There are five reasons to build a family.

What is a family? Father-son, husband and wife, relatives, friends,

This is family.

There are 5 reasons or reasons that family ties are created:

1 .- Vengeance: Vengeance.

As Spain. The women died last year aproximadamente170 in the hands of their partners. All this has to do with past life. If I had to do with past life, is that you have done in this life then in the next life you will have to pay for your crime. If you have killed your wife in this life, in the next life your wife will kill you. You have to be very careful. If you do not deal well with women, your wife, your girlfriend wants to cut you and wants a divorce. The problem is you not the women. If you treat her very well, with all your heart, love you madly, all women will love you dearly. Why do not women want? because you do not treat her right. If you do not treat her right, treat her like an object, as a property, think again.

You are stronger than women and if you take advantage of this power to mistreat or kill your women, that will bring consequences. Here in this world go to jail, but when you die you go to hell for millions of years. You will be punished. The thing is not over yet, because when born again, she will kill you. Imagine, the plot thickens. You shall not kill under any circumstances. You should not. Remember well. That is untouchable. If you change your thinking to positive, one day you find another woman, or rebuild your relationship with your own wife. Ask for forgiveness with heart and treats women as God intended. Then the woman will adore. But if you always act like the dominant male, the thing will go badly. Not only do you run out of women in future no woman will want to go with you. You always have to give, not to ask. If you give one, she gives you back 10. That you have to realize.

Another case of revenge.

There are some parents who kill their children or children killing their parents. It may come from a past life or this life. Under no circumstances do not do this because you're going to complicate this life and the next. After receiving the punishment of God, your conscience will punish you. Not worth it. Think about it. Before you think about crazy things.

Violence brings violence. You are stronger than women and if by that you take advantage of it in the next life can be reversed.

Macho, macho, not going anywhere. Remember well. Both women and men have the same category of souls in this life and if you're born man, the next you can be born a woman. It has different souls. Man is not superior to women, nor the woman superior to man: the two are equal. It's like a light bulb. If the red paint, the light turns red and blue paint if the bulb lights up blue. The soul is like the tide. Even animals have a soul the same category as us. We are not above anything. We are intelligent animals, but not by tapping your mind to kill the weak.

2 .- debt.

If you have something in your past life, if you have a debt to someone, in this life must pay. For example you so hard you make money and your son spend your money on silly things, games ... and soon you run out of anything. The soul comes to nag.

Or for example if a man loves a woman or vice versa, and is not matched / or, is that in his past life was reversed. And now it's being embarrassed. This is his revenge. In another life You did it go wrong and now that you're having bad you are. No one escapes.

If in this life you have to pay some of your past life, pay and go. If in the next life, it's your turn to get even and you do, this will never end. It's like a spinning wheel. Now comes one of the other. If you pay something and close the deal. You should not be revenge or hate, because this will affect your health, your life, your future. Not worth it: leave.

3 .- To charge.

When someone helps you, whenever you need it and gives you all is that in a past life you had something and comes to pay you. If you do not give with love, is it only comes to repay what you owe. Your son, daughter, relative, friends ... to help you but do not feel much love for you, that means you pay what you must in other lives and nothing else. It's like we owe something to the bank, pay the bank: Is there love? No. Only pay a debt. The bank is only going for business. So the bank does not give you love. What should you pay, period.

4 .- Because you need favors.

Debt feelings or money. So come to you with love, money, support and help in everything you need. For example, there are children / as super good with their parents. The care with all his heart. No one cares about you, but do anything for you. Father-son, husband-wife, who look after you, support you, give you everything you need ... is because in the past life you have all kinds of favors.

5 .- Friends.

There are good friends and bad friends. There are friends that will lead to ruin, you are taken the wrong way and make your life impossible.

There are friends that help you all as is and whatever.

Everything is related to the past life.

These 5 cases, in this life you have to solve. How are you women who have been killed by their husbands, these men, in their next life will suffer a lot, will have bad luck, short life, poor health .... because women want their revenge and haunt you like a demon, so that everything will go wrong.

You must not, do not kill. As a child before birth, if it comes out of revenge, because you have killed in another life "marine fabric." It will be like a devil chase you and make you life miserable. Vengeance.

If you abort ... imagine the problems you have, first go to hell and born again then when you expect the vengeance of those who have killed. If the child is returning your favor and you kill him, then you do not return the favor to you, but it will come to take revenge. If you do not want the child to be born. There are many associations that host these children, call them because they look after the child, feed it, you are looking for a good family to adopt it. You shall not kill. Everyone is in favor of abortion. As socialists who favor abortion and say, kill, kill, kill! If their mothers had aborted, they would not be in this world. None. Sure. All those people who are in favor of abortion, should thank his parents not to abort because otherwise it would not be in this world. Is it true or not? It's that simple. Killing is not good. If we should not kill animals, much less a baby before birth. How can you be worse than animals? Animals do not kill their children. Do not eat their own children. How does a man so smart, can kill her own child? If you do not want anyone to kill you, do not kill anyone. Do not leverage your power to kill, not fair. We all want to live.

Human law allows abortion but the law of the gods does not. The problem is here. You'll have trouble with God and your conscience.

Think about the consequences of abortion: in a revenge of those you killed. Not worth it.

Thank you very much.



In this world there are three kinds of people who never get sick.

1 .- The people who are good

What is a good person? is that every day for 3 good deeds:

First act good: does everything he can to help people. With the money you have left, helps people in need.

Second act good: good words advising people to act properly. You are right.

Third act good: People who do volunteer-a. They spend their leisure time to help people.

These three acts should be done every day, not once in a while.

In a good person is all positive thinking. If your thinking is positive, the positive energy of your mind, passing through the column to the body. Otherwise if the thought is negative, this negative energy goes to the body and blocks the nerves, the communication between the brain and the rest of the body arrives and the person becomes ill.

So, first to act as a good person, you must have positive thinking. If you have all the positive thinking, you send through the column positive information to the whole body and whole body receives positive energy. If you do how are you people always have good health.

If you think negative you will have poor health, because your body will receive negative energy. No matter rightly or wrongly. If people take advantage of you, if people are cheating on you, hurt you, you have every right to retaliate. If you stay with that negative thought, you will pay the consequences. Because you are full of negative energy and affect your health.

People with positive thinking, always have good health, because they think positively.

2 .- People who have less thoughts. Do not think so. If you have less thoughts, you have less desire and that person can be healthy.

3 .- A person who knows that everything he sees and touches is pure fantasy. That nothing is real. If nothing is real, do not take things so seriously and things will not be affected. If you take this course, you can be like God. You do what you want, nobody can hurt you.

These three types of people are never ill.

Another thing: food. We are vegetarians, the type of teeth that we are like cows and horses. Our intestines are twelve times longer than carnivores. They eat and take fast, we eat and it took several days to get everything you eat. Meat rots in the gut and that affect our health. As mad cow cows when sick, their diseases give us when we eat meat. If you do not eat their meat, their illnesses do not affect us. The virus can not be killed even if they cook well. Each animal has its diseases, such as the monkey is a carrier of AIDS and nothing happens, but it affects us differently than our health. So if you do not eat meat have less risk of disease.

We have to eat cereal, fruit, vegetables ... with all that we have enough.

For example I myself am a vegetarian for 40 years and I've never gotten sick, I'm not going to the doctor for anything because I am perfectly. If you have no health What do you have?

So for good health:

First you have to be a good person and make three positive actions by people.

Second stop negative thinking. Control your negative thinking. Always have positive thinking.

Third. Let the thought still, the things that happen do not give importance not care, do not shake the thought. While thinking move, you move the heart and this will affect health. Anything you see or touch it, good or bad, try to quit. This will give you good health.

The good health, you have to get you, nor the doctors can help.

It is also important to move, you can not just sit in front of the TV scratching your belly. The body if it moves, it breaks down quickly. Walking, doing gymnastics soft ...

It is best not to move the thought or to positive or negative.

Thank you very much.


Hello. How to change your life?

If you want a very lucky life and your desires fulfilled, you have to do three things:

1 .- You have to help people with your actions. Become a volunteer and help people in need.

2 .- To spread the word of the gods, talking about the Bible, the word of Jesus Christ, Buddha, to advise people to think and act well.

3 .- Giving money to people in need.

Each day you must do these three things. No time to time. If you can make it better.

If every day you do these three things well, if you have health problems, you can be healthy, if you want long life, can have long life, if you want to be a millionaire, you can be a millionaire ... If you want a good family, have a good family, if you want a good woman / man can have a happy couple ... good job ... and so on. But for this, you need to do these three things every day.

All the good you do to people, makes you positive. Everything you do evil people will become negative. Everything is a matter of time.

Everything's going to happen. If you hurt, you'll have problems. If you do good will have all the luck in the world.

You will have good or bad results according to your actions.

For example, if you have health problems, make a donation to Doctors Without Borders. With your money you will treat people from other countries ... places that are sick and need medicine and physicians who treat them. Then you're going to have an energy good health.

If you want to be a millionaire helps those who are poorer than you. If you give 1 euro can make 1 million euros. That's what the Bible says of Buddha or Jesus Christ. There is no doubt. If you want long life, helping people to extend their life, buy animals to save animals ... and let free. You help people to lengthen life. It is logical is not it?

When you do good deeds, you will have good energy. That good energy good for you. You have to trust you. When we hurt, we always know at the bottom of our hearts. We punish ourselves, can not sleep or eat, or be quiet, and relaxed ... Everything has a consequence. Any day, if we do things well, we are happy and this will generate good energy, you feel happy and content that will save your life. Fantasy is not reality.
So if you have everything you want to have to do for people.

There are two ways:

1 .- especially for you, for your own interests. When we do positive acts toward people hoping for some benefit. This makes you positive, but do not benefit as much as if you were only thinking of others. This is the hardest thing to do for others without expecting any benefit to you. This is the highest level.

So if you want to have all kinds of luck: advise people to do these things. You make every day something else. Do not be disappointed by me. The more selfish, more me, the worse things turn out. People think "look at that person, hurt and live well." This person in his past life was very good deeds and accumulated a lot of credit. It's like having a million euros, but very quickly you are spending doing evil deeds in this life. But when you finish your credit, it will very, very wrong. Soon, when you spend all be poor as a devil. There is no justice. No. It is that everything has its time, no-escape.

If a person has bad luck, bad things will come out and always do good deeds, is a good person, is that in his past life made him very ill, it was very selfish. In this life has to pay. But when you finish paying for his past misdeeds will begin to have good luck and everything will be fine. God is just.

Why is there much difference between a person born prince and princess do not lack anything in life and one that is starving and have such bad luck? ... Why is there this difference? Because it depends on your past life, if you did well or did poorly. God is powerful, it is fair. If when you're young you do not save money, when you get there is more money to spend.

So if your past life did things right, then what will happen in this life bad. It's like if I were a million people, has to work and save to pay that debt by these three good deeds every day. So what should quickly return to the past life. Those souls who in life you must pass, in this life are all around, do not leave him alone until he paid his debt, you are unlucky, you crushed, hurt you ... to collect this debt. To "take off the dead top," the only thing you can do is return those favors that people owe, making these three good things. If you do these things are good, your bad luck will end soon and will soon begin to have good luck. It's about time.

If a person makes a lot of money in this life is that in his past life did very well for others. But if you get money cheating and crushing people, is bad, crushing people, fools ... soon will run out of money and left with nothing. If you win 1 million legally without cheating, or crush the people, that million could become 1,000 million. If you get cheated, you will lose that million and will soon run out of anything.

That person for his good deeds of past life might have 1,000 million, but how to fool people only get 1 million. On top of that million is short and reduced to nothing.

So if you want to have good and much you have to act legally, if not, soon you will lose everything and go to jail for up to deceive. Poor prison. Worse than a beggar. If you do well this lasts forever.

If you want long life good life helping others with your actions.

If you want intelligence advises people to do good deeds.

If you want health, help people to cure their diseases.

If you do these three things, then you have a great positive energy. That energy can be photographed with a special machine, is a strong white energy. Fantastic change your life: long life, good job, good wife, good husband, everything will be super good. Super perfect. Everything depends on you not someone else. If you ask just not going to get results, not face, always have to give something back.

If you want money, you have to work.

If you want good luck, you have to provide for people.

Everything is a matter of time. The rewards will always come good or bad. No one escapes, it all comes.

If you do well for others around you will become positive. Find positive people and everyone will want to help, everything will be positive. If you are happy with your actions, you will be a very positive and I will defend them-or all positive.

Remember well: positive and negative becomes positive becomes negative. You can fool others but not yourself. Do not hold grudges or revenge, that no, you have to learn to forgive those who hurt you, if you keep this negative thought, you will hurt yourself.

There is no justice. Everything has its time, no one escapes.

Thank you very much.




If you want health, wealth and love, you have to do is recite a mantra: Amituofo, Amituofo, Amituofo .... You must fill out the thought of this mantra at every moment, always thinking Amituofo. If you get angry, think Amituofo to take that negative thought. If you're sad also recites the mantra. When you have negative thoughts of revenge, think Amituofo.

The more you think, the more problems you have.

So if you want good health, Amituofo recited at any time, wherever you are, working, walking ... that brings positive energy to all things. You will be very happy, have a long life with your partner. Any thoughts of selfishness, think Amituofo. If you think Amituofo jealousy is the only thing that can help you. There is no other way.

Just think Amituofo. If you leave any crisis, thinks only Amituofo.

To relax Amituofo think when you're relaxed then, think of a solution for your future. If you have business problems or to take any important decision, before you relax because nerves can not think straight. To relax you need to recite the mantra Amituofo. This is a technique I use myself. Any problems of life, I do yoga and mantra recited to relax and then when you're relaxed, I think the problem that worries me and find myself the perfect solution to solve the problem.

So trust me, any business decision, health, love, above all need to relax, to relax you need to think mantra. Any person who has psychological problems, or becomes aggressive, or crazy ... it's because that person thinks too much. To cure these diseases all you have to do is think and recite this mantra: Amituofo, Amituofo, Amituofo .... Just think of this mantra and slowly you go to relax. You have 24 hours to concentrate on this mantra. You should not think that this mantra. Because this mantra Amituofo, Amituofo ... is like reciting the Lord's Prayer, is the name of Buddha. This Buddha, comes to help anyone who recites his name. But you have to recite with a pure heart, with love and with maximum concentration. Any person seeking your help, will. This is a promise of God Amituofo. No kidding.

In the story, everyone who has asked for help from the Buddha, he has helped.

I guarantee, you will go to heaven with Jesus or Buddha with whoever you want. But you have to recite all the love in your heart and without another thought, the only thought should be the mantra.

This can improve your quality of life, mind, and live well.



So to have a good life, and feel happy and loving heart. You have to think that everything you see, are good people. You can not tell you, me, him. So this mantra can help, there's nothing else you can help. Remember well. This mantra is the mantra of salvation. Try it. Any type of disease, any kind of problem, if you can recite this mantra 24 hours, concentrated, confident that your life and your health will improve, because it activates your defense.

Positive thinking is what helps you to health. Health does not depend on medicine. It only fixes a point, but then with the disease comes back negative thought out or becomes increasingly severe. So all you can help is this mantra, this mantra is confident, it costs nothing is free. Just concentrate and you fix your life. Awesome. That has to realize.

The best advice I can give is to recite this mantra, the only thing that can help. Before reciting the mantra, you have confidence. This mantra is recited for thousands of years, not now. Long ago, billions of years, this mantra there. And everyone who recites it has achieved happiness and long healthy life. And after death will also find happiness. If you believe in heaven, you go to heaven if you do not believe anything then reborn. It all depends on our thinking. When we die the only thing we get is our thinking, our consciousness, everything else is left, the body decays. Everything is dying unless our actions, our thoughts, our consciousness.

To go to heaven, Just recite the mantra: Amituofo, Amituofo ... and nothing else.

Thank you very much.

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Hello. Today I teach, as it may look, a glossy and unwrinkled. This is a secret. Many women and men increasingly want a more youthful appearance, and spend much money on beauty salons, creams and paints to be more beautiful, you are injected chemicals ... ..

I say the best way, forever and without side effects to look younger. Listen to me. I have a 60 and I have few wrinkles. Listen, not to have wrinkles I teach: good look, listen and practice.

First use natural creams, not famous and expensive brands that are pure chemistry. Go buy creams to natural food stores. Buy 4 or 5 to not always use the same cream. Once or twice a week using a cleansing tonic and then apply the cream. These cream and apply as directed as you say then decrease wrinkles.

With age, blood circulation is steadily increasing problems and blood does not circulate well. The more years we have, the harder the blood circulation. The skin is older, more dead. So to do massage as well (see video), for all that dead skin peel naturally. I teach as:

First clean your face with cold water and apply the cream with the technique I'll teach you. I bet you'll like a lot. If you get results I write. I guarantee it's the best you've ever seen. I've tried.

First to do this massage cream fifty times (see video)

If you now you have many wrinkles, you should get a massage in the morning and at night. Remember well with natural creams. And natural soap. All good brands use animal oils.

Most paintings they are made of animal fat and your skin can not breathe. So every time your skin will age more. If you use lipstick, must also be natural.

When the skin does not breathe, of course like us if we cover our noses and mouths can not breathe and die. The skin is the same if the lids with animal fats can not breathe and age faster.

If your skin is painted all day long over, not let breath. Only at night you take it out This is bad for the skin.

Remember, it is very bad for the skin. If you want to paint you buy natural paints. All natural and no side effects.

These massages are the first thing you should do.

The second thing is try not to eat meat. The meat is high in fat. Fat affects the blood circulation. Affects the quality of the blood. Then as the blood does not circulate well because it is thick, not liquid, is bad for health. Eat more meat will thicken your blood and your circulation worse.

We have the gut longer than carnivores. They eat meat and then we pulled it instead took several days to digest and rot in our intestines. The meat also carries bacteria and viruses that can affect our health.

So if you want to look good trust me, use natural creams, make massage as I have taught and do not eat meat.


Hello religion and sect.
What is a good religion and what is bad religion. There are two things to know right away.
In this world there are lots of different religions. The important thing in a religion is like doing things. There is a limit that no one can pass, does not matter whether large national religion with many followers or small, whatever. Any fan should consider:
A. - If the teacher either priest or monk, if you use the money from his disciples to buy a house, luxury car, to fulfill their whims ... that's a cult.
If people give money to a religion, the teacher should use the money to help people. To help the needy.
2. - A teacher can not have desires of any kind. If you see a teacher dressed in fancy clothes, traveling with luxury cars, living in mansions with all kinds of luxury, watch out! If the teacher does not work ... where does the money go? As is clear from his followers.
If fans want to give money, the teacher should help with that money to the poor, not to buy things and live in luxury. You must help people in need, not to enrich the teacher and finance their whims as gold and diamond watches or super luxury cars. The money comes from the people, must return to society. The money does not fall from heaven, hard-earned.
That kind of teacher is taking advantage of you and you quit. No matter what you say or how you say, if you're always taking money from people you should stay away from him.
The teacher should lead by example. Everyone can say good words, but what counts are actions.
Teachers who act thus are scams and frauds. Whether talking super wonders. These teachers learn very well the Bible to convince people and get the dough.
3. - I do free yoga at home for 16 years. One day a student of mine said,: I used to go to a yoga center. The teacher had to strip people, women made us take all the clothes for energy more directly. She said she was really embarrassed because her body was young and had no handles. Young girls did not care, but she was too ashamed. This type of teacher you want to take advantage of people, seeing the naked body of women. Borrow money and then asks for sex, that's not right. If the teacher says that to be the Buddha, to have long life, to have beauty, to be healthy ... you undress and have sex with them or asks for money .... it's all lies. Do not let these false teachers take advantage of you. Speak wonders, but in the end only want sex and / or money. No matter how you speak, if you ask for sex or money, just want to take advantage of you in the name of Buddha or Jesus Christ or any other god.
Many religions talk about having sex all together to be Buddha. Watch out! That's another big, big lie. These are scams.
If you want good health, you have to do is leave me. Because the more I have, you will be more selfish and more problems you have. I must leave that and help people.
Health depends on you. If you want to have good energy to help poor people, to advise people to be good, give money to organizations that are dedicated to helping others. But never give money to enrich the teacher. And with your free time helping people.
If you do this, you can have a happy life full of health. Everything else is lies.
That's what makes the sects are used to extract money from people and have free sex. Watch sex if you can catch diseases such as AIDS.
First you look at what the teacher does not just hear the words. Any religion that you reach out to ask for money or you put your hand to get sex, that's a scam. It is a big lie.
We are all equal no one is above anyone. Although teacher. Look what it does, not just listen to what he says. You must be careful.
A religion as God commands, you'll never ask for money or to get you out to anyone for sex. Just help, just give teaching and help you all we can.
I have never borrowed money from my alumni / ae, or accept gifts from anyone. I teach in my classroom free yoga for 16 years. And I have never profited from anything or anyone. I'm for helping people and nothing more.
So clear and simple.

That's the difference between religion and sect.

Thank you very much


Hello religion and sect.
What is a good religion and what is bad religion. There are two things to know right away.
In this world there are lots of different religions. The important thing in a religion is like doing things. There is a limit that no one can pass, does not matter whether large national religion with many followers or small, whatever. Any fan should consider:
A. - If the teacher either priest or monk, if you use the money from his disciples to buy a house, luxury car, to fulfill their whims ... that's a cult.
If people give money to a religion, the teacher should use the money to help people. To help the needy.
2. - A teacher can not have desires of any kind. If you see a teacher dressed in fancy clothes, traveling with luxury cars, living in mansions with all kinds of luxury, watch out! If the teacher does not work ... where does the money go? As is clear from his followers.
If fans want to give money, the teacher should help with that money to the poor, not to buy things and live in luxury. You must help people in need, not to enrich the teacher and finance their whims as gold and diamond watches or super luxury cars. The money comes from the people, must return to society. The money does not fall from heaven, hard-earned.
That kind of teacher is taking advantage of you and you quit. No matter what you say or how you say, if you're always taking money from people you should stay away from him.
The teacher should lead by example. Everyone can say good words, but what counts are actions.
Teachers who act thus are scams and frauds. Whether talking super wonders. These teachers learn very well the Bible to convince people and get the dough.
3. - I do free yoga at home for 16 years. One day a student of mine said,: I used to go to a yoga center. The teacher had to strip people, women made us take all the clothes for energy more directly. She said she was really embarrassed because her body was young and had no handles. Young girls did not care, but she was too ashamed. This type of teacher you want to take advantage of people, seeing the naked body of women. Borrow money and then asks for sex, that's not right. If the teacher says that to be the Buddha, to have long life, to have beauty, to be healthy ... you undress and have sex with them or asks for money .... it's all lies. Do not let these false teachers take advantage of you. Speak wonders, but in the end only want sex and / or money. No matter how you speak, if you ask for sex or money, just want to take advantage of you in the name of Buddha or Jesus Christ or any other god.
Many religions talk about having sex all together to be Buddha. Watch out! That's another big, big lie. These are scams.
If you want good health, you have to do is leave me. Because the more I have, you will be more selfish and more problems you have. I must leave that and help people.
Health depends on you. If you want to have good energy to help poor people, to advise people to be good, give money to organizations that are dedicated to helping others. But never give money to enrich the teacher. And with your free time helping people.
If you do this, you can have a happy life full of health. Everything else is lies.
That's what makes the sects are used to extract money from people and have free sex. Watch sex if you can catch diseases such as AIDS.
First you look at what the teacher does not just hear the words. Any religion that you reach out to ask for money or you put your hand to get sex, that's a scam. It is a big lie.
We are all equal no one is above anyone. Although teacher. Look what it does, not just listen to what he says. You must be careful.
A religion as God commands, you'll never ask for money or to get you out to anyone for sex. Just help, just give teaching and help you all we can.
I have never borrowed money from my alumni / ae, or accept gifts from anyone. I teach in my classroom free yoga for 16 years. And I have never profited from anything or anyone. I'm for helping people and nothing more.
So clear and simple.

That's the difference between religion and sect.

Thank you very much



Three religions are one.

Muslim, Catholic and Buddhist. The three are one, are the same. We are all children of God. The Catholic prays to the Father in heaven, the Muslim, Allah and Buddha Buddhism. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed are all children of God are sons of God himself, is like a father who has three children. They are of the same family. So you have to understand that all religions are part of a family. It's the same father. We help each other, people from one religion to another, from one race to another race.

For example, gasoline, this fuel is used for any type of car, all the brands use the same gasoline made from petroleum. That gasoline is like the soul, our energy. That energy of soul enters the body, whether you're beautiful or ugly, rich or poor is the same no difference. God is powerful, kind, intelligent and send their children depending on the culture and customs of each country. So people better accept his teaching. To make this earth a paradise. This is the purpose of God. God makes no distinction of races and religions. All teaching in the three religions is basically the same, the goal is to become good people. We should not kill each other because we are brothers, sons of one God. Same for everyone. Mighty Allah, Jesus or Buddha is the same person just born in different countries, different cultures but all the same. Every race, every person born in different places and cultures, we have the same soul. If you can understand that, in this world can finally live in peace. There will be no wars or crimes, because all people are children of God. The only difference is that some are born princes and other beggars, because in a past life, do good to other people and do nothing or only live selfishly. So if in the past life you were selfish and did harm to people, of course in this life going to be poor, you will not have anything. If you did well in past lives for the people in this life can enjoy. But if you just enjoy, you're spending the merits of past life and if you do well people will soon spend your credit and start again. The rich are not rich because it has eight arms and two heads, no, or by being smarter. Everything comes from the past life. When you have power and wealth in your hands you should help people. Never ordered to kill or make war, that will shorten your luck and your health. People who kill or hurt others and still lives, is because in his past accumulated merits and has not spent all your credit but at any time may run out. It is as if a parent leaves a lot of money as an inheritance to his son and the son not to spend on silly things and then spend their inheritance. In one night, you can lose everything. For example in a casino in no time you can lose $ 1,000,000. As the leaders when they say "abortion, abortion, abortion .." care, they are spending all the credit for their past lives. Health, wealth, money, your luck, your life will become negative quickly. Beware! Do not waste! Take the opportunity to help people. You must not stay a penny from the others because you will pay dearly. God at any time will punish you, do not take advantage of others, or take advantage of taxes to enrich and benefit your family or friends. This will pay dearly sooner or later. Sure. No one escapes. You can not fund abortion for the poor mother who has no idea of ??the consequences, kills his son, because it's like you're killing your own child. Because we are all one. Any refusal to produce negative, becomes a demon for you. It is not child's play. I hope you understand what I'm saying. If you provoke negative punish yourself because the negatives back to you. Human law does not punish you but if your conscience. Hell exists, believe it or not believe in God justice will condemn the same.

No matter whether you believe or not believe, if you do evil, you'll go to jail. None escapes and above all you punish yourself. So when you have power or wealth, take advantage and help the others. So in the next life you'll live like a king. Remember well: if you do good to others you do it yourself. It's worth doing for others. Like actors / ras porn. The worst offense is the porn. The more porn do worse, end up fatal. You will have a fatal age. No happy ending. Your children, your grandchildren will eventually fatal. Remember well: do not go against God's law is not child's play ... God is able, at any time can be an earthquake, typhoon, flood ... any misfortune and we are left with nothing. Within 30 years the world population will be 70% less because there will be many earthquakes and natural disasters. We do not take care of nature and the environment, there are n increasingly large hole in the ozone layer, pollute every day over the earth and what happens? We pay the consequences, the weather is crazy, those are the consequences. The more we pollute our planet worse, and we live on this planet, there is another to live. We take good care.

We must differentiate: three religions is one is the same God. Many people do not understand: Allah, God the Father and Buddha is the same person. All that depends on the culture, country or race, it changes the way to reach more people, to reach the entire world is transformed according to cultures. All the same, different look, but all the same. Different way of teaching but the goal is the same: to become immortal. Do understand the teaching and teaching to be good people that's what I try to reach all corners of the world. All of us are not. That will have to understand. We must all help each other because we are one big family. There is no I, you, the, No. All we need to help.

So that everyone can live well, rich countries must help poor countries.

Everyone loves their country of origin, no one wants to leave and less with patera over the sea with many dangers, to anyone. If rich countries help the poor, were sympathetic to them, nobody would leave their country seeking a better life. If everyone feel a really rich countries help the poor and everyone would live in his country happy and at peace. What happens is that rich countries are selfish and only care for their people. If there were no difference between me, you and him, if everyone feel one, this world would be very happy would be a paradise.

You should not grind to another, or deceive another, or take advantage of people, because the other is you. Remember we are all one.

Thank you very much.


Today I'm going to teach, and through yoga and meditation can have health and long life.

If someone hears what I say now, is very lucky that is a historical teaching. It is not fantasy. I practice this technique for a long time 40 years ago. In these 40 years I have not ever gotten sick. I do not know what pain I do not know what a disease. This technique invented by me, mixed with theoretical TAO. Like anyone, I can get sick and have fever, flu ... but I through yoga and meditation, I heal myself.

The drugs you buy at the pharmacy, are pure chemical used to cure diseases, but you will cure one thing and breaks another. You cure one thing and it bothers other.

And then the whole body is bad. You have to realize. Simply activate your body's defenses. Because God made our bodies wonderful, but we do not know how to use.

You have very lucky to hear my words.

I start teaching: first sit down in this way as I do, with his legs crossed, is yoga at its best. Any way you sit or lie down, walk on the bed, in the chair ... it's good, because yoga meditation is from the mind the way you sit. The important thing is that you are comfortable and pleasant, sit with your back straight and hands clasped over his legs at ease. There are people who put each separate and resting on the knees, but if your hands can communicate better. But if you like manara other no problem. You should feel comfortable / a. What you like. The position has to be natural and comfortable, not to be distracted to maintain the correct position. For example when you put together your index finger and thumb, as many people like it, the mind must be aware not to separate the fingers or palms, ... and the mind wanders to maintain proper posture. The more natural position is as I say, so no need to make an effort to raise the fingers or palms ... eyes closed, his tongue over the palate without force and close mouth. Breathe through your nose, not your mouth. Breathing must be smooth and slow, about 30 seconds to enter and 30 sec. To exit. When you are relaxed will not notice you're breathing, you're more relaxed. When breathing is heavy, not good for health. The more nervous you are, the more you need heavy breathing ...

To learn the technique of yoga there are three important things:

First you must learn to breathe. When you have entered puffing air like a balloon. When a balloon balloon fans is great and when you take the air the balloon deflates. It's what you do. Air has to come to below your navel. As the singers who can sing a breathless minute followed. They enter the air to below the navel. We usually breathe into your lungs get tired so fast, you have to breathe to below the navel. As athletes, they can run many miles without tiring, because they use this breathing technique, go to the bottom air entering it soft and smooth him out. That's what you have to learn and practice until it is a habit and breathe and 24 h.

Remember well, not only doing yoga you have to breathe so you breathe and get used to 24 hours even when you're sleeping. The health of the body mostly depends on the circulation of the blood .. The blood needs oxygen and without oxygen does not circulate well. The blood when it reaches the heart needs oxygen to purify the body return to the rest clean. The heart purifies the blood and becomes clean through the body with oxygen. If there is little oxygen, blood circulates badly, if you clean blood does not circulate every few minutes you'll be sick / ay you have large or small illnesses. Blood comes into all the veins, large or small. If blood does not pass through the small veins, it is at that point. And over time it becomes a lump that can lead to cancer or other problem. Because blood has been wrapped in a point. And therein lies the problem.

To do yoga have to concentrate on:

If you are a man or woman who does not want children, the extent and concentration should be three fingers below the navel. In the center of the body.

If you are female and want to have children, you should concentrate the mind three fingers above the navel. In the center of the body.

Think about that site.

Remember well: breathing should be long to below the navel, 24 hours a day. If breathing is long, life is long if breathing is short, life is short.

Why? Because if there is not enough short breathe oxygen into your blood and your body breaks before. If you arrive much oxygen your body is active, healthy and well. Oxygen is life, if no oxygen is like a dead, what is dead? Is that not breathing, that no air, no oxygen enters it is dead. If it gets less oxygen in your body, shorter life.

2 .- FOOD.

Every kind of animal has different diseases. For example, humans have cancer and cancer comes from blood circulation. Many diseases that humans have come from animal meat. When we eat, we defile the flesh of their illnesses. AIDS comes from monkeys. The monkey has always been carrying the AIDS virus and have no problems in that society. Like us we can have a flu and nothing happens. We always virus and nothing happens. The problem is that we have no defenses against diseases of other kinds of animals, so AIDS does the same effect on us.

All animals have their illnesses. As in Asia, wild birds are carriers of virus diseases and people who have eaten these birds is ill, the virus has infected birds. The most serious is that it spread through the air, just breathe and infect you and you die. Everyone needs to breathe and may bring a bottle of 24 oxygen to breathe unpolluted air.

So we should not mess with animals. We do not know what kind of animals can carry diseases. There are viruses that the cook even if you do not die.

Like a few years ago happened to mad cow disease and having people ate their meat and died. This is very dangerous. Try not to eat meat for your health and your life.

There is no remedy. In this world nothing is free. If you want health and long life, some quirk you have to leave, no remedy everything has its price. Today and every day there are more vegetarians, not only for religious convictions also for health. Some religions try to make people understand that every living being wants to live, such as a tiny ant, tries to kill her and see how flies, not die. And as we say, live and let live. Try not to disturb others, if they do not hurt do not hurt them. If you want to kill animals you do not kill animals. Do not do what you do not want done to yourself. That's what religion says.

It's like a human principle: we are animals, more intelligent than others but we are still animals. We descend from the ape, and evolution we become what we are. So the monkey genes are 80% or 90% of humans. Our origin is from the monkeys. We are animals that are more intelligent only and should not take advantage of our minds for years to others, to kill the weak. It's not fair!

Like the men who are stronger than women and when there is a problem, kill his wife, girlfriend or friend. In Spain in 2011 have killed more than 50 women. The strongest advantage of the weak. It's not fair.

Everyone is equal before the gods.

It's not fair that the man to kill animals for pleasure. So live and let live. No one can crush anyone, no one can take advantage of anyone, anyone can kill anyone, although weaker. We must be compassionate to animals and more with women, which, although weaker than men have the same nature as man, are equal to men, not inferior, are of the same category. Make no mistake.

Try not to eat canned food with preservatives, eating natural foods, the more natural the better.


The doctors certified. There are people who commit suicide, jumping from a skyscraper and hit the ground before these people die. Why? because he thinks "I am going to hit the ground and I will be like porridge" with this shock before touching the ground this person is already dead. Just for thought. The thought may make us better or worse. So keep trying to have no negative thoughts, do not hold a grudge for what others do to us, do not store garbage misses you people. If you keep within you, only negative thought you hurt yourself,

Because if you angry, anxiety, nervousness, sadness ... within you affects the blood circulation. All physicians know. Because the brain is connected to the rest of the body through nerves to the spinal cord, which consists of "rings of bones" have communication with the rest of the body. When you nerves or negative thoughts affect the whole body. Because communication and feeding is blocked and does not reach the rest of the body and then you get sick / a. You should not have any negative thoughts even if you are absolutely right, even if you're the victim. You always have to think positive. You have to have compassion for those people who get hurt, because it is the family, school, society has not taught him well. All the people I hurt, sooner or later they will pay dearly, in society, before the law, with his life. Everything will go wrong, your life will be fatal. Everyone wants the best for him. And those people are wrong, because he thinks hurting, exploiting and deceiving others is good for him. No, it is not. It is understood that not doing harm to others only hurts himself. You can fool others but not yourself. You know you're cheating on each other, and the moment the others do not realize it, but sooner or later will realize and when that happens, you start to pay dearly for the damage you've done. 1 If you give people good thing, people will return 10 or 100. 1 time If you do hurt people, people will return for revenge 10 or 100 times the damage you've done. So do not go the numbers.

Think carefully before doing harm to people. To have a good future, you should be positive and help people with good hearts and people will return with a heart. If you hurt or deceive people do not come near you.

Thank you very much.


Trying to help and do for others. And this positive attitude, you will generate positive energy and have long life.

To think good thoughts, every day you have to do something positive for others. At least one thing. People do not know. Why? As it is religion, if you do good for others, God will help. If you help people you will feel good inside, you'll feel a nice energy. You'll be very happy and cheerful. This positive energy, be satisfied with your actions, much to your health benefits, to have long life and your future is bright. Because you have a positive energy and it shows in your face. So everybody wants to bring to you. If you put face of a demon, who wants to approach you? No one.

So if you are positive, like a radio that has different channels, if you want to hear positive, everything will be positive, negative if you connect a channel, everything around you is negative. Each channel has a different wave, depends on the channel you want to tune.

So, you know?

Now how you heal.

First you have to remove all thoughts from your mind. By our brain, every second thoughts spend 2 billion. We did not realize it. And how to eliminate or drive away these thoughts? Through a mantra. If you are Catholic you can recite the Our Father or Jesus or Mary. Do not stop repeating that name on the inside. Your thinking should focus on a name of God.

If you do not believe in God, when you breathe air and between 1 think when you come back to inspire thought 2 and so on until 10.

If you mess up, nothing happens, you have to focus until you can get to 10 without making a mistake. If you've concentrated well, you stop thinking about the name of God or the numbers are telling. Then you should concentrate on the site where you have the disease, bone, intestine, anywhere in the body where you feel pain. Think about that site. After relaxing you should concentrate on the place where you have the problem and tells your body to help heal the site. With strong thought with all the calls I want your body to heal that site: "cure, cure"

Like you're in a community, we call all the neighbors to help us. If another day another neighbor has problems, the whole community will help.

The agency only receives your orders, you must arrange with your mind firmly to the site to heal, "cure, cure, cures, and cures." Within days you're going to feel better, because that is your desire. Thought can help or damage your body. It's like a double-edged sword. If you think that a site of your body going to have problems, I guarantee that soon you will have problems at that site.

One day a doctor told me that every day in his office received a Lady pensioner complained every day a different site. I kept complaining. One day the doctor gave him a bottle of pills saying, "Look, sir, these pills are miraculous, every day take 1 and you will gradually feel better. All health problems you are going. Do you trust me? The Lord answered: Yes "After three months the lady back to the query. The doctor asks: how did it go? And the Lord said: Super good doctor, with these miracle pills I have been cured everything. I have nothing. The lady did not have anything, everything is in your mind. She thinks she is old and therefore has to have problems.

The pills were nothing, but Mrs. trust the doctor and the pills and cure. The whole problem was in his thought.

A doctor can help 30% cure your disease, 70% up to you. Think about it. Everything depends on you for your thoughts.

I in Barcelona I have a yoga room. I do yoga for over 10 years, is free.

I never charge for this practice of yoga. Anyone in your life has to make important decisions. And for all decisions have to be relaxed, you must first get to do yoga and when you're relaxed, you give yourself the perfect solution to your problems. Because if a person is very nervous, can not make a good decision. To make a good decision you have to be relaxed and nerveless. So this can help a lot in your life. Life depends on if you take the right decisions or not. If you take the right decisions your life will be wonderful. Are you?

So I always try to help people so everyone supports you and have a perfect way. Do not try to crush and take advantage of people, because this is going to have negative consequences for your life. Not worth it. Your positive thoughts and actions you will help your health and long life and good future and good family. All you have to do with golden heart and kindness, surely everyone will come back with golden heart and kindness. Then your life will be fantastic. If you put in front of the positive side mirror, the mirror makes you positive. Remember, if you have problems in one place, concentrate on that site. When you do yoga, unplug everything, mobile phone, radio, TV ... There should be no draft.

Every day, anytime, anywhere: everything is good. If you do this, what I managed to get me in 40 years I have not had any disease. If you have health you have nothing. If you have a perfect family, perfect job, you're a millionaire .... But you have health, you are more dead than alive in bed, you can not enjoy all this, you can not enjoy anything.

So in life, health comes first. If you have no health, no love, no money or anything, because you are more dead than alive. Listen and practice. If you have any questions, please contact me via Skype and I'll answer.

Remember: we are all one. If you're okay, I'm fine and everyone is well. If I'm wrong you're wrong and everyone is wrong. One helping another. If you help the other will help you. And everything will be fantastic.

Well, after doing yoga three times out air as much air as possible. When you finish with your hands rub the whole body to return to normal.

This technique is 100% effective. Because I myself have tried this technique for 40 years and it works. Above is free, what more could you want?

Best of luck. And everyone is happy. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.




The origin of evil is selfishness. All the source of evil is selfishness. Selfishness is bad for health, bad for thinking bad for the future ... All kinds of evil has only one source: the self. Many people are hospitalized for mad because they think a lot before going crazy. Think much of "I": I want, I do not want, me, me, me ... Life takes many turns. Some people take life too seriously. And when a desire can not be met are very disappointed and sad, or if someone hurts you, you always think about revenge and this will generate anxiety.

All these thoughts, move your awareness. Every day that passes, the more you move your consciousness.

All the hatred, comes from me. Everyone, I think first: as I will, as I do not want, as I wish as I wish .... I want to be like, and I do not want to be like, I like or I do not like. Some are tormented, because I think only. Sometimes things do not go the way one wants, or expects. In life not everything goes as you want. And if you're going to have 100 100 troubles. If you want 10 only have 10 anxieties. If you do not want anything you do not have anxiety.

Everything comes from me. No need to do whatever it takes to get rich, if you die you do not take anything. Who knows how many years will you live? In the cemetery there is not only the elderly, and youth is also full. Many young people die from car accident why? Because in a hurry, because they want to prove they know more than anyone else and they are superior to others, provided me. And that has led me to death. So I should think that that's what hurts.

Therefore, all friendships are broken. Because if friends do not do what I want is over and breaks his friendship. When two colliding views the relationship breaks. That's the problem with me. I have seen many people very sad in life. If there is no self, no sadness. The more I have more problems. Some people can not sleep because it thinks a lot about their problems, their desires .... And you do not think so. If you have to come good, come and have to accept it, if it comes too bad you have to accept it. So what are you going to solve thinking so much? The most important thing is to leave me. The bigger I have the more you will suffer. So you must learn to leave me. As many people want to be a millionaire and be doing things outside the law, stealing money, selling drugs ... all sorts of crimes. It hurts. That can not be. In the end it ends badly. The police catch him and gets him in jail, then what?

This should not, must never be. So think again before doing evil. That can not be. There are many people who speak alone Why? because he's got I think a lot. It takes everything to heart. That's bad, is bad for you and others. So think about it for your own good. I teach you: think about others. If you think for others in that case, you'll have good future. Very good future you have. If your friends, think first the need of a friend, not yours, you're going to have good life. Always be with you. If you think you are an entrepreneur first worker, the worker is the heart and you will earn more money if a worker is always thinking of boss, the boss will always think of the worker. If the employer does not think or care about the worker, the worker will not work at home and end the company will notice. There is no good for anyone. So all you have to do is always think about the need for another person. If you think of yourself first, you've fallen into your own trap, that is selfishness. You have to do things like others. You will have everything in life if you think of others. If you always think of others, people will always think highly of you. And you get yourself a favor. Many people are mistaken. Because if you always think in your favor and so others do not ever think of you.

If you think of the others will open all doors in the world. If you are selfish then go wrong.

Let the desire, if not let you go crazy for thinking so much. Good or bad, whatever.

The more you move the negative thinks of your mind. Try to think less, and have good health, good family, good job. Always others before you. So your future will be perfect. It all depends on you as you want. You have to realize.

Every thought, thinks too much, try to think less and you'll have better job, better family, better business ... so all you'll do fine in life.

The more you think, the more problems you have. Because thinking is detrimental to your health, your welfare, your job, your family, your partner ... Do not think, let qe things happen no matter good or bad.

Brings positive always positive. If you only think and act, is the same as 0. I have seen many people problems ... many problems! Because they think a lot and when things do not go as you wish, you disappoint and you get sad. And you punish yourself. Only negative bags for you. Only this, that's it.

If you you hit your head against the wall, you get hurt. So not worth it.

If you are sad, ill health is you, you can not sleep or eat, all day you're like a zombie .... That's bad for you. Why do you think so?

I think, is negative. If you want to live well think of the other. All kind of revenge, nerve stress, no matter with or without reason, is bad. If you want to live well let that thought. If not, you do not live well and can not ever have good future. If you will make life more difficult because you eat the coconut and you take away from others, then you can not live well, you're never going to live well. So for your own good, you should not think about yourself. You think only of others and others will return the favor. If you think of the other first everyone loves you. All this is to think about people and nothing more. Just think for others and your life will be plain sailing.

Thank you very much.



The evil of the world's first sex. Today we will talk about some religions that prey on the poor people are not aware of anything. There are many people taking advantage of women and people to enrich themselves. There are many "religions" that take advantage of poor uneducated people. For example, the teacher asks people for money and promising that you will have luck and health. Another blunder says the woman has to have sex with the teacher to be healthy and long life. All religions are good while you are within the law of the gods. But women can not offer her body for the teacher to do sex after the teacher does sex with that woman, gives it to the other fans to do sex with her. This is very bad. It is against the law of God. In many religions from time to time get any teacher who does great harm to people taking advantage of the ignorance of people. People want to be healthy and believe everything they tell you. These "teachers" take advantage of this. Tell women that if they have health and long life have to have sex with the teacher, so they can cure their illnesses and have long life. They offer health, luck and long life in exchange for sex. After having sex with the teacher, the teacher gives to the other followers to do sex with her. This is nonsense. That goes against God's law. This "teacher" is taking advantage of the ignorance of people to take advantage. Be careful with this. These people should be in jail.

Another thing these teachers asking for people's money to enrich themselves and live with every comfort

If you want to have good health and long life you have to give money to people in need, to organizations that help people heal for example Doctors Without Borders. If you want long life, you have to donate money to people so you can also lengthen your life healing their diseases. Do not give money to those teachers who just want to take advantage of the poor and rich people. No teacher is God. We are all human beings. If a teacher says it's God that's a lie. No we are God. Those who say they are living God, they just want people to take advantage of free sex and money to enrich themselves. They are false teachers. With that very carefully. There are many sects in many countries say they are Tibetan Buddhists and only profit. I'm not accusing anyone, just saying that you have very careful with the sects that are passed by Tibetan Buddhists and ask money for sex and health luck and long life. A Buddhist teacher never asks for anything in return for teaching the proper way to help others. Anyone in Tibetan Buddhism, be very careful, just in case. I just notice you so you do not take out the money and you stay in the street with nothing or you have to do sex with many people and then you from becoming infected with AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases. I'm just warning you: beware of sex and sects who ask money for health and longevity luck. There are many people in the world that passes by Tibetan Buddhist masters only to take advantage of people who want health and long life. Carefully. With this.

In this world there are many good teachers but also many bad teachers. In all religions there are Buddhist, Catholic ... If you have money you must help the poor. If you spare a euro with a euro to help people in need, if there is extra 10 euros to 10 euros to help poor people. This is how the gods are going to help. If your aid to the people you have friends, no matter how much you give. And no excuses, do it and go. Without asking anything in return. If you can, help without asking anything in return.

Do not let people take advantage of you asking for money.

Now there are many sects in the name of gods who prey on people. Beware of them.

A teacher who wears fancy clothes and live in luxury home with lots of amenities around ... Beware of them!

A great teacher asks nothing in return.

I teach free yoga meditation for 16 years in my house and ask nothing in return. I do not accept a penny, or any gifts in return. I do everything for free to help people, because I do it with heart.

I do not know the name or the phone of my students for what? I just try to help people. To all the people in need and ask nothing in return.

If a teacher asks you for money and sex, for whatever reason his students, he is a villain not a teacher. Is false. There is a teacher. A teacher does as Jesus Christ was dedicated to people without asking anything in return, like me. I never ask anybody anything, like Jesus Christ who gave his life for others without asking anything in return just helping people. If a teacher asks you something in return, then it is a false teacher. It is a bandit who only wants to take advantage of you. I never ask anyone for money, just help people in need.

There is much controversy with the Tibetan Buddhists, true or not I do not know, I just say that you have carefully. I just notice you. A true teacher never asks people for money. A teacher never asks for sex in exchange for health and long life. That is to take advantage of people. Beware of them. A prostitute does not want to have sex if you do not. But if you go into these sects have to have sex with the teacher and all the fans ... that to be a crook is a crook and a liar. Much eye. If a teacher asks you for sex or money is not a true master. If anything does not ask and offers his help and teaching without asking anything in return, this is a true master like me.

As a day that came to my yoga room an elderly lady for yoga meditation with us, and I said I was going to a yoga class where the teacher had to strip all women to practice yoga and get better and good energy. . The lady told me she was ashamed to show her naked body because it was not young and her body was wrinkled and full of love handles. If you do yoga why would you have to take your clothes off? Yoga has nothing to do with clothes. This teacher uses only.

Beware of the sects that ask for things to change.

Anyone who wants to get something from you is a scammer. If you ask for something is a swindler, is a cult. Can not ask for sex or money. These people out everything you can to others for them to live well.

To do good health for people and have a positive energy and you will feel very happy: it brings you good health.

God always says forgive others. Because if you do not forgive, if you hate, this negative energy that produces hate going to hurt you and you will have health problems because you're always pissed off, angry and sad. If people do something wrong against you, sooner or later they will pay. So no need to hate and be angry, everyone will have their punishment, do not worry.

Thank you very much.



The sky. Heaven is where God, Jesus or Allah or Buddha. Everything is the same category of sky. There is only one sky, no two or three. To enter heaven you have to act like Jesus Christ or Mohammed or Buddha. I always do for others, help people, give good advice to people, sacrifice for the people.

That's what you do and what these gods. Many people, manipulates and makes it different than the Bible. Neither the Bible of Jesus Christ, Buddha or the Bible or the Koran, said to be killed. Never. Always with a good heart to save people. Never said that put bombs in the body to kill people go to heaven.

To go to heaven you have to have a pure heart, a heart of gold. Like Jesus, like Buddha, like Muhammad. Make no mistake. Anyone who tells you that killing people go to heaven, impossible. All those who go to heaven, are those that help people, who give their lives for others. Not killing people. That's a total mistake. Many people manipulate the words of the Bible. They ignore.

To go to heaven, you can not have thought of me, me, me. That is pure selfishness. I guarantee you that people do not go to heaven. Go to hell. Think about it. If you do everything with a good heart, everything. As I said, "Allah is great" for helping people with heart, taught people to be good. Now that's correct. And if someone says the opposite of what he said Allah, Jesus or Buddha, it is manipulation. That person is a stakeholder, is like a demon, because he tries to manipulate the word of the gods. Always to go to heaven, always helping people, doing favors for people, sacrifice for the people. For to go to heaven you can not have selfishness. If you have a difference between I-You-He then everyone fighting for their own interests and are selfish. In this land since ancient times, there are always wars between countries or civil wars within a country. All this is by difference, by selfishness, because everybody thinks he's better than the other and want to be right.

3. by square head. Because I always think I'm better, my race is better, my thinking is better. Everything is on me. In this society everything moves by the self.

In this country, politicians do not stop to spend the people's money for their own interests. They keep spending without mercy. When finished their run, which he did in the past, will have the punishment of God. Any penny of the people can not squander. If you spend, you have to spend to benefit the people. When did you get the people, have to invest in the people. That's a good ruler. Those who attempt to graft those are going to end badly, as those who are for abortion who think only of killing unborn babies. No one is God to take away anyone's life. If you try to be God, you become a demon and go to hell. Remember well. We are not Gods, we can not order to kill anyone. We can not. That will have serious consequences. Politicians, rulers, the powerful may be because in another past life done good for people, but if they go against the law of the gods, removing religious education so that people do not believe in God or anything, that people are very dangerous. They are very selfish. If they can pass over you, go.

Every citizen has his conscience, his heart. Conscience and the Bible are not two different things, the two are one not two different things. Just so you know, if we take the Bible, we removed the conscience. For example if a woman does not want a baby, it kills. Why is that? If you do not want to have babies, operated or take pills to avoid it. There are many ways to have children. If one day you get pregnant and do not want the child, then give it up for adoption. Why kill? Politicians who say stupid against the gods, such as legal abortion, imagine that your father and mother does the same, you and all your party, no matter which party they belong if they support abortion, you would not be here today in this world. Before birth and would have killed you, you'd be dead. Neither'd been president or deputy. Would not be here today. After your mother and your father give you make for life, take care, educate yourself, you do not let others have that opportunity. You make the bridge to go and when you've crossed over, remove the bridge so that no one else can happen. That is called pure selfishness.

All are God's punishment. None escapes. None. Everything you do you'll pay dearly. First your conscience punishes. All souls of babies are going to ask for revenge, they will go after you for revenge. You can take your life and your health. For all the souls of babies will go for you. That is a matter of time. You should not go against the gods. Contraceptives should help to avoid having babies, but never help abort or give permission. Please help so that all babies are born. Provide every assistance and facilities for babies born. You can not kill your own people, your countrymen. You can not. How old are you going to live? And when you die what? The law of the gods is not going to forgive. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth. Watch out for this. You're not anyone or anything. In no time giving you a heart attack and die. You are nobody. You are nothing. Do not try to be like a God. No. You are a devil are not a God. Killing is not, is like the devil. Remember well. Consciousness is going to settle the score.

So now you know. To go to heaven is necessary to help people, to sacrifice for others. If you act like Jesus, like Buddha, like Muhammad, surely go to heaven.

When once you get into heaven, will have many advantages.

Thank you very much.



Now I will explain the advantage of going to heaven.

Any God, like Jesus, like Buddha, like Muhammad, all of them, may be born in any country where they choose, where choice. Before birth, they themselves design their life according to what everyone wants. If you want to be born as a prince, you are born a prince, like Buddha. If you want to be born into a poor family, you choose to be born into a poor family, like Jesus Christ. Whatever you want. You prepare your life and how you live it. Anytime you can come or go as you want. Not like us, who can die at any time, for example a heart attack, accident ... anything can happen. We are nothing, we 0. We do not know when we will die, or when it will be our last night. Many people get up, goes out and picks up the car and then not return because he had an accident, died on the road. Lot of people die every day on the road. No one knows what is his last night. No one. So you think that today is your last night. And you do good to people, so go to heaven.

Do not try to kill people or get the money. Not worth it. For a moment of selfishness, sacrifice most to benefit you, who are a minority. As politicians who sacrifice the people to benefit themselves. Because they have the right to waste the people's money. The money is not yours. If you, everyone does what he wants with his money, but not with money from others.

Every penny you spend and not yours, look good. Because everything has consequences.

So when you are born in heaven forever. You do not die ever. Because in heaven all have a pure heart. If the heart is I, me, me, is selfishness, then certainly going to hell.

If you do with all your heart with t family, with friends, to society with the state, all will turn to your advantage. T If you want life to be positive, the only way is for you to be positive with others. So you get all the desires that t want. Selfishness, in the end just brings negative and fatal. If you want to live very well, you do things right, within the law. So your happiness and wealth lasts forever. That's what you have to understand: you must not take advantage of people. In life there are two paths:

1 help others to go to heaven or,

2 act selfishly to go to hell.

When once you get to heaven, you can travel around the universe. You can be born in any solar system, on any planet, wherever you want. Selfishly, not going anywhere, will be born poor, fish or animal ... the worst thing. What for?

Read the Bible of Jesus Christ, the Koran, the Bible of Buddha ... and if you do what the Bible says thou shalt be God. You will go to heaven.

Heaven or Hell. Up to you. Help your family, help your friends, help your neighbors, helps society, helps the state .... If you do this your life will be paradise, will be n heaven. It depends and you. I advise you to take the road to paradise. You'll live better, more comfortable, with good health and long life and much happiness, and also to remove your diseases are all diseases because of negative thinking. Anger, sadness, that's negative thinking. You know, to remove all types of illness, you must first remove your negative thinking. When you remove the negative thoughts from your mind, you have to sacrifice yourself for others and give life to others t. That positive thinking conquers everything, your illness, your bad luck, and gives you long life. There is no other way. There is no other solution.

As you know, all you do to live well and get everyone you want, have a long life and happiness is to give people your life, with all your heart. Any person of any social category, handsome or ugly, whatever. It offers anyone with a heart. This will give you the world in your hands. So you will never have illness and always have good luck like me. I'm 40 years qe doing yoga and always thinking positive, always positive with people. I in 40 years I have never gotten sick. This is the result. If you have health you have nothing, so think like me: always positive. Never take advantage of people, helping people, so you come out benefit. If you listen and help people, as I do, your life on this earth to be a fantastic paradise. Do not try to take advantage of people, even a little bit, because you will pay dearly.

Thank you very much.



PORN. According to law of the gods punished the biggest events are related to porn, with sex. Any person, man or woman who does porn, film or video, public or private, all who do porn, remember well, all go to hell at least 1,000,000 years. I hope that those who make pornography, do not die never die because when his nightmares begin. Do not tell me what the gods say. The vagaries are paid very expensive. Now take advantage of your youth, showing your naked body, your genitals, so what? A piece of meat. Soon you will be old or older and what will you teach? If 70% of the body is water, and full of veins, poop, pee, full of mucus, blood ... what do you teach? Do you think your body is a wonder? Do not look inside: there are full of shit intestines, bones, veins, liver, heart ... just like when you kill a pig, you open it and there are the same. When you open a body is what you get. Do not be fancy and say, How beautiful, how beautiful! Make no mistake.

In life you have to find happiness, a good future in porn do not get to anything. How much can you take to do porn? Misery. Even professional people out some money, but people are too stupid to record their own videos and upload to the Internet for many people to look at. They gain nothing and going to hell over ... those are the dumbest people out there. Is that really, these people have no brain. Do not think. What for? I do not understand. Taught to twist the minds of new generations and then do crazy things. All those people who are dedicated to porn, movies, home videos, whatever ... go to hell until one day disappear porn on earth. If it lasts 1,000,000 years, you'll be 1,000,000 years in hell. And every day you're going to put a stick up your ass until you get blood. Each day you will die the same way and are reborn to again suffer the same torture. What you get with that? I tell you the pay supercaros whims. Genitals teach what? Everyone is equal, everyone has the same. What is the difference? What do you teach? Why not teach you when you have the rule, all full of blood? If you teach as you enter through the ass, why not teach as you poop? That's not nice, really, that's twisted thinking. You hurt yourself and you hurt people. That's not just good, it never ends.

Today I've noticed that many visitors to my page come from porn sites. I hope someday to hear my words, what I say. Life has many beautiful things. No need to be gay or lesbian to enjoy life. People do not see clear. I hope you look and listen what I say on my page with all your heart. They should not go against the law of loa gods. Life is short, any time air does not enter and you're dead. So why all this vice?

Help people, your family, your wife, your children, society ... like me. Life there are many things to enjoy. What difference does a genital larger or smaller, a bigger chest or smaller. Who cares if it's all the same? Within how what's chest? No fat, no more, all fat. What you can teach? And Pies pee and poop there, I do not understand what happens to you. In life there are wonderful things to enjoy. All paid expensive whims.

Do not fight the gods, humans are poor, we will not ever win against the gods. No bad things to teach young people, you'll pay dearly, very dearly.

Teaches do well to young people, please do not teach porn because you will pay dearly, my dear.

In a few years your body will be full of wrinkles, sagging breasts and full of wrinkles, and men no longer have erections, the penis does not rise and the body is full of wrinkles. Youth is short. And then what? What will you teach? Teaching young people to do porn and free sex like crazy, what do you get? : Nothing, and win over the punishment of the gods. If you do not believe in God nothing happens, and you'll find when you die. In addition, everyone has a safe plane where everything is recorded, the good and bad. Everything is recorded, everything is in your consciousness. What do you get that?

Make videos and upload them to Internet porn, what nonsense! You do not make up anything and go against God's law. What a fool you are! You yourself are going to punish. You do not make any profit, unlike going to have bad luck, bad luck.

Listen to me please look for a positive life, making porn just going to have bad luck and your life will be worse every day. Please trust me. Go to hell. Listen to the video that I have on my page of the voices from hell, hear the cries of the people who are in hell and you will see pain sufferers. You anytime you can die, in the cemetery there is not just pensioners, there are many young people, think it over. Do not teach sex to the public, is one way the devil does not work. The devil gets easy and hard to leave.

All you can do is repent. Repent with all your heart. All I'm saying you do not believe me but its going to happen like it or not, because this is the law is the law of the gods. The law of gods come when you die and all your sins will be punished harshly. I personally do not enter or salo, each done with your life what you want, I just advise you. I'm not against anyone but I say the future lies ahead.

Thank you very much.



If you have to learn to live well. What we live is like a TV channel you put any in and out all kinds of different images and if you try to take any image, for example money, only you take the screen.

Just like life, if a person has a lot of money at death where is your money? Money can not carry to the grave.

If the money is ill can not use. All we have is not real, as real is not anything. So do not have to take things so seriously. Like when you sleep, when night and dream, we sometimes have dreams of terror, for example you dream about someone chasing you to kill the dreams and sweat of fear, you get wet all the clothes. When you wake up you think, thank goodness, has been a dream. But when you sleep, you think it's real, so sudabas with fright. When you wake up you say, thank goodness it was all a dream!

But you're wrong, because you wake Cando you walk into another dream. There is a dream with eyes closed and others with open eyes. The two are no dreams and real. People say Ah! ... life, life, life ... but not real. But we take things as if they were real. What you see and what you play is only for a few years or few months, a few days or a few minutes, because we do not know when we will die. At any time we can die. Some sooner and some later, but we are all going to die. When we go to sleep, do not know if this will be our last night. Many people when you get up, have an accident, become ill, and dies. Any night can be your last night. Who can guarantee that this will not be your last night? In this land, with many millions of people ... how many people this will be his last night? When you least expect it, can I touch you die. Nothing is certain, nothing is real. When you die Take Nothing. No matter you are a millionaire, a noble, a poor .... live well and happy .. nothing is real. If you know that nothing is real, do not take life so seriously. Nothing is real. Love, there is nothing real, because when you die if no body is what you love? Nothing is real. If you understand this you can live well and happy. If you have a dream and you can not comply, you will become sad .. if you have ten wishes, you're going to put 10 times sad, if you have a million wishes, you're going to put a million times sad. So to live well, do what you have to do, and do not try to take advantage of others. Many people say, look, look, I've taken advantage of that poor woman / man and today I have a million euros. But that person is wrong. If he had not taken advantage of people today could have if not a million not 10 million. For the past life he was playing well and you have 10 million but has deceived and crushed as people in this life can only get a million. Had he done so honestly, that man could have 10 million today. Many people do not know. People think, have to fight to get money. That's for sure, we must work to have money, but there are two ways of working, an honest work and other work taking advantage of people, like a bandit. And also spend two ways: one is to spend on a whim, like many famous people, such as Hollywood actors who make so much money and do not know what to do with so many millions ... how they all end up? hooked on drugs, all go to the drug. If this money is invested in doing good things, like riding a foundation to help people then would be saints. But as they say everything to me, everything to me ... eat like everyone else, does a kilo of food every day? We all have more or less the same stomach, and there is no more. They eat meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, in this world there is more to eat. All you have to do is get rich spiritually, because he has to help others. Why we need to help others? Well I will explain. Each one of us as a cell of a body. And the body has millions of cells, each body is a small universe. Every cell in our body has another million within cells. So each cell has its own thinking and can move, go to wherever you want. And these cells communicate with one another, as I communicate with you. So the doctor discovers that the cancer cell before dying convinces the other healthy cells and become malignant cells. So never cure cancer, why? Because the cells communicate with one another, spread each other. As there are bad people, such as a thief, one learns from the other and there are more thieves. And together the good cells and bad cells live together in this universe. We are like a cell in a larger universe that is the world.


So that you understand what I say, we are a cell of a larger world. Within a cell there are smaller and within each one of them is other cells, and within these there are other ..... All these cells form my body and my body is in a society and that society is in a state and the state within a country and all countries are this earth. And the land is coupled with a solar system planets and the solar system is part of a universe full of solar systems. For you to understand how it goes. Our solar system is only part of the full universe of solar systems. It is the only solar system in this universe, no. We are part of a solar system out of millions of solar systems that make up the universe. In this case, if you help another, that someone else will help you. No one is helping you help yourself. Because we all do a set. If you do harm to another, you're doing yourself years. For example, our body. If your right hand glued to your left hand, pain in your left hand goes around the body. Until the very hand that strikes you feel sick. Pain is transmitted. It means that if a poor family educates his son one day that child will be terrorist or murderer in this case the pair have brought harm to your child and your child can do harm to others. Although born in any country in the world, in a town or city, if not educated well, a day can hurt anyone. If a good family educates your child, that child will be the savior of this world. That can greatly improve life. So you have to understand that you, me and him there. We are all one, there are two. If you can understand what I say, this world will be a paradise. All you people will do good and bad, is a dream. It is a dream with open eyes, but it remains a dream. We are acting in a movie. Each represents a role. Like me, that I play with my kids father, husband to my wife, friend with my friends, a teacher with my students. Each represents many roles. You have to do roles that represent well, like me. Try to help the bad cells to become good, because if you do not help, one day these cells can turn into bad cells. For the good of all.

Everything has a cause and effect. Remember well: do not take things so seriously. As in Spain every year many men kill their women and they all say the same nonsense: if not for me not for anyone. But they forget that men and women and animals are all in the same category, none is superior. She is not yours nor man nor is woman. Remember well: no one owns it. Neither an animal is owned. Each has its own life, his own thinking. If you do not you treat your wife or your husband, and the other as not feeling well want to separate, well, but you can not take revenge, because the fault was yours.

You can never ever thought I, I, I. .. because your life "fall apart", will be fatal. You can never have I, me, me. Remember well: we are a cell of a world and a body has a million cells, if one cares to another and one another, this body is healthy. Everything will be perfect. If you teach others to be good, this one will teach others to be good and so the whole country will be good. That's what you do. Make no distinction between you, me, him. We are all no. If you treat the other as if you were yourself, impossible that you can harm him, because nobody wants to hurt himself. If you treat others like yourself this world would be a paradise, and everyone will treat you well. Like politics. If the people are tightening their belts by the crisis, the government must also prepare themselves belt and can not waste a penny. If the people going underground, the government must go underground. If the people go by car, the government is going by car. Because we are all one. So you get out of crisis. If the people are poor and the rich government, if the people are tightening their belts and the government and can not be. If we all thought in the other as if you were yourself, here is a paradise. If everyone is on their interests, will do very bad thing. Because you try to have fun without thinking about the people who has a hard time. How many millions of families have to sacrifice for you? For a family to live well .... How many families have to suffer? That is a sin. Life is a dream, try not to think of you, think of the other. So here is a paradise.

Thank you very much.



What to do when a person dies. For the sake of people who die.

When someone dies, then you have to give some advice: do not be afraid to die and not per family does not want to go, you must drop everything and go with God. Waiting for God to come get you. You have to give that advice. have to call people to pray Jesus or Mary mantra at least 24 hours. He should recite mantra of Jesus Christ. It is important that when a person dies, no one should approach or touch the dead person, at least 12 h. Do not move for 12 hours for his soul when he dies takes 8 or 12 or 16 hours to leave his body and when separated from its body has a lot of pain. It is as if we removed one leg. Above your fling ... cogiéndote by washing, the clothes ... changing you can not touch the body because it suffers a lot to separate soul from the body. So at that time, is strictly forbidden to touch the body at all, or even an injection so that the body will not rot. Do not touch for at least 12 hours. You must advise the person who died, bringing you next to your ear: I think the mantra of Jesus or Mary or some Ghost to come get him. When it comes to Jesus or Mary or a Saint, is a white light. If there are lights of other colors like yellow, green blue ... you should not ignore. There are five or six colors but you just have to ignore it when a strong white light, then go fast, do not think twice go faster because you go to heaven directly, go to the land of Jesus, Mary or Buddha. Territory of God: white light.

When a person dies, their energy is more or less the size of a child of 5 or 6 years, some people can see. And this energy is very restless, moving very fast, and you can hear if someone calls your name, far or near. It's a very intelligent energy. You have to advise not to move from where you are, it does not move to the side of his body. If you see something, if someone in your family comes for saying come, come child, come with us, you must say you can not go with them, if you go with them will go straight to hell. These come in a yellow light. You always have to go with white light and strong. Do not go anywhere. Because if you see any animal, you can enter the animal world and be born as an animal. If you see a cow and you go, be born as a cow, if you see a dog and you go, be born as a dog ... and that any animal. You must advise you not to move the site, which is still and recite mantra you until God comes looking for him. You have to tell you to pray with you. But do not touch the body. You must advise you not go with anyone can only run when he comes God. And God is always with white light, you have to always go with white light. You have to explain that he loves his body because the body breaks down and must stop. Do not love anything in this world, no family, no children because you have to leave this world, leave everything you owned in this world and go with God. That is what is advised to know what to do. In 12 hours you should not approach the body, not touching the sheets, no bed, nor to any injection of any kind, or shower, nothing. Just pray for 24 hours, you can read Bible and recite mantra. Until the funeral is over, you continue to pray for the dead depart in peace. Remember well.

Now I tell you how you can know where to go once the soul has died the body.

There are 6 ways and you can know which path has taken the soul of the dead person:

if it leaves the soul by the feet, if the last thing cool are the feet, the soul leaves the feet. Then that person goes to hell .. because that person is bad. If your feet are hot this

Knees. If hot-born animal.

Stomach. If the whole body gets cold and the stomach is hot, that person will be born as evil spirit.

If the breast is warm, the person will be born person.

If the eyebrows, the midpoint between the eyes, is hot, that person was a good person and will be a saint. He has done good for people.

If the whole body is cold and on top of the head is hot, is that your soul has gone to God, and be holy and live in paradise with God.

People who go to heaven when they die, the body becomes rigid, in several days, that person has a soft body and the face looks like I was sleeping even have some redness on the cheeks. It does not look so pale, with a smooth side and not scary.

After twelve hours, and you can wash the body before maquillarlo ... do not touch the body because that person will suffer, it's like having a wound in the arm and touch the wound, then it will hurt more. That is very bad for the dead because feel much more pain.

It is important to give good advice when a person dies. You must pray and say mantra to pray with you and not leave, pending the white light of God. If you touch the body and is angry because a lot of pain, you can go to hell because of you.

That is so important that the family work very well when a relative dies.

When one dies, it feels so much pain to separate soul from body, and if above can not talk or complain because his body does not respond, you should know that you can not play until 12 hours elapsed.

So this is important and never be forgotten.

You must do this. Do not touch the body and not mourn, because if you cry more distress to the person who has died. She feels bad and if you can get a negative thought and you'll have problems. It is therefore important that you remember this: you can not even touch, or mourn, or to approach or touch the sheets or bed. Nothing in 12 hours. Just pray, pray and pray in shifts if necessary. Only this.

Just think of God, only positive, only in God or Buddha. Each religion wait for your God to come looking for him. Each religion with specific mantra, the name of their God. It is for all the same.

This is to help the dying person for each person to go to the territory of their God. Because in this world there are 84,000 different religions.

Thank you very much.




Social peace between employers and workers. This very, very important. I am a Buddhist and usually do not enter things politics. But I never agree, each defending its interests, in this case always conflicts break out in society.

To live well and in peace, for the good of all, I advise:

The head of the employers and workers need to know that are in the same boat. A factory without workers not working. Even if you have money if no one is going to work for you, you can never make money. Is this correct?

A worker if you have no capital, no factory Where will you work? There is no room.

For Employers and unions that must be united because if anyone can get benefited, on the contrary is bad for both parties.

If worker is against the employer is wrong.

If the employer also crushed the worker goes wrong.

There is a perfect formula for a well-functioning system.

If 10% of the employee's salary goes to buy shares in the company, the worker becomes small business and will want a well-functioning business.

The employer must not have more than 50% of shares and agrees to terms with the workers. Thus one needs the other to function properly. If the company invests in worker that worker becomes small business owner, not only charges salary, benefits also comes the end of the year.

If 50% of the profits goes to the worker, the worker feels at home in this company. When the thing goes well the employer hires people, if it goes wrong everyone was.

If 51% of workers outside the factory, the factory sure goes well. Everything depends on the worker, if anyone works how can win the entrepreneur? So if you invest in the company, the worker, this work thoroughly, at home with love and perfect product does very well and very fast. Then head up the insurance company holds insurance crisis and our jobs.

I recently made billions phone and wants to throw 5,000 workers. Not understood. Why not distribute wealth to the people. A business that earns billions, with that will not be able to spend in a lifetime ... so why not leave a little to the workers, poor people to support his family. If you selfishly go wrong, if you just think about how to make more, more ... but do not know that when I die will not bring anything to the grave. You have to spread the wealth among the society, between people who need them. Because the money comes from society and has to return to society. If you win you can buy billions every whim the world but you do not spend it all, still a lot of money left over. Then the money left to invest in society, on workers, because if workers feel comfortable working well and then yield more and produce better, because they will work for you with all your soul, with all his love.

First you must win the heart of the worker to be faithful and everything for the company and with heart. You must care for the worker and his family. Because if the family has problems, the worker will be worried and not work well.

If you care about workers, everyone will care for you and you will gain more and more money.

Only invest a little money and little love, have an immense reward. Only the paste will not go anywhere.

The employer and the worker are one not two. If you treat the worker as if your family I guarantee that your company will gain more. Because the workers are very grateful and will work with all your heart and taste. So indirectly earn more. If you want to make money, then take good care of your workers.

If machacas the worker, and you cut your salary, the employee will work worse and slower. We are all one, no differences between rich and poor. Because one day you can be rich and then you become poor and can also go backwards. The world turns and everything can change in a moment. Now you are rich but tomorrow you can be poor and backward.

Thank you very much.



Catholics, Protestants, priests, monks, teachers ... as Bible study and why we can not think or act like Jesus, why? Because when we study the Bible does not enter into the Bible, we read only one study, do not understand with our hearts. We need to know to become the bible, we must be one, we must integrate and be only one. If you can understand what he says Jesus Christ, Buddha, these words come into your mind and your heart and transform your mind and heart like Jesus Christ.

When you study, you have to read for reading ... that does not work.

Many priests in the world cause scandals, why? if all well know Bible. Because evil act. The difference between Jesus and us is that Jesus Christ has no self, no selfishness. A priest or we always think of me, are selfish. In this case we put the leg and commit all kinds of errors. I think, I say, I do, I like, friends do not like, do not do .... 100% me. Jesus Christ or Buddha act only by people, not by selfishness. That's the difference between Them and us. Jesus Christ died for the people and we die only for ourselves, not anyone. If we die for others we will become immortal.

If Jesus were selfish, the day came for him to kill, had fled, would have run, but waited. Any of us, if we know who will come to kill us, we ran, if we are 100, 100 we ran. Nobody expects to die.

Why Jesus did not flee? Why not me, no selfishness in his heart.

Any of us who are poor things human. We do not understand well. If you do for others you get rich, that I will join Jesus Christ, if you have no ego and selfishness have not you become the Holy Spirit. If you are selfish you become a demon.

Two spirits. Where is the difference? The difference is that the Holy Spirit has no ego and selfishness The devil is, is pure me.

People do not know, if you hurt people for profit, where does it go with that advantage? To the grave? You and I know that when we are born we do not bring anything and when we die we do not get anything. What harm to others? Do you think so you can enjoy life? What is for life? In the cemetery are not all old and retired, there are many young people. As every weekend many people die in accidents by many different causes.

So all the problems we come from selfishness. Selfishness has spoiled nature. Natural disasters, because we use a lot of chemistry. Germany many people die from contaminated food. If you put chemicals to kill worms in fruits and vegetables, then the chemical that makes us eat and damage. Like animals, artificially fattened with chemicals that we eat and then we pollute our bodies.

Everything we do is the cause of the sufferings we have now, everything comes from air pollution and food. Before the earth was a paradise, now we have earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods or droughts ... everything comes from our selfishness. Because every day we spoil closer to nature and those are the consequences. A wise man says that within 30 years this land will only be 20%. It's possible. Because every day we are more selfish and use more chemicals that spoil nature.

Thank you very much.


Every day more spoil nature, so each day there are more natural disasters and epidemics. Just breathe and die by contagion. So if we live well, we should not spoil the nature. Look what has happened in Japan: an earthquake happens? We have to take care of all nature. Do not try to make a pact with the devil, such as nuclear: we are selling the soul to the devil. We use natural energies such as sun, wind, water ...

If everyone reads the Bible and understand what God wants to tell us, if we understand with the heart, then you do not do what we're doing. Governments, political parties ... should not spend on nonsense and fancy things that go their own interest, selfishness, and while the people are suffering. In Andalusia, the government has spent millions of euros in nonsense and the people are starving. With more than 5,000,000 unemployed and politicians wasting money. What is this? Pure selfishness. If the government thought for his people as Jesus Christ was always thinking of others ... if the people are tightening their belts, the government must tighten its belt, if the people suffer, suffer and the government should not waste a penny. Then I guarantee you that out of the crisis immediately. They hire more people. Where is the money? Everyone wants to live well and with amenities and crush the people, gaining them into the blood. How are we going to raise its head? . If someone does not do well, then it must change from person or party. No matter what party or who, while doing for others, as Jesus Christ. Not being selfish.

Selfishness hurts people. The people can not do anything, but God does. And I assure you will get their punishment to the law of the universe. That's not forget that. When they die they will serve their sentences. Although not think. If you commit a crime, believe or not believe, the law will punish the same. Even if you do not believe in hell when you die you will suffer, believe or not believe, it will not escape anyone.

The abortion has very bad effect on you, your party ... you can not give permission to kill his own people, your own race. Like it or not like. You can not abort. Under the law of God we are all the same: beautiful, ugly, rich, poor, children, adults ... to the law of God we are all the same. Not because you were not born you have no rights, the law is the same for everyone.

Every day you have to change little by little like Jesus Christ. If everyone does this land gradually become a paradise. But if we continue with such selfishness every day have more natural disasters, more diseases ... like AIDS: 30 million deaths worldwide from the disease. Every day more than 7,000 new cases of AIDS.

Now in 2012 we have more than 40,000,000 infected by AIDS. This disease is spread widely among homosexuals. All that tries to break with nature ends badly. God creates man and woman, and now every day more people come together with: men with men and women with women. Like a joke: the priest declared husband and wife or husband and wife. That seems to declare joke woman and wife. Thus, in this land, in 50 years nobody will. Because we will not have children and humanity will remain childless. If your father or mother were gay or lesbian, you would not be in this world, because two men can not father a child and two women either. You were not born. So what you like is one thing, but going against nature is another. Of course we know that gays and lesbians do not hurt anyone, but the point is that we can not break nature. As we go against nature and see how the weather is full of natural disasters. So I would like everyone to read the Bible and went into the Bible to understand with the heart. And become like Jesus Christ. Thinking and acting like Jesus Christ to become Jesus Christ.

Thank you very much.



Now, governments around the world are very wrong about education. Why? When you're little and you go to school does not teach how to be good, like being generous, as a good heart, and serve the people.

As taught from childhood not only when you're older you think about yourself and do not care about others and every day there are more crimes against the law. Like most atheists, are not afraid of anything and fear nothing.

Think about it. The government, no matter what party you are, the important thing is that every day there is less crime. Now no Catholic teaching, the government has forced the removal of crosses from schools and removes the subject of religion. Think about it, everything has a cause and effect. Recently a student priest insulted if people start to go against the law of the gods, the old Bible that has the people built a tower for people to launch arrows to kill God.

Think God is more powerful or more powerful humans are miserable. Any natural disaster we died like flies. Look at Japan, with the tsunami, many people have died. We are nothing. Do not try to fight against the gods. Since the beginning of time humans have tried to do and have always failed. No matter the color of the party, God is above all, believe it or not God is always there. Against the Gods never going to win. Do as God intended. Teaching the Bible is the only salvation for the new generations are able to sacrifice for others and not always think of oneself. Now everyone is trying to sacrifice the most people by a minority. If the government is not good to be able to give the people must change. If you are unable to leave the office for the good of the people.

The government must make sacrifices for the majority. The problem is that the socialist and communist governments do not believe in God, and only think about me, me, me. Look at Spain, each year kill more than 100 women because the man only thinks about me, me, me. You control what I aces, if you do not do what I tell myself, then I'll kill you. This is pure me. Pure selfishness. This whole problem comes from poor education since childhood. Children are like trees, if you can correct crooked to straight up, but the older, more difficult to straighten.

Like the thought and actions, when you're older is very difficult to correct. The teaching starts from pregnancy before birth. If the mother is very nervous, very strong any cause can cause abortion. Any concerns of the mother, goes to the baby before birth. For that education begins in pregnancy. So if you're pregnant, you must be calm, relaxed, listening to good music, reading the Bible and teach your child to be a good person ... and your baby before birth and begin to know how to be a good person. Education must follow when teaching the baby is born a good person. Always continues to teach and be a good person. If not, do not teach your children well in the end your children will be terrorists. If your child's rudeness becomes a terrorist, a day can make a bomb and kill 100 or 200 or more. So I always say we are all one. If a fault can affect the other. In our body there are plenty of agencies, if one fails, life is over. Within our body we have a heart, liver, kidneys, brain ... if any of these organs can fail at a time to die. We are all one. So I am saying that the whole society, all countries around the world are one, not two of us, as our body. So you have to educate your children with the Bible, so that when they get older they are good people, helping others, generous solidarity with the rest of the world.

Remember well, since childhood education is very, very important.

Thank you very much.



What is good? What is wrong?

Good: doing good means that what you do benefits others, not you personally benefit you. That is doing good. For you only do for others without any concern to you, then you're doing good. If only you for your interest, then act selfishly. To do good you have to have the thought of equality: everyone is equal. As we are equal? Neither rich nor poor, neither good nor bad luck or tell you the beautiful and ugly ... we are all in the same category. You have to give the same respect for a rich and poor, any race. We are all equal and no one is superior. That is doing things right. If we go further, you should try like the animals, nature, water ... not pollute, do not cut trees, not burning forests ... respect nature and animals as if they were your own. When we pollute, we will pay dearly ourselves. We need to use natural energy like the sun the water the air, we must not take advantage of what lies beneath the earth such as oil, because eventually the land will stay empty inside and we'll all sink.

Everything you see treat it as if you were them. We have to thank the water, sky, land ... because if we disservice ourselves. We have to live if more and more natural disasters, this is because nature is alerting us that we treat it as inferior. So today we have so many problems on this earth, because they treat nature like ourselves.

Wars are another evil in the world: why are there wars? Because we are selfish and only think I do. Everyone thinks of themselves, their interests are differentiating between me, you, him. That is selfishness: I do not like, so I'll kill you. Everything comes from selfishness. If everyone think I am you and you are me, then there would be no problem. You have problem? Then I'll help you because you are me. And contario, if I have problems then you help me. Because we are all one. Mobile Tunes You hungry? I feed you because you are me.

With the money that governments spend on wars, can feed the whole earth. Could help the world. Do not spend the money on bombs to kill, kill, kill ... the end what? Why do this? Because there are differences between you and me. If we were all one, there would be no wars.

Why mistreat each other? Because some believe themselves superior to others. As some men who abuse women because they think they are inferior to them.

These men are wrong, nobody is above, all are of the same nature, we are all one, we are the same, even with animals and all nature. The more differences, the more problems teneos on this earth. Teneos to learn: we are all one. There are two. If you see another person like you are yourself, this earth would become paradise.

Your son is my son and my son is your son, and all we care for all. So this land would be paradise. If not How do we live? If you do this, it means you do as God commands, do thoroughly, with a pure heart and clean. Do for others, but not for punishment, but because we are one and nobody wants to hurt himself.

The other is you. There is another. We are all one body and that body can function, one must care for others. As you care for yourself each of the parts of your body. You know how many cells does your body? Million cells. You know everybody in the world? Millions of people and each person is like a cell of a larger body. If a person, country or territory harms another, then all will affect the whole, to others. Or not? You think.

If all of us to look after all, would not have terrorists or thieves or evil people, because who wants to hurt himself? If everyone cared other with heart, this world would be a paradise. People feel good. The government keeps saying: abort, abort, abort! Not to kill. All kinds of death, no matter who has the tiniest head, arms or tiny, or that is within the womb, it is pure selfishness, are acts without conscience, no heart. The fetus will not hurt you, then why did you kill him? You what you get with this? Has not done anything wrong with the fetus. Why the government wants to kill their future citizens? Thanks to them, perhaps the country out of crisis. The fetus before birth, can be a very good leader and to lift the country out of crisis.

If your father and mother helped you to be born, then why not help others to be born? If you do not want the baby, give it up for adoption and go. Why you need to kill. Imagine that you are the baby ... you would have them killed?

We are all one with pure heart. Please, many women who abort children, have no idea what they are doing. If a pregnancy is not desired, do not kill the baby, gives facilities to such women to have the baby.

For the love of God. Heart to heart. Everything bad that we do in this land, although the law made by humans not punish, the law of the gods will punish themselves. Remember my words. When you die your troubles begin.

Thank you very much.



Life is a dream.

Because life is a dream?

LA life is equal to n Cando dream because we are born we come with nothing and a lifetime accumulating wealth and when we die we do not get anything. If we do not take anything on this journey that is life in the end we do not get anything. If we get nothing, why we fight so much? What do we do? And if we do not get anything .. Why do so much harm and deceive people? Why?

One thing that we carry with us after death, are our good and bad deeds, it is our consciousness.

Consciousness is like the "black box" of an aircraft which records everything we do in life.

Who is not sleeping like us? Jesus Christ. He awoke from this dream that is life. The only thing we remember when a person dies his actions. As Jesus Christ, Buddha or any people who devote their lives to serve the people. We will remember them for their actions, they try to awaken us from this dream of life not to continue dreaming, a fantasy. If we know that in the end everything ends in 0, then what do we fight so much?

We must not be selfish and fight for ourselves. If at the end we get nothing for what? Why not change this selfishness by generosity and help people?

When a tiger dies, leaves your skin, we will keep your skin and head. And we, what we? Jesus leaves his name, let your word, let s kindness, his heart stops. Buddha left his word, his writing, his Bible, his acts with his heart. As Muhammad and all these great religious leaders. After all this time, we still believe in them because they gave everything to the people. They go through life helping people and we only think selfishly only thinking about ourselves. What is the difference? Them after their death go to heaven for all eternity and we by our selfish acts we do not get anything.

Compare your actions with those of all these people Easter. Why not do like them?, Leaving our words and good advice, helping people. If you do good things for others are doing good for you and your conscience.

Then your conscience is clear.

At any time any of us can die. Not only the old die, anyone can die, babys, young, old ... the cemetery is full of people of all ages. No guarantees that you will live until you are old. At any time we die. Enjoy your life and help others with all your heart.

From childhood your father and your mother look after you, feed you, education, give you warmth and love, so first you have to be grateful to your father and your mother. If you can not thank your parents all the good they have done for you, you can not consider you as a person.

So you know, life is a dream, take it to help others with all your heart, because when you die you only take with you your deeds.

Thank you very much.

10 THINGS IN LIFE. 1 part


The 10 commandments, 10 tips for success in life.

First. If you're not good with your father and your mother, do not ask anything from God because God can not help you. Because if you do not think your father and mother give you both, take care of you, educate you care about you and all with pure love without expecting anything in return, if you can not return the favor and take care of your parents when they are sick, you're worse than animals. If you're no good to your parents that's the worst you can do: not know thanks

2. - Your brothers are always fighting, always argue, are at odds among themselves, if you are not able to get along with your own family, then how can you get along with your friends? If the blood is not able to get along you'll never be able to get along with others. That is impossible. If you want to succeed you have to know you always have to do for others. If you do not get along with family and there is no love, as you have love for others.

Then you will be a failure.

3. if your thought, your heart and your word is false, is a liar, if you cheat people and you take advantage of people for your own interests. No matter what your family leaves you money, comfortable house ... this will be short lived. If you're a liar, wealth will be short because you negative brings negative. And negative is bad luck, bad health, all are failures. These are the consequences of your negative thinking.

If you plant grapes can not leave apples. Think about it. Negative brings negative. If your thinking is positive, your life will change to positive and good luck and have people help you and every day you meet all your desires. You can never tell a lie, you have to fulfill your word, so people will want. Positive brings positive and negative brings negative.

4. If your actions harm someone else and only think about yourself. If you take advantage of others to make a profit, even if you do not study much useless. To study the Bible? The Bible is not to memorize is to do and fulfill all that he says, to act according to the Ten Commandments. God gave us the 10 commandments to fulfill that for not memorize.




Life has two paths.

The first path is the path of selfishness. For me, for me and for me. Usually people choose this route. The path of pure selfishness: I want this, I do not want that. Everyone thinks of him first. This is the first way.

The problem is that we all think of me and that means not thinking about others. This is called negative.

The downside of this route is that in any situation, you always think about yourself and never in the other your interests always come first. In this case you'll never have friends. If you are selfish you will not have a good partner because if you only think of you and your wife do not think it's going to be fine. If everyone fighting for their interests how will it go well? In the same family, with your father, mother, children ... either you'll be fine because you only think over the other. You have to get over the other, in what the other needs not what you need. If you think only of ts interests and not those of the other person. You will not go far. As people who sell drugs, weapons or anything negative, does not care if you hurt if those weapons are going to kill people or with drugs will destroy lives and families, they think only withdraw money. That is pure selfishness. Only cares about their interests as the people who steal, do not think about the damage being done to the other. People who cheats others to enrich not care who else gets them. A government that spends money from the sweat and effort of the people in nonsense, only thinking of their welfare, that is pure selfishness. Every penny has to think 100 times before spending it, because that money is not yours, it's the people who won with their effort. That has consequences. His conscience and God will punish. Governments give money to abortion, to help kill as own people, will have its consequences, the soul of the baby is going to avenge all those involved in his murder. The government approves it, the doctor cut the baby piece by piece out of the womb and the mother consents to this murder. Imagine if you get cut piece by piece what do you think? Just think you're selfish. The government consenting sex between minors, saying that nothing happens because if you get pregnant is in charge of liquidating your child without problems, government is a very negative and they will all pay the consequences.

Use the money from the people to kill their own people, killing their future citizens and women as stupid consents to kill his son. But then the conscience and the law of God will punish them harshly. The consequences are very serious. Your consciousness is never quiet. With two abortions after more children forget because every time you will have less chance of having your parent can no longer endure another pregnancy and when you do not want to have children. Think before aborting.

If you want your child give it up for adoption, there are many people who want to adopt because they can not have children. I bet your son will live very happy, you have to kill him. Many people waiting to adopt. No one can say that an unborn baby is not human, we are all equal and have equal rights. We have the same body, one larger and one smaller, we have soul and the baby also has a soul. We are all equal. Do not tell me the baby's eyes are not eyes like ours, your heart beats like ours .. What right have we to kill? Killing is never good. Think about it. You pedes fool people but not at consciousness. Because you're going to have nightmares, you will not have friends or family. You should never tell a lie but the truth will harm. You must be honest for your own good. First you have to lift your head and say loud I always say the truth even harm my interests. You can never truthfully. You must be sincere. Lying is never far away.

As you put in front of everyone, your path goes to hell. At any time you die, so live while you try to leave this path of selfishness.

The second way is to understand that the self is not important. Is to let the ego. This second way is to do everything unlike in the first path. For your sake you must first think of the other person before you, in anything. In any situation. Always think of the interests of another person. If you with kindness and love for others, others will treat you with kindness and love. It's like a mirror. What we teach in the mirror is reflected in the mirror and the image that you returned.

If someone treats you badly, if you put a face to someone the other also will teach her a face.

If you help people when they need it and not make excuses, just help as much as you can, people will return twice what you gave. The facts speak louder than words. What counts are the facts.

If you want good life, always acts with his heart in his hand, so whatever you want I guarantee you're going to get.

Always think of the other first. Any person who makes mistakes, if he repents truly, and not commit them again, your life will change.

If a person returns to make the same mistakes over and over again is that that person is not truly repentant.

Do not ever fool people.

Remember though the second way is to make your actions and think of others first, without saying anything, your actions help without expecting anything in return.

Thank you very much.

PERSON stubborn.

The person who is stubborn, has his life to ruin. A stubborn person if it has three symptoms.

Have thoughts or opinions contrary to others. If everyone you see looks positive and negative. Always conflicts of opinion acts.

The second symptom is the person who wants to control others with or without reason. Wants to impose his will and his ideas to others.

Third wants what he wants at any cost. Anything you want to have it likes regardless.

These three things lead people to ruin your life.

An example: The Dictator of Livia, he lives very well and her family and does not let the people live. If your people are dying of hunger he does not care. His family has billions, and its people are starving. When people protest their country, he wants to control the situation for your interest, no matter the situation of its people. With their money kills his people, never have enough, this stubborn person takes his family to ruin. That person has these three symptoms. You know how it will end? One day he gets up and then people will find you start kicking him to death. His children also suffer the same. What form of death? Why come to this? Because I want to have all selfishly without thinking about others. Only for him and his family. That will lead to ruin. So many thousands of dollars in your bank account and eventually killed by the people on the street. The people hate it. That is the consequence of committing three felonies:

First offense: If people give me reason to live and if I let you give me reason not kill her. This is the first offense.

Second offense: want to control for good or bad and if you can not control it then kills. This is the second offense.

Third. Wants everything to him. If the people are dying of hunger is not my problem, it is your problem. This is her third offense.

If we make these three mistakes, we ruin our own lives.

As in Spain there are so many deaths of women by their husbands:

If she contradicts me is beginning to crush both physically and mentally

Second offense: To control your thinking and your life to the woman.

Third offense: a woman wants by hook or crook.

But these people do not know that women and men are equal before God. No one is superior. We all have the same category of soul.

These three offenses Eye Care by far not commit these three offenses. Before taking action think about it.

Any person attempting to control another, whether the woman's husband or wife to husband, father to son or son to father in the business ... in all aspects of life that is negative. No matter either you or another: you can never control under force. The force is to control and negative control.

If you have anything in life, do not go by force. If you want something you must give without asking anything in return, then the other party does the same with you. This can be very happy.

If you go with deception, when the other person realizes and wants nothing from you.

Although a little thing, because if you do not give importance to small things will become increasingly large and ultimately will be a big thing. Like a thief, stealing things starting small and growing more and steal more and more and eventually even killed for stealing. It all starts with little things.

You must not go against the majority because the majority is always right. The minority has to fit most. Majority always wins. All dictators are minorities who want to control the majority, whatever the cost. They want to manage people as happy as puppets. These people eventually pays dearly.

So if you are in any situation where the majority believes something different to what you think, then you're wrong and you must adapt.

Think about others. That is called consciousness.

If you act selfishly always pay dearly.

If you do not want someone to hurt you do not hurt others. Everything you do when you die, you'll pay dearly. If you only think about yourself and not think about the lives of others.

So to be stubborn, always brings serious consequences here on earth ye after death.

Always listen to others. Being stubborn has negative consequences. If you want to have good future you have to do the opposite of these three offenses:

First, your thoughts words and actions always have to leave your heart.

Second, do not try to control through deception and lies to take advantage of people.

As the story of Peter and the Wolf: There was a shepherd in the mountains who tended his sheep and started screaming for fun: Here comes the wolf, that wolf! And the common people ran to help. The pastor just wanted to have fun at the expense of the good will of the people. And he laughed, saying how stupid you are! And so several times. One day the wolf really comes and then nobody came to help and the wolf ate and killed all his flock, and when asked for help no one listened because I had always deceived the people and people do not believe it. Everything went to ruin because nobody believed him.

So do not try to control, or possess, or cheat, or have a thing with deception and lies, that you will pay dearly. Try to always act honestly and working people. Everything must be negotiated and everyone is happy. If you are stubborn you can not have a happy family. Life is like a dream when you sleep with your eyes closed signs and Cando you wake up still dreaming with open eyes. It's another dream. Entire life fighting to have it all and at any time you die and you have nothing left. You're born alone and die alone, no one came to die. You come into this world with both hands empty and you leave this world with both hands empty. Why not try to do for others, so people will remember you.

Thank you very much.